Banner of Light (Boston), February 10

Massachusetts Spiritualists Association, membership list

Names of Members of the Massachusetts Spiritualists' Convention

The following list of names embraces those who signed the Constitution of the State Organization at Worcester.  It is hoped that the list will be daily increased from all parts of the Commonwealth.  We want to see earnest work done this year in behalf of our glorious truth.  At least three thousand names ought to be sent in by the first of March, when the Agent will be ready to take the field.  One dollar is the Membership fee, but some, as will be seen, have not limited their fee to one dollar.  If any should be disposed to pay one dollar, it would be acceptable:

Dr. Richards, Worcester, $1.00
Dr. J. H. Dewey, $1.00
Mrs. L. W. Dewey, $1.00
M. Justin, $1.00
S. C. Moses, $1.00
C. A. Dorr, $1.00
H. E. Fuller, $1.00
S. Parsons, $1.00
L. R. Eames, $1.00
Mrs. W. Fields, $1.00
Mrs. H. Rider, $1.00
E. Lyon, $1.00
M. Adams, $1.00
W. D. Prouty, $1.00
Mrs. Prouty, $1.00
L. Blackater, $1.00
N. S. Coburn, $1.00
J. D. Seagraves, $1.00
Mary R. Metcalfe, $1.00
W. F. Dearborn, $1.00
Mrs. L. Bascom, $1.00
J. L. Tarbox, $1.00
H. C. Wight, $1.00
Mrs. H. C. Wight, $1.00
Relief Temple, $1.00
C. D. Marcy, $1.00
S. B. Morse, $1.00
M. S. Lees, $1.00
Mrs. Stearns, $1.00
Mrs. S. A. Aiken, $1.00
Mrs. Dickenson, $1.00
Mrs. L. Kitredge, $1.00
Hannah Cottin, $1.00
Sarah A. Smith, $1.00
E. R. Fuller, $1.00
S. H. Prentiss, $1.00
Mrs. J. A. Gould, $1.00
Ruth R. Marble, $1.00
G. C. Thayer, $1.00
Dr. A. W. Fuller, $1.00
Mrs. Spaulding, $1.00
S. A. Lucas, $1.00
Leander Eaton, $1.00
Mrs. G. Eaton, $1.00
Dr. Murray, $1.00
Benjamin Todd, $5.00
W. B. Harrington, Upton, $1.00
T. D. Greenwood, E. Templeton, $1.00
L. Greenwood, $1.00
J. C. Upham, E. Templeton, $1.00
S. H. Vose, Woonsocket, R. I., $1.00
G. F. Baker, Granville, N. Y., $5.00
A. D. Yeaw, Northboro', $1.50
Mrs. J. H. Yeaw, $1.00
Arial Rogers, Palmer, $1.00
S. French, South Orange, $1.00
Mrs. N. Bascom, Barre, $1.00
R. P. Chase, $1.00
M. A. Melony, $1.00
H. W. Bullin, Northport, $1.00
H. C. Wright, $1.00
T. Hinckley, Hyannis, $2.00
Mrs. Lita B. Sayles, Dayville, Conn., $1.00
Mrs. N. J. Willis, Boston, $1.00
N. J. Willis, Boston, $1.00
Miss Hastings, $1.00
M. H. Houghton, Maine, $1.00
J. G. Fish, $1.00
J. S. Loveland, Boston, $1.00
A. E. Carpenter, Putnam, Conn., $1.00
L. P. Greenleaf, $1.00

The above list is as accurate as it is possible to make it from the minutes in my possession.  If there are mistakes of names, let the correction be forwarded to me, and all shall be made right before they are entered upon a permanent record.  Possibly some names may have been omitted.  If so, I shall be most happy to put them on the record when I shall receive them.  A good many dollars were paid besides what came to me as membership money, and considerable of it, I am inclined to think, was paid by those whose names are on the above list of Members of the Convention.  But it is impossible for me to decide, as it was collected by different persons.

J. S. Loveland, Corresponding Secretary


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