The Progressive Annual for 1863; Comprising an Almanac, a Spiritualist Register, and a General Calendar of Reform; Published at the Office of “The Herald of Progress.” New York: A. J. Davis & Co.

Writers, Speakers, and Workers, in the Different Fields of Human Progress—Progressive Writers and Speakers; Spiritualism, Philosophy, and Reform—Traveling Lecturers, Local and Occasional Speakers; Magnetic Operators, Clairvoyants, and Medical Mediums; Anti-Slavery Reformers; Temperance and Health Reformers; Social Agitators; Woman’s Rights Reformers; Practicing Women Physicians; Instructors in Light Gymnastics; Practical Dress Reformers; Trans-Atlantic Progressives; More Women Physicians.


Writers, Speakers, and Workers,

In the Different Fields of Human Progress

[NOTE—Our thanks are due to many friends for valuable assistance rendered in perfecting the succeeding lists.  We still solicit information, to render them yet more complete in future ANNUALS.  It is our desire to furnish the world the name and address of every person practically and publicly identified with the cause of spiritual and material progress—PUBLISHERS.]


Progressive Writers and Speakers

Agassiz, Prof. Louis, Cambridge, Mass.
Alcott, A. Bronson, Concord, Mass.
Arthur, T. S.,  Philadelphia
Ashburner, Dr. John, London, Eng.
Ballou, Rev. Adin, Hopedale, Mass.
Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bellows, Rev. Henry S., New York
Bovee, M. H., Eagle, Wis.
Booth, Mary H. C., Zurich, Switzerland
Bryant, William Cullen, New York
Bulwer, Sir E. Lytton, London, Eng.
Bungay, George W., New York
Burleigh, George S., Little Compton, R. I.
Burleigh, William H., New York
Bush, Belle, Norristown, Pa.
Bush, Carrie D. Filkins, Bellefontaine, O.
Butts, B. J., Hopedale, Mass.
Chambers, Robert, Edinburg, Scotland
Channing, Rev. William H., Washington, D. C.
Channing, Dr. W. F., Providence, R. I.
Chapin, Rev. E. H., New York
Clarke, Rev. James Freeman, Boston, Mass.
Conway, Rev. M. D., Boston, Mass.
Comstock, Andrew, Philadelphia
Courtney, W. S., 140 Fulton St., N. Y.
Cowper, Lady, London, Eng.
Crowe, Mrs. Catharine, England
Curtis, George William, New York
Dana, Charles A., Boston
Davis, Miss Minnie S., Boston
Dugdale, Joseph A., Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Duganne, A. J. H., New York
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Concord, Mass.
Fenno, W. A., New York
Fish, Rev. William H., Vernon, N. Y.
Flanders, Rev. G. T., New York
Fowler, O. S. and L. N., New York
Frothingham, Rev. O. B., New York
Furness, Rev. W. H., Philadelphia
Gay, Sidney Howard, New York
Greeley, Horace, New York
Greenwood, Grace, Philadelphia
Graves, K., Harveysburgh, O.
Graham, Andrew J., New York
Guldenstubbe, Baron, Paris
Higginson, Rev. T. W., Worcester
Hitchcock, Gen. Ethan Allen, St. Louis, Mo.
Hine, L. A., Cincinnati
Hoisington, Rev. W. H. W., Williamsfield, O.
Holmes, Dr. Oliver Wendell, Boston
Howe, Mrs. Julia Ward, Boston
Howitt, William and Mary, England
Hugo, Victor, Isle of Jersey
Ingalls, J. K., New York
James, Henry, Newport, R. I.
Kardec, M. Allan (Ed. Revue Spirite), Paris
King, Rev. Thomas Starr, San Francisco, Cal.
Kirke, Edmund, New York
Lane, F. T., Lawrence, Mass.
Longfellow, Henry W., Cambridge, Mass.
Longfellow, Rev. Samuel, Brooklyn
Love, Alfred H., Philadelphia
Lowell, James Russell, Boston
Ludlow, Fitz Hugh, New York
Lyman, Darius, Jr., Washington, D. C.
Mapes, Prof. J. J., New York
May, Rev. Samuel J., Syracuse, N. Y.
Mayo, Rev. A. D., Albany, N. Y.
Mills, Rev. C. D. B., Syracuse, N. Y.
Moore, Philip D., Port Angel, W. T.
McDougal, Fanny Green, San Francisco
Newton, A. E., New York
Noyes, Rev. George F., New York
Payson, Miss Sarah E., Peterboro, N. H.
Peckham, Dr. C. B., Newport, R. I.
Pierart, M. Z. J. (Ed. Rev. Spiritualiste), Paris
Pierpont, Rev. John, Washington, D. C.
Prescott, Miss Harriet, Boston
Randall, Henry S., Courtlandville, N. Y.
Richardson, Rev. James
Ripley, George, New York
Robinson, Prof. H. N., Elbridge, N. Y.
Robinson, Chauncey, Holley, N. J.
Robinson, Solon, New York
Sawyer, Mrs. C. M., Boston
Seaver, Horace, Boston
Sizer, Nelson, New York
Smith, Hon. Gerrit, Peterboro, N. Y.
Soule, Mrs. C. A., Boston
Staples, Rev., Brooklyn
Stebbins, G. B., Rochester, N. Y.
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, Andover, Mass.
Tabor, Stephen J. W., Independence, Iowa
Thompson, Rev. J. P., New York
Tilton, Theodore, New York
Trowbridge, David, Perry City, N. Y.
Tuttle, Hudson & Emma, Berlin Heights, O.
Vining, De Vere, Liberty Mills, Mich.
Wallace, William Ross, New York
Wasson, Rev. David A., Groveland, Mass.
Weiss, Rev. John, Milton, Mass.
Weld, Theodore D., Perth Amboy, N. J.
Whittier, John G., Amesbury, Mass.
Whitman, Sarah H., Providence, R. I.
Whipple, E. P., Boston
Wilburn, Miss Cora, Philadelphia
Wilbor, Miss Mary H., Providence, R. I.
Willis, Mrs. Love M., Coldwater, Mich.
Wilkinson, W. H., London, Eng.
Wittig, M. Gregor Constantine, Breslau
Wright, Henry C., Boston

Spiritualism, Philosophy, and Reform


[Under this head are placed the names of those who are not permanently employed to address one congregation, but who, making public speaking a profession, hold themselves in readiness to visit different portions of the country, in answer to invitations to lecture.]

Beckwith, Miss Martha L., New Haven, Conn.
Bliss, Mrs. E. A., Springfield, Mass.
Bond, Mrs. F. Lord, Fond du Lac, Wis.
Brown, Mrs. H. F. M., Waukegan, Ill.
Byrnes, Mrs. Sarah A., E. Cambridge, Mass.
Case, E., Jr., Osseo, Mich.
Chappell, Mrs. S. L., Hastings, N. Y.
Chase, Warren, Battle Creek, Mich.
Chase, Mrs. Bertha B., W. Harwich, Mass.
Clark, Uriah, Auburn, N. Y.
Clark, Mrs. E. C.
Coonley, L. K., Cleveland, O.
Cooper, Dr. James, Bellefontaine, O.
Currier, Mrs. A. A., Lowell, Mass.
Curtis, Pixley, Taunton, Mass.
Davis, A. H., Natick, Mass.
Denton, William, Painesville, O.
Doten, Miss Lizzie, Boston
Felton, Mrs. F. B., Worcester, Mass.
Finney, Selden J., Geneva, O.
Greenleaf, N. S., Lowell, Mass.
Gordon, Mrs. Laura De Force
Hardinge, Miss Emma, Boston
Hatch, Mrs. Cora Scott, Brooklyn
Hayden, Charles A., Livermore Falls, Me.
Houston, Miss Emma, E. Stoughton, Mass.
Howe, Lyman C., New Albion, N. Y.
Hyzer, F. O., Spencerport, N. Y.
Jamieson, W. F., Albion, Mich.
Johnson, Miss Susan M., New York
Kenney, Mrs. M. B., Lawrence, Mass.
Kingsbury, Mrs. E. A., Philadelphia
Kutz, Mrs. M. J., Laphamville, Mich.
Lowe, Mrs. Abby H., Essex, Mass.
Marble, Rev. H. S., Iowa City, Iowa
Mayhew, Dr. John, Wyoming, Minn.
Middlebrook, Mrs. A. M., Bridgeport, Conn.
Miller, Mrs. H. M., Conneaut, O.
Miller, Leo, Pultneyville, N. Y.
Pace, Samuel D., Port Huron, Mich.
Pardee, L. Judd, Boston
Potter, John L., Ware, Vt.
Potter, William Bailey, Medina, N. Y.
Ripley, W. K., Bangor, Me.
Sessions, G. D., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Scougall, Miss Belle, Rockford, Ill.
Simmons, A. E., Woodstock, Vt.
Spence, Mrs. Amanda M., New York
Storer, H. B., Boston
Stowe, Mrs. C. M., Sturgis, Mich.
Taylor, M., Stockton, Me.
Temple, Miss Nellie J., Whitingham, Vt.
Toohey, J. H. W., Penn Yan, N. Y.
Townsend, Mrs. M. S., Taunton, Mass.
Wadsworth, Frank L., Marlboro, Mass.
Warner, Mrs. S. E., Berlin, Wis.
Wilcoxsen, Mrs. M. J., Hammonton, N. J.
Wood, Mrs. M. M., W. Killingly, Conn.
White, N. Frank, Boston
Whipple, E., Kalamazoo, Mich.


[This list is intended to include those regularly employed by one or more congregations, and also persons engaged in other avocations who hold themselves ready to respond to calls to lecture in the vicinity of their residences.]

Abbott, A. G., Hopkinton, N. Y.
Allen, J. M., N. W. Bridgewater, Mass.
Averill, E. B., Dover, Me.
Averill, A. P., Battle Creek, Mich.
Baker, Mrs. J., Dudley, Mass.
Baker, J., Cooksville, Wis.
Banks, Mrs. J. A., Newtown, Conn.
Banfield, Mrs., San Francisco, Cal.
Barbour, A., Scott, N. Y.
Barnard, L. E., Pultneyville, N. Y.
Barnum, B. P., New London, O.
Beach, Mrs., Lawrence, Ill.
Beebe, Lovell, N. Ridgeville, O.
Bemis, Mrs. E. B., Dummerston, Vt.
Bent, M. C., Almond, Wis.
Billings, Dr. L., Monroe, Me.
Boardman, W. A., Waukegan, Ill.
Boody, J. P., Lacoura, N. H.
Bowman, A. P., Richmond, Iowa
Brigham, Emma, Flushing, Mich.
Brookie, John, St. Louis, Mo.
Brotherton, Samuel, Pontiac, Mich.
Brotherton, Mrs. Lydia, Pontiac, Mich.
Bulfinch, Mrs. L. A., Spafford, N. Y.
Caswell, B. S., Orangeville, Mich.
Chadwick, Mrs. D., Linden, Mich.
Chase, Frank, South Sutton, N. H.
Chase, Cyrus, Monroe, Me.
Child, Dr. A. B., 15 Tremont St., Boston
Clark, Samuel, Lawrence, Ill.
Clement, Mrs. Crosby, Kenduskeag, Me.
Coffin, Mrs. C., Chilton, Wis.
Colburn, B., Rockport, Mass.
Colson, B. F., Monroe, Me.
Curtis, — , Bangor, Me.
Currier, J. H., Cambridgeport, Mass.
Cutting, H. P., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Danforth, Benjamin, Boston
Darbie, N. W., Dannebonville, Conn.
Dayton, E., Huntley Grove, Ill.
Densmore, John, Ingham, Mich.
DePutrin, — , San Francisco, Cal.
Donnelly, A. G., Bennetsburgh, N. Y.
Eaton, E. R., S. Hanson, Mass.
Edmonds, Hon. J. W., New York
Edwards, Dr. James, San Francisco
Elmer, Rufus, Springfield, Mass.
Farley, Elder, Burr Oak, Mich.
Fellow, Rev. S., Fall River, Mass.
Fish, Rev. J. G., Ganges, Mich.
Frances, Rev. James, Parishville, N. Y.
French, A. B., Clyde, O.
French, — , San Francisco
Fuller, Jerome, Spartansburg, Pa.
Gardner, Dr. H. F., 55 Tremont St., Boston
Genung, Mrs. — , Terre Haute, Ind.
Greenleaf, J. P., La Salle, Ill.
Griggs, L. P., Evansville, Wis.
Hale, George, Waukegan, Ill.
Hamilton, D. H., Lewiston, Me.
Harper, J. S., Independence, Iowa
Hartman, Andrew, North San Juan, Cal.
Harris, Rev. T. L., New York
Heath, Nathaniel, Concord, Pa.
Higgins, A. J., Chicago, Ill.
Hitchcock, Ira S., Oneida, N. Y.
Hodges, J. N., Appleton, Me.
Holbrook, A. E., Watertown, N. Y.
Hollister, G. W., New Berlin, Wis.
Horton, Mrs. S. A., Brandon, Vt.
Hudson, J. H., Terre Haute, Ind.
Hunter, M. A., Rochester, N. Y.
Irish, Charles T., Ledyard, Conn.
Jocelyn, William R., San Francisco
Jones, S. S., St. Charles, Ill.
Johnson, P., Laphamville, Mich.
Judd, Mrs. — , Antioch, Ill.
Kellogg, Dr. C. H. B., Tontogony, O.
Kilbury, Alex, Nevada, Cal.
Kinney, Mrs. Cornelia E., Spartansburg, O.
Knox, Mrs. A. S., Whitewater, Wis.
Laning, W. N., Baltimore
Lawyer, Rev. J. D., Coxsackie, N. Y.
Lancaster, Mrs. Sewell, Searsport, Me.
Loveland, J. S.. Marblehead, Mass.
Lovell, J. L., Yarmouth, Me.
Manning, — , San Francisco
Mapes, I. V., Webb’s Mills, N. Y.
McQueen, John, Hillsdale, Mich.
Mathews, Mrs. Sarah Helen, Lowell, Mass.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs., Ingham, Mich.
Monell, Mrs. Helen E., Hartford, Conn.
Morse, Mrs. Abbie, Searsmont, Me.
Page, John, Elba, N. Y.
Park, H. K., Baldwinsville, N. Y.
Partridge, Charles, New York
Patterson, Mrs. A. F., Springfield, Ill.
Payne, Dr., San Francisco
Pease, Dr., Cincinnati
Peebles, J. M., Battle Creek, Mich.
Pierce, George A., Dover, Me.
Pond, G. B., Marion, O.
Porter, Ira, Crimea, Mich.
Post, Mrs. V. B., San Francisco
Putnam, Allen, Roxbury, Mass.
Randall, J. H., Scitico, Conn.
Ransom, J. O., Smyrna, N. Y.
Rhen, Isaac, Philadelphia
Ricker, Mary A., Chelsea, Mass.
Robinson, Frederick, Marblehead, Mass.
Robinson, A. C., Fall River, Mass.
Richardson, B. F., Sandusky, Vt.
Rudd, Mrs. Jennie S., Taunton, Mass.
Rumford, Isaac, Fruit Vale, Cal.
Ryder, Mrs. M. E. B., Plymouth, Mass.
Sawyer, Mrs. M. E. B., Baldwinsville, Mass.
Seaver, J. W., Byron Center, N. Y.
Simons, Mrs. E. D., Bristol, Conn.
Smith, A. and N., Three Rivers, Mich.
Smith, Theodore J., Lott’s Creek, Iowa
Smith, Mrs. and Miss, San Francisco
Smith, Gibson, Camden, Me.
Snow, Rev. H., Rockford, Ill.
Southard, John, Pontiac, Mich.
Stearns, George, West Acton, Mass.
Steward, G. C., Newark, N. J.
Streeter, Mrs. J. R., Hebron, Ind.
Tanner, Mrs. Abbie, Montpelier, Vt.
Tallmadge, N. P., Fond du Lac, Wis.
Taylor, George W., Collins, N. Y.
Thomas, Miss Mary, Cincinnati
Thompson, Mrs. S. M., Toledo, O.
Thompson, Mrs. A. P., Charlestown, Mass.
Todd, Benjamin, Minooka, Ill.
Tyrrell, Mrs. — , Palmyra, Mich.
Walker, Jason F., Greenville, Minn.
Walker, Joseph C., Byron Center, N. Y.
Washburn, Miss F. E., Windham, Pa.
Waterman, A. S., Waukegan, Ill.
Waterhouse, Mrs., Searmont, Me.
Weden, G., Morris, N. Y.
Wiltsie, Miss Nellie L.
Whitman, W. F., Athol Depot, Mass.
Willis, F. L. H., Coldwater, Mich.
Wolcott, Miss E. M., Rochester, Vt.
Wood, Miss S. B., Dover, Vt.
Woodman, J. C., Portland, Me.
Woodworth, Elijah, Leslie, Mich.
Woolsen, W., N. Scriba, N. Y.
Works, Mrs. C. P., Proctorsville, Vt.
Wright, M., Victor, N. Y.
Wright, F. V., Newark, N. J.

Magnetic Operators, Clairvoyants, and Medical Mediums

[This list is designed to include that most successful though undiplomatized class of practitioners, who, as clairvoyants or mediums for examining and prescribing, or as manipulators and magnetizers for healing, are establishing their claim for recognition as valuable laborers in the work of physical progress.]

Akins, Dr., Crawford Co., Pa.
Bailey, Mr. & Mrs. J. H., Jay Co., Ind.
Beck, Mrs. R. A., 137 W. 16th St., N. York
Bradley, Mrs. J., 108 Green St., N. York
Brown, Dr., Lockport, N. Y.
Bouker, H. L., Natick, Mass.
Button, Mrs., Pontiac, Mich.
Campbell, J. M., Fort Recovery, O.
Clark, J. E. F., 84 W. 26th St., New York
Cornell, Mrs., Lansing, Mich.
Cornell, A. C., 21 W. 13th St., New York
Curtis, Mrs. D. S., Sacramento, Cal.
Culbertson, T., New York
Danforth, Mrs. A., Boston
Day, Mrs. Maria F., Portland, Me.
Dodge, Mrs. C. H., Palmyra, Wis.
Dorman, Mrs. C. E., 11 New St., Newark, N. J.
Dunn, E. C., Battle Creek, Mich.
Drew, Mrs. M., New York
Delafolie, Mrs. A. W., New York
Dods, Dr. J. B., Brooklyn
Fairfield, H. P., Battle Creek, Mich.
Farnsworth, L. L., Boston
Fish, Mrs. Mary A., 212 E. 20th St., N. York
Fitch, Mrs., 395 4th St., N. York
Freeman, Benjamin, Columbus, O.
Fuller, — , Spartansburg, Pa.
Gardner, John, San Francisco
Gay, Mrs. M. C., Boston
Giddings, Mrs. A. D., 238 Green St., N. York
Gookin, Mrs., 142 E. 30th St., N. York
Grover, Samuel, 21 Bennet St., Boston
Heth, Nathaniel, Concord, Pa.
Hayden, Mrs. W. R., 66 W. 14th St., N. Y.
Harlow, Dr. A., Chagrin Falls, O.
Hamblin, Mrs.,159 Forsyth St., N. Y.
Herrick, Mrs. M. W., 21 Bennet St., Boston
Howard, Mr. & Mrs. S. W., Indianapolis, Ind.
Howard, A. B., Tecontia, Branch Co., Mich.
Ingles, Mr. and Mrs. Adrea, Milan, O.
Irish, Miss, 67 W. 32nd St., N. Y.
James, Mrs., 46 E. 16th St., N. Y.
Latham, Mrs. A. C., 292 Washington St., Boston
Lawrence, Mrs.,132 Spring St., N. Y.
Main, Dr. Charles, Boston
Mettler, Mrs. Semantha, Hartford, Conn.
Miner, Miss, San Francisco
Morrill, Mrs. B. H., Rockford, Ill.
Neal, James A., 42 Great Jones St., N. Y.
Newman, Mrs. M., Providence, R. I.
Newton, J. R., Philadelphia
Newton, R. B., New York
Orsdoff, Mrs., Sparta, Pa.
Palmer, N., 83 Amity St., N. Y.
Peabody, T. H., Boston
Patterson, Mrs. A. M., Boston
Post, Dr. R., St. Paul, Minn.
Reynoldson, W., Patterson, N. J.
Samas, Mrs., San Francisco
Sawyer, Mrs., 84 High St., Brooklyn
Severance, Russell, Bradford, Me.
Scott, Mrs. M. C., 99 E. 28th St., N. Y.
Scott, John, 407 Fourth St., N. Y.
Seymour, Mrs. H. S., New York
Snevely, Mrs., Dayton, O.
Sweet, Mrs., San Francisco
Stewart, Jehiel, Rochester, N. Y.
Smith, Mrs. E., Jersey City, N. J.
Staunton, Mrs. Harriet S., S. Windham, Conn.
Tower, Mrs. P. A. F., 152 E. 32nd St., N. Y.
Towne, Mrs. M., 138 Sands St., Brooklyn
Tucker, H. A., Foxboro, Mass.
Tuttle, Mrs. Lucina, Byron Center, N. Y.
Turner, Curtis, Waterbury Center, Vt.
Upham, Mrs. A., Petaluma, Cal.
Van Haughton, Mrs. M. L., 54 Great Jones St., N. Y.
Waters, H. A., Fredonia, Mich.
Wheeler, J., 175 W. Bleecker St., New York
White, William B., 4 Jefferson Place, Boston
Whitney, Peter, Onandaga, Mich.
Wilcox, Mrs. S. E., 17 McDougal St., N. Y.
Wilson, R. P., New York
Young, Mrs. S. J., 583 Washington St., Boston

Anti-Slavery Reformers

Ashley, Hon. William, St. James Pl., London
Bagnall, Thomas, Birmingham, Eng.
Beman, Rev. A. G., New Haven, Conn.
Bramhall, Cornelius, New York
Brown, William Wells, Cambridgeport, Mass.
Brown, Rev. J. Baldwin, London, Eng.
Burleigh, C. C., Plainfield, Conn.
Calthorpe, Lord, London, Eng.
Cardall, Rev. William, London, Eng.
Campbell, C. B., Clinton, Iowa
Campbell, Mrs. P. T. W., Clinton, Iowa
Cary, Mary, A. S., Chatham, C. W.
Chapman, Maria Weston, Boston
Cheever, Rev. George B., New York
Child, Lydia Maria, Wayland, Mass.
Clay, Cassius M., Kentucky
Cleveland, Prof. C. D., Philadelphia
Coates, Edwin H., Mullica Hill, N. J.
Crozier, Rev. H. P., Huntington, L. I.
Delaney, Martin R., Chatham, C. W.
Dickinson, Anna E., Philadelphia
Douglass, Frederick, Rochester, N. Y.
Douglass, Sarah M., Philadelphia
Downing, George T., New York
Dunlop, Henry, Glasgow, Scotland
Eardley, Sir C. E., London, Eng.
Evans, Rev., Rochester, O.
Fee, Rev. John G., Newport, Ky.
Freeman, M. H., Alleghany City, Pa.
Foss, Andrew T., Manchester, N. H.
Foster, Stephen S., Worcester, Mass.
Foster, Abby Kelley, Worcester, Mass.
Fremont, John Charles, Washington, D. C.
Gale, Samuel, Montreal, Canada
Garibaldi, Giuseppe
Garrison, William Lloyd, Boston
Garrett, Thomas, Wilmington, Del.
Garnett, Rev. H. H., New York
Gibbs, Rev. J. C., Philadelphia
Giddings, Hon. Joshua R., Ashtabula, O.
Green, Rev. Beriah, Whitesboro, N. Y.
Goodell, Rev. William, New York
Hamilton, Robert, New York
Harper, Frances Ellen W., Zanesville, O.
Harris, Edward, Woonsocket, R. I.
Holley, Rev. J. T., Port au Prince, Hayti
Hough, Rev. Lyman C., Brownhelm, O.
Hossack, J., Ottaway, Ill.
Johnson, Oliver, New York
Johnson, Rowland, Orange, N. J.
Joliffe, John, Cincinnati
Josselyn, Rev. S. S., New York
Julian, Hon. George W., Washington, D. C.
Kossuth, Louis, London
Langston, J. Mercer, Oberlin, O.
Leavitt, Rev. Joshua, New York
Loguen, J. W., Syracuse, N. Y.
Lovejoy, Hon. Owen, Alton, Ill.
Mattison, Prof. H., New York
May, Samuel, Jr., Boston
Martineau, Harriet, Westmoreland, Eng.
Martin, Rev. J. Sella, Boston
Mazzini, Guiseppe, London
McFarland, Hon. Samuel, Washington, Pa.
Miller, John, Bellefontaine, O.
Minton, Rev. Samuel, London
Nell, William C., Boston
Payne, Rev. Bishop, Xenia, O.
Pennington, Rev. J. W. C., New York
Phillips, Wendell, Boston
Pillsbury, Parker, Concord, N. H.
Post, Isaac and Amy, Rochester, N. Y.
Powell, Aaron M., Ghent, N. Y.
Prindle, Rev. Cyrus, Syracuse, N. Y.
Proudhon, J. B., Paris
Quincy, Edmund, Quincy, Mass.
Reason, Charles L., New York
Redpath, James, Boston
Remond, Charles Lennox, Salem, Mass.
Rock, John S., Boston
Schurz, Carl, Milwaukie, Wis.
Shaw, Dr. Norton, London, Eng.
Sloane, Rev. J. R. W., New York
Smith, James McCune, New York
Spear, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Boston
Stanley, Sara G., Cleveland, O.
Stewart, Charles, Thornbury, C. W.
Storrs, Richard S., Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sumner, Hon. Charles, Washington, D. C.
Tappan, Lewis, New York
Thomas, Rev. M., England
Thompson, Rev. J. P., New York
Towne, Rev. Edward C., Medford, Mass.
Trestrail, Rev. Frederick, London
Truth, Sojourner, Battle Creek, Mich.
Tyng, Rev. Stephen, New York
Vashon, George B., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wade, Hon. Benjamin F., Jefferson, O.
Watkins, William James, Rochester, N. Y.
Whipple, Charles K., Boston
Whipper, William, Columbia, Pa.
Wilson, W. J., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Williams, Rev. M. B., Williamsburg, N. Y.

Temperance and Health Reformers

Africa, J. S., Huntingdon, Pa.
Barnum, P. T., New York
Brace, C. L., New York
Brooks, Edmund, Philadelphia
Case, Charles, Fulton, N. Y.
Clubb, H. S., Grand Haven, Mich.
Culver, E. D., New York
Delavan, Edward C., Albany
Dow, Hon. Neal, Portland, Me.
Gough, John B., Worcester, Mass.
Grimes, Dr. John, Boonton, N. J.
Hall, Dr. C. S., Burlington, N. J.
Hough, L. S., Lambertville, N. J.
Hunt, Seth, Northampton, Mass.
Jackson, Dr. James C., Dansville, N. Y.
Jennings, Dr. Isaac, Oberlin, O.
Jones, Stillman B., Rochester, Vt.
Jones, Dr. Frank R., New York
Landis, Dr. S. M., Philadelphia
Lawrence, B. M., Kansas
LeBaron, C. B., New York
Lewis, Dr. Dio, Boston
Metcalfe, Dr. William, Philadelphia
Miller, Dr. E. P., 15 Laight St., New York
Muzzey, Dr. R. D., Boston
Nevins, Dr. M., Peoria, Ill.
Poer, R. Miles, New York
Poston, O. S., Harrodsburg, Ky.
Riley, Gen. S., Rochester, N. Y.
Snodgrass, Dr. J. E., New York
Sunderland, LaRoy, Boston
Taylor, William, Kensington, Pa.
Trask, George, Fitchburg, Mass.
Trall, Dr. R. T., New York
Wright, Jonathan, Philadelphia

Social Agitators

Andrews, Stephen Pearl, New York
Barry, Francis, Cleveland, O.
Blanchard, Calvin, New York
Brisbane, Albert, Buffalo, N. Y.
Brisbane, Lodoiska Manesca, New York
Cantagral, F., Brussels
Considerant, Victor, Paris
Curtis, Thomas, Philadelphia
Davis, Ira B., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Edger, Henry, Thompson, L. I.
Lewis, Mrs. Carrie S., Cleveland, O.
Mandell, D. J., Athol Depot, Mass.
Murray, O. C., Fruit Hills, O.
Newton, Sarah J., New York
Orvis, John, Boston
Sheldon, Thaddeus S., Randolph, N. Y.
Spear, John M., Patriot, Ind.
Sterling, John M., Cleveland, O.
Thompson, S. P., New York
Townsend, Milo A., New Brighton, Pa.
Underhill, Edward F., New York
Warren, Josiah, Thompson, L. I.
Widstrand, F. H., Monticello, Minn.

Woman’s Rights Reformers

Anthony, Miss Susan B., Rochester, N. Y.
Blackwell, Rev. Antoinette B., Milburn, N. J.
Blood, Mrs. S. M., Zanesville, Wis.
Colman, Mrs. Lucy N., Rochester, N. Y.
Dall, Mrs. Caroline H., Medford, Mass.
Davis, Mrs. Paulina W., Providence, R. I.
Farnham, Mrs. Eliza W., New York
Gage, Mrs. Frances D., Columbus, O.
Grimke, Miss Sarah, Perth Amboy, N. J.
Greenwood, Grace, Philadelphia
Jenkins, Rev. Mrs. J., Waterloo, N. Y.
Jones, Mrs. J. Elizabeth, Salem, O.
Johnson, Mrs. Mary A., New York
Mott, Mrs. Lucretia, Philadelphia
Nichols, Mrs. C. I. H., Kansas
Rose, Mrs. Ernestine L., New York
Severance, Mrs. Caroline M., Boston
Stanton, Mrs. E. Cady, Seneca Falls, N. Y.
Stone, Mrs. Lucy, Bloomfield, N. J.
Swisshelm, Mrs. Jane G., St. Cloud, Minn.
Wright, Mrs. Martha, Auburn, N. Y.
Weld, Mrs. Angelina, Perth Amboy, N. J.
Willard, Mrs. E. Goodrich, Chicago, Ill.

Practicing Women Physicians

[The following list includes only regularly graduated and diplomatized Physicians.  It is the most complete ever published, though probably not comprising all the Women Physicians at present engaged in practice in this country.  The letters in parentheses refer to the system of practice—a, Allopathic; e, Eclectic; h, Hydropathic or Hygienic; ho, Homeopathic; r, Rational.]

Able, Lucy W. (a)
Allen, Hulda (h), Augusta, Me.
Angel, Anna S.
Andrews, Miss Elizabeth (h), Meriden, Conn.
Anton, Mrs. J., Lebanon, O.
Arnold, H. A. (a), Wrentham, Mass.
Ashley, M. B. (e), Oswego, N. Y.
Austin, Harriet N. (h), Dansville, N. Y.
Avery, Alida C. (a & h), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Barre, Mrs., Oberlin, O.
Baker, Mary G. (ho), Middleborough, Mass.
Baldwin, Mrs. M., Omega, Ill.
Barry, E. S. (ho), Cleveland, O.
Belden, Emily N. (a), Lenox, Mass.
Birdsall, Miss Hannah (r), Philadelphia
Blackwell, E. & E. (a), 126 2nd Ave., N. York
Bowditch, Louisa M. (a)
Breed, Mary E. (a), 60 Pleasant St., Boston
Briggs, Mrs. S. E. L. (h), Union Grove, Ill.
Brigham, Harriet S., Feltonville, Mass.
Brooks, Miss Z. (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Brown, Caroline (e), Utica, N. Y.
Brown, Miss E. A., Danby, Conn.
Brown, M. B. (a), 23 Channing St., Boston
Bryan, Mary (h), Sherburne, N. Y.
Burroughs, De Lavene (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Buckle, C. A., Chicago, Ill.
Busteed, Lavinia (a)
Byrnes, Mrs. John, Marshall, Mich.
Capen, Mrs. S. R. (h), Sharon, Mass.
Caldwell, Sarah (r), Philadelphia
Calvin, Miss Elizabeth (r)
Campbell, Mrs. L. S. (h), Tipton, Iowa
Chamberlin — (a), Portland, N. H.
Chappell, Mrs. Miriam (r), Camden, N. J.
Choate, Mrs. E. L. (h), Auburn, N. Y.
Clark, Betsey R. (a)
Cleveland, Mrs. E. H. (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Cohen, D. A. (r), New Orleans, La.
Cooke, Frances S. (a), Med. Col. Boston
Cookingham, Miss C. H. (h), Staatsburg, N. Y.
Coombs, Mrs. E. B., Oregon, Ind.
Crozier, Annie Atteridge (a)
Cooke, Maria Louisa, Homer, N. Y.
Curtis, A. S. (a), Medford, Mass.
Day, Mrs. Carrie Borden (h), Pompey, Mass.
De La Vergne, Mrs. (h), Brooklyn, Mass.
Dennett, Miss Maria J. (r), Philadelphia
Dimick, Ada, Cincinnati
Draper, Miss P. P. (h), Wernersburg, Pa.
Drury, Deborah (r), Roxboro, Mass.
Dolley, Mrs. Sarah R. (e), Ohio
Edgerton, Cornelia M. (r), Paulette, Vt.
Elson, Marianna (r), Philadelphia
Estrikin, Sarah A. (r), Westchester, Pa.
Everett, Susan A. H. (r), Portland, Me.
Fairchild, M. Augusta (h), Dayton, O.
Fairchild, Laura M. (a), New Hampshire
Fales, Mrs. E. M. (h), Marysville, Cal.
Farnham, Eliza W. (h), New York
Fenno, M. Eliza (a), Massachusetts
Field, Mrs. Hannah F. (h), Adrian, Mich.
Flanders, Mary J. (ho), Concord, N. H.
Fletcher, Miss S. (a), Chauncey St., Boston
Foster, Mrs. Amanda S. (h), Woodstock, Vt.
Fowler, Mrs. Lydia L. (e), New York
Fowler, Miss Almira B. (ho), Orange, N. J.
Fowler, Almedia B. (h), Lowville, N. Y.
Furguson, Williamanna (a), Massachusetts
Fuller, Adeline (a), Massachusetts
Fussell, Mrs. R. L. (a), Philadelphia
Gatchell, Maria (ho), Cleveland, O.
Gilkerson, Agnes M. (r), Lowell, Mass.
Gleason, Mrs. R. B. (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Green, Miss Sarah (h), Clifton Springs, N. Y.
Goulding, Mrs. A. (a), 39 Elliot St., Boston
Goodell, Ellen H. (h), Hill, N. H.
Grennan, Adelaide M. (a), Paulett, Vt.
Grier, Maria J. (r), Lewisburg, Pa.
Grizzelle, Lizzie (a), Cleveland, O.
Gross, Mrs. M. M. (h), Yellow Springs, O.
Gross, Caroline (r), Philadelphia
Gully, Mrs. J. B. (h), Chicago, Ill.
Harmon, Ellen Beard (h), Aurora, Ill.
Harris, Mary A. (a), No. Abingdon, Mass.
Harris, Miss Jane A. (h), Poweshick, Iowa
Hasbrouck, Lydia S. (h), Middletown, N. Y.
Haskins, Hannah H. (ho), Boston
Hastings, Amelia (r), Baltimore, Md.
Hawks, Esther H. (a), Manchester, N. H.
Higgins, Miss Ellen (h), 15 Laight St., N. Y.
Hobbs, Miss L. B. (dentist), Bellevue, Iowa
Hoffman, Mrs. H. H. (h), Middleville, Mich.
Holland, Mrs. R. (h), New Graefenberg, N. Y.
Holloway, Mary M. (r), Crawfordsville, Ind.
Homer, Mary A. B. (a), South Hadley, Mass.
Hughes, Eliza C. (r), Wheeling, Va.
Humphrey, Mrs. S. R. (h), Wheatland, Ill.
Hunt, Harriot K. (a), Boston
Hurd, Mrs. E. M. (h), Sparta, N. J.
Inman, Anna (h), Clifton Springs, N. Y.
Jackson, Mercy B. (ho), 695 Washington St., Boston
Jenks, Mary R. (a), Beach St., Boston
Johnson, E. A. (ho), N. Bridgewater, Mass.
Johnson, E. M. (h), Warsaw, N. Y.
Johnson, Mrs. Henrietta, Grange, N. J.
Jones, M. A., Chicago, Ill.
Jones, Mrs. M. A. D. (h), Baltimore, Md.
Kenyon, Sarah (h), Peoria, Ill.
Kerney, Sarah B. (h), Brookfield, O.
Kimball, Mrs. A. F. (h), Iowa City, Iowa
Koehler, Susannah C. (r), Philadelphia
Lancaster, Miss Eliza, Dukedom, Tenn.
Lines, Mrs. A. W. (h), Williamsburg, N. Y.
Longshore, Mrs. H. E. (r), Philadelphia
Lord, Mrs. Laura A. (e), Gowanda, N. Y.
Lozier, Mrs. C. S. (e), 229 W. 34th St., N. Y.
Marsden, Hannah (r), Philadelphia
McAndrews, Mrs. Helen (h), Ypsilanti, Mich.
McBride, Mrs. Annie (r), Philadelphia
McCarn, Sarah J., Spring Mills, N. Y.
McCune, Mrs. O. F. (h), Delhi, N. Y.
Maxon, Mrs. O. A. W. (h), Petersburg, N. Y.
Mellon, Ellen J. (r), Philadelphia
Michener, Julia A. (e), Philadelphia
Miner, Mrs. Amanda F. (h), Woodstock, Vt.
Morton, Helen (a & h), Plymouth, Mass.
Mowry, Martha B. (a), Providence, R. I.
Mowry, Mrs. A. P. (h), Delta, N. Y.
Myers, Miss Jane V. (r), Philadelphia
Nevins, Laura (h), Peoria, Ill.
O’Leary, Helen Bartlett (a), Massachusetts
Packard, Eliza A.
Painter, Mrs. Esther, Camden, N. J.
Parker, Louisa F. (a), Walnut Pl., Boston
Parsons, Sarah E. (a), Elmira, N. Y.
Peterman, Mrs. A. L., Niles, Mich.
Pettengill, Mrs. Sarah B. (r), Philadelphia
Pierson, Mary W., Eaglesville, O.
Plews, Jane M., Bowmanville, Canada
Poole, Anna M. (a), Massachusetts
Porter, Dolly A., Syracuse, N. Y.
Porter, Ann N. (r), Danville, Ill.
Pott, Anna L. M. (r), Adrian, Mich.
Preston, Miss Anna (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Randall, Marenda B. (r), Woodstock, Vt.
Read, Mrs. Harris (e), St. Louis Army Hospital
Redman, Cecilia A. (r), Washington, D. C.
Reynolds, Rebecca H. (r), Belfont, Pa.
Richardson, Margaret (r), Lewistown, Pa.
Rice, Sarah A. (r), Marlboro, Mass.
Rideout, Melvina M. (a), Massachusetts
Robbins, Emily R. (r), Port Richmond, Pa.
Rose, Mrs. Mary (r), Philadelphia
Ross, Laura J. (a), Milwaukie, Wis.
Ruggles, Miss Annie M. (r), Philadelphia
Rumsay, Miss Julia, Tiffin, O.
Sala, Mrs. F. A. M. (h), Toolsboro, Iowa
Salisbury, Sarah W. (a), E. Weymouth, Mass.
Sargent, Mrs. E. E. (h), Sparta, Ill.
Sartain, Harriet J. (ho), Philadelphia
Scarlet, M. J. (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Seeley, Mrs. D. (h), Cleveland, O.
Senter, Mahala, Columbus, O.
Sewall, Lucy E. (a), Melrose, Mass.
Sexton, Lucinda (ho), Cleveland, O.
Shepherd, H. B. (h), 65 Columbia St., Brooklyn
Smith, Mrs. Rebecca (h), Union Valley, N. Y.
Smith, Miss Susan A. (r), Philadelphia
Smith, Mrs. C. (h), Wernersville, Pa.
Shotwell, Miss Phebe A. (h), Ottowa, Ill.
Somerby, Elizabeth P. (a), Chelsea, Mass.
Speakman, R. T. (a), 126 2nd Ave, N. York
Stambach, Miss A. M. (r), Philadelphia
Stevens, Mrs. J. A. (h), Janesville, Wis.
Stillman, Mrs. J. H. (h), Whitewater, Wis.
Stone, Eliza L. (ho), Greenfield, Mass.
Stowell, Mrs. Mary, Buffalo, N. Y.
Sykes, Mary C. (h), Burton, O.
Symonds, Miss S. S., Rynd, N. H.
Taylor, Elizabeth (a), Pitcher, N. Y.
Taylor, Mary Ann (r), Natchez, Tenn.
Thomas, Lavinia D. (r), Dayton, O.
Thomas, Mary F. (e), Richmond, Ind.
Thurston, Martha N. (a), San Francisco
Tyrrell, Mrs. F. A. (e), La Porte, Ind.
Vaile, Elizabeth J. (a), W. Kendall, N. Y.
Walbridge, Mrs. F. R. S. (h), Baraboo, Wis.
Walker, Mary E. (e), Rome, N. Y.
Walcott, Hannah M. (a), Pleasant St., Boston
Wallace, Lydia J. P. (h), Grove Farm, Ill.
Warfield, Sarah E. (a), Holliston, Mass.
Ward, Mrs. O. C. A. (h), Utica, N. Y.
Warren, Mrs. L. W. (h), San Francisco
Wetherbee, Abigail S., Boston
Weed, Mrs. A. M. W. (h), Grass Valley, Cal.
Whitney, Rebecca S. (a), Massachusetts
Willis, Adeline M. (h), Marion, Ind.
Williams, Mrs. Jane J. (h), New York
Williams, Rhoda Hyde (h), Warrenville, Ill.
Wilkinson, Caroline (h), W. Edmeston, N. Y.
Wilson, Angeline L. (r), St. Louis, Mo.
Willeman, Esther C. (r), Illinois
Wisner, Mrs. Anna, Albion, Mich.
Witham, Mrs., Mainesville, O.
Witherby, La Moille (a), Morley, N. Y.
Wood, Susan E. (h), New Market, Md.
Wood, Zelinda (r), Grand Lign Mission, C. E.
Woods, Virginia A. (r), Baton Rouge, La.
Woodhull, Mrs. Mary (h), Mattawan, Mich.
Worthing, Helen B. (a), New Bedford, Mass.
Young, Miss Caroline, Unionville, Conn.
Young, Margaret G. (e), Williamsport, Pa.
Young, Mrs. Sarah H. (r), San Francisco
Zakrzewska, Marie (a), Pleasant St., Boston

Instructors in Light Gymnastics

[The following women are graduates of Dr. Dio Lewis’s “Normal Institute for Physical Education,” and as such qualified to act as Instructors in Physical Culture]:

Allen, Mrs. Huldah
Angier, Miss Ellen M.
Angier, Miss Henrietta I.
Barnard, Mrs. Mary C.
Bigelow, Miss Sarah W.
Bugbee, Miss Emma A.
Calver, Miss Maria
Chapman, Mrs. Clarinda P.
Crolies, Miss Mary D.
Dennison, Miss Eliza F.
Dowd, Miss Nannie A.
Drake, Miss Mary
Forbes, Miss Anna E.
Goddard, Miss Lucy
Goddard, Miss M. E.
Hopkins, Mrs. M. A. P.
May, Miss Abby W.
Parrot, Miss Adele
Plumb, Mrs. Z. R.
Plummer, Miss Sara A.
Richards, Miss Jennie
Robertson, Miss Anna E.
Scott, Mrs. L. N. M.
Trine, Mrs. —
Tyng, Mrs. A. A.
Wright, Miss Eleanor W.

Practical Dress Reformers

[The following is, we are assured, very far from being a complete list of those who have adopted and habitually wear the “American Costume,” or short skirt Reform Dress]:

Austin, Dr. Harriet N., Dansville, N. Y.
Aldrich, Mrs. A., Corsica, O.
Appley, Mrs. Sarah, Purvis, N. Y.
Barber, Miss Agnes F., Norwich, N. Y.
Bennet, Mrs. Mary E., W. Gloucester, Mass.
Bland, Mrs. M. Cora, Plainfield, Ind.
Burdick, Mrs. L., De Ruyter, N. Y.
Burlingham, Mrs. Caroline, Moravia, N. Y.
Burntrayer, Mrs. M. S., Olympia, N. Y.
Bryant, Dr. Mary, Sherburne, N. Y.
Clark, Mrs. Sarah T., Stiles, Iowa
Coffee, Mrs. H. J., Pennsylvania, Ill.
Day, Mrs. Carrie Borden, Pompey, N. Y.
Day, Mrs. J. C., South Lancaster, Mass.
Dickerman, Miss M. E., Mt. Carmel, Conn.
Draper, Mrs. A. T., Hopedale, Mass.
Ella, Mrs. Melissa M., Gouverneur, N. Y.
Fowler, Mrs. Almedia B., Lowville, N. Y.
Fowler, Susan P., Sherbourne, N. Y.
Gay, Dr. E., Hopedale, Mass.
Gifford, Miss P. T., North Manlius, N. Y.
Gillman, Miss Sarah R., Melbourne, C. E.
Greene, Mrs. H. N., Hopedale, Mass.
Hanks, Mrs. A. J., Guy’s Mills, Pa.
Hasbrouck, Dr. Lydia S., Middletown, N. Y.
Hatch, Mrs. F. A., Black River, Wis.
Hayward, Miss Julia A., Hopedale, Mass.
Holbrook, Miss Sara B., Hopedale, Mass.
Hooker, Mrs. Bettie, Lebanon, Mo.
Howe, Mrs. Sarah E., New Albion, N. Y.
Humphrey, Miss Louisa, Hopedale, Mass.
Inman, Mrs. M. M., Hopedale, Mass.
Johnson, Mrs. Fannie B., Fiskdale, Mass.
Judd, Miss Emma, Titusville, Pa.
Knox, Mrs. A. S., Whitewater, Wis.
Knowlton, Mrs. G. W., De Ruyter, N. Y.
Larkins, Mrs. S. E., Chester, N. H.
Lorbear, Mrs. E. M. W., Lowville, N. Y.
Macumber, Mrs. D., Morrison, N. Y.
Messenger, Mrs. R., Aurora, Ill.
Messenger, Mrs. Eliza, Hopedale, Mass.
Mills, Mrs. Eliza J., Lanesville, Conn.
Orr, Mrs. Anna Maria, Oahawa, C. W.
Pettengill, Mrs. A. R., Pine Run, Mich.
Phillips, Mrs. Caroline A., Millbury, Mass.
Phillips, Mrs. Emily, Keosauqua, Iowa
Porter, Mrs. Prof. J. C., Clinton, N. Y.
Potter, Mrs. Anna, Union Valley, N. Y.
Rank, Miss Mary, Hillsdale, Pa.
Read, Dr. Harris, St. Lois, Mo.
Robbins, Mrs., Hopedale, Mass.
Rodgers, Mrs. H. M., Cooperstown, Pa.
Rodgers, Miss Eliza S., Booneville, Ind.
Royce, Mrs. Mary J., Warren, Mich.
Roys, N. S. Dresser, Hartford, Conn.
Rumville, Mrs. Mary E., Landgrove, Vt.
Sala, Mrs. F. A. M., Toolsboro, Iowa
Seeber, Mrs. R. R., Freetown Corners, N. Y.
Seeber, Jennie, Freetown Corners, N. Y.
Simmons, Mary Robbins, Dansville, N. Y.
Smith, Mrs. R. L., Freetown Corners, N. Y.
Soule, Mrs. Mary A., Hopedale, Mass.
Stone, Mrs. C. A., Vienna, N. Y.
Stone, Mrs. C., Russia, N. Y.
Strowbridge, Mrs. L., Cortlandville, N. Y.
Sutton, Marion R., Pitcher, N. Y.
Taylor, Mrs. Augusta M., Castleton, Vt.
Tennay, Mrs. E., Highland, Mich.
Thompson, Mrs. W. G., Hopedale, Mass.
Tuttle, Mrs. C. M., Mount Carmel, Conn.
Walker, Dr. Mary E., Rome, N. Y.
Warren, Mrs. J. K., Kinsman, O.
Williams, Mrs. R. Hyde, Aurora, Ill.
Wilson, Mrs. B., Geneva, Ill.
Willman, Mrs. D. H., Tunnel City, Wis.
Wood, Mrs. R. E., Cheshire, Mass.

Trans-Atlantic Progressives

[The following valuable names of persons actively interested in and publicly identified with some branch of Reform, reached us too late for classification]:

Alexander II, Emperor of Russia
Allmann, T. J., London
Andrews, Miss, London
Ashburner, John, M. D., London
Balfour, Mrs. Clara Lucas, London
Barth, G. H., London
Barker, Joseph, London
Barkas, J. P., Newcastle on Tyne
Bayley, Rev. Dr., London
Beer, Mrs. Elizabeth, Sydney, N. S. W.
Berigney, Theannet, M. D., Melbourne
Besson, Madame, London
Bielfeld, Mr. and Mrs., London
Blair, David, Melbourne
Blanchard, Edward Laman, London
Bourilloc, Mdlle. de, London
Bremer, Frederika, Sweden
Brudges, Frederick, Liverpool
Carpenter, Mary, Bristol
Carpenter, William, London
Cassell, John, London
Chauncey, William Lovell, Belvoir, Victoria
Clarke, J. E., London
Clisby, Harriet, Melbourne
Coleman, Benjamin, London
Cobb, Miss Frances Power, London
Cobden, Richard, London
Coutts, Miss, London
Cox, William, London
Craig, Isa, Edinburgh
Crow, Jane, London
Crowe, Catharine, London
Chevalier, Michel, France
Crosland, Mrs. Newton, London
Dawson, George, Birmingham
De Morgan, Prof. and Mrs., London
Didier, Adolphe, London
Dixon, Dr., London
Donovan, Dr. Cornelius, Birmingham
Duffern, Lord, London
Duke of Manchester, London
Edwards, Henry, Melbourne
Edwards, Mrs., Albury, N. S. W.
Faithful, Emily, London
Fawcett, Capt. H. A., London
Fawcett, W. W., London
Gibson, H. G., London
Gibson, Mrs. Milner, London
Goulard, Madame Adolphe, London
Gully, Dr., Malvern, Eng.
Gurney, Samuel, London
Guthrie, Dr. Thomas, Edinburgh
Hall, Mrs. S. C., London
Harr, Frank, Norwich
Hay, Miss M. M., Norwich
Hill, M. D., Birmingham
Home, D. D., London
Hume, M. P., London
Hickson, Dr., Ballarat, Australia
Howitt, Godfrey, M. D., Melbourne
Isham, Sir Charles, Northampton
Jansen, H. Umfreville, Exeter
Jerson, Henry M. A., London
Jocelyn, Lady, London
Johnston, Miss, London
Jones, John, London
King of Hanover
Lees, Dr. Frederick R., Hull
Lloyd, William, York
Lynch, Rev. T. T., London
Lynch, Mrs. William, Melbourne
Maccall, William, London
Mackenzie, Kenneth R. H., London
Marshall, Mrs., London
Martineau, Rev. James, London
Massey, Gerald, London
Maurice, Rev. Frederick Denison, London
Mill, Dr. John, London
Mill, John Stuart, London
Morrell, Benjamin, Keightly, Yorkshire
Muloch, Miss, London
Nightingale, Florence, Exeter
Overton, William, Melbourne
Parkes, Bessie Rayner, London
Pearson, Mrs., Geelong, Australia
Pitman, Isaac, Bath
Pitman, Frederick, London
Proctor, Miss, London
Reed, T. A., London
Richard, Rev. Henry, London
Roth, Matthias, M. D., London
Ruskin, John, London
Rye, Maria S., London
Ryner, John Snaith, Landhurst, Australia
Shorter, Thomas, London
Sinclair, Miss Catherine, London
Smith, James, Malton, Yorkshire
Salms, Prince, Hanover
Spurgin, Dr., London
Sutherland, Duchess of, London
Townshend, Rev. Chauncy, London
Trollope, Mrs., London
Trevelyan, Sir Walter, London
Twining, Miss Louisa, London
Wason, James, Liverpool
Weatherhead, D. W., Keightley, Yorkshire
White, William, London
Wilkinson, Dr. J. J. Garth, London
Wilson, Capt., Auckland, New Zealand
Wilson, Rev. J. H., London
Wood, Rev. J. G., London
Wood, Mrs. Hamilton, London

More Women Physicians

[The following additional names—graduates of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania—were received too late for insertion in their proper place.  Other corrections will be made in our next.]:

Adams, Harriet, Palmyra, N. Y.
Anderson, Anna N. L., Bristol, Pa.
Bailey, Mary M., Radnor, Pa.
Bales, Elizabeth H., Owego, N. Y.
Baugh, Elizabeth P., Philadelphia
Beverly, Julia A., Providence, R. I.
Brenton, Hannah W., Christiana, Pa.
Davies, Frances V., Waverly, N. Y.
Ellis, Hannah W., Philadelphia
Ellis, Susanna H., Philadelphia
Hayhurst, Susanna, Philadelphia
Hunt, Angenetta H., Saratoga, N. Y.
Jones, Elizabeth Collins, Philadelphia
Kleckner, Sarah, Mifflinburg, Pa.
Mellen, Lizzie S., Philadelphia
Moon, Orin R., Carter’s Bridge, Va.
Nivison, Samantha S., Mecklenburg, N. Y.
Paul, Sarah E., Trenton, N. J.
Parry, Susan, Lahaska, Pa.
Payne, Jane, Mount Vernon, O.
Peterselia, Lucy M., New Albany, Ind.
Piersol, Minnie E., Philadelphia
Porter, Maria W., Davenport, Iowa
Reynolds, Mary J., Elkhorn, Wis.
Shattock, Elizabeth G., Philadelphia
Starr, Jane L., Illinois
Stratton, M. Almina, Wilkins, Pa.
Thomas, Eliza L. S., Alliance, O.
Underwood, Catharine, J., Bloomington, Ill.
Varney, Emily, N. Danville, Vt.
Way, Phoebe M., Philadelphia
Wilder, Mary E. Smith, Albany, N. Y.
Wilson, Phoebe, Kennett Square, Pa.
Zimmerman, Eliza J., Philadelphia


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