The Progressive Annual for 1862; Comprising an Almanac, a Spiritualist Register, and a General Calendar of Reform; Published at the Office of “the Herald of Progress.” New York: A. J. Davis & Co.

Writers, Speakers, and Workers, in the Different Fields of Human Progress: Literature, Morals, and General Education; Spiritualism, Philosophy, and Reform—Traveling Lecturers; Local Speakers; Physiology, Psychology, and Spiritualism; Prominent Foreign Spiritualists; Universal Freedom, Political and Moral Progress; Social, Mental and Governmental Movements; Temperance, Health, and Dietetic Reform; Freedom and Equality of the Sexes; Practicing Women Physicians; Practical Dress Reformers; More Women Physicians.


Writers, Speakers, and Workers,

In the Different Fields of Human Progress.

[IMPORTANT NOTE—The following classification is not as perfect in detail as we hope to make it in our ANNUAL for 1863.  We shall seek to obtain special information from the friends of Spiritualism, Philosophy, Reform, and general Human Progress, during the ensuing summer and autumn; so that all errors, omissions, and misplacements, in this our first ANNUAL, will be corrected and adjusted in accordance with truth and justice.  We shall be happy to hear from friends who live in California and on the Continent of Europe.  We respectfully solicit their cooperation in perfecting the details of this work.  We want reliable intelligence from all parts of the country, concerning the NAME, RESIDENCE, post-office ADDRESS, and the KIND OF LABOR, of every individual (man or woman,) who is practically and publicly identified with the cause of spiritual and material progress.  Let every one, everywhere, aid the good work.—PUBLISHERS.]

Literature, Morals, and General Education

Alcott, A. Bronson, Concord, Mass.
Beecher, Rev. Henry Ward, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Bryant, William Cullen, New York
Channing, Rev. William H., Washington, D. C.
Chapin, Rev. E. H., New York
Clark, Rev. James Freeman, Boston, Mass.
Conway, Rev. M. D., Cincinnati, O.
Courtney, W. S., 140 Fulton St., New York
Curtis, George William, New York
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Concord, Mass.
Furness, Rev. W. H., Philadelphia
Greeley, Horace, New York
Higginson, Rev. T. W., Worcester, Mass.
Hitchcock, Gen. Ethan Allen, St. Louis, Mo.
Holmes, Dr. Oliver Wendell, Boston, Mass.
Howitt, William and Mary, England
James, Henry, Newport, R. I.
King, Rev. Thomas Starr, San Francisco, Cal.
Longfellow, Henry W., Cambridge
Lowell, James Russell, Boston
Lyman, Darius Jr., 274 Canal St., N. Y.
Mayo, Rev. A. D., Albany, N. Y.
Newton, A. E., New York
Noyes, George F., New York
Payson, Sarah E., Peterborough, N. H.
Pierpont, Rev. John, Washington, D. C.
Randall, Henry S., New York
Robinson, Prof. Horatio N., Elbridge, N. Y.
Rose, Mrs. Ernestine L., New York
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, Andover, Mass.
Tilton, Theodore, New York
Tuttle, Hudson and Emma, Berlin Heights, O.
Weld, Theodore D., Perth Amboy, N. J.
Wilburn, Cora, Philadelphia
Wilkinson, W. H., London, Eng.
Willis, Mrs. Love M., Coldwater, Mich.

Spiritualism, Philosophy, and Reform

Traveling Lecturers

[Under this head are placed the names of those who are not permanently employed to address one congregation, but who, making public speaking a profession, hold themselves in readiness to visit any portion of the country, in answer to invitations to lecture.  All persons desiring to have their names appear in this list as Traveling Lecturers, will please so inform us, with their permanent address, by November 1st.]

Bond, Mrs. F. L., Box 878, Cleveland
Brown, Mrs. H. F. M., Cleveland
Butler, Prof. C., 15 Tremont St., Boston
Case, E. Jr., Florida, Mich.
Chappell, Mrs. S. L., Hastings, N. Y.
Chase, Warren, Battle Creek, Mich.
Clark, Uriah, Auburn, N. Y.
Coonley, L. K., Marengo, Ill.
Currier, Mrs. A. A., Lowell, Mass.
De Force Miss Laura E. A., La Crosse, Wis.
Denton, William, Painesville, O.
Doten, Miss Lizzie, Plymouth, Mass.
Fairfield, H. P., Sturgis, Mich.
Felton, Mrs. F. B., 23 Kneeland St., Boston
Finney, Seldon J., Geneva, O.
Hardinge, Miss Emma, 8 Fourth Ave., N. Y.
Hatch, Mrs. Cora Scott, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Hayden, Charles A., Livermore Falls, Me.
Houston, Miss Emma, East Stoughton, Mass.
Hulett, Mattie F., Rockford, Ill.
Hume, A. D., Fredonia, N. Y.
Hyzer, Mrs. F. O., Spencerport, N. Y.
Johnson, Miss Susan M., New York
Kenney, Mrs. M. B., Lawrence, Mass.
Kingsbury, Mrs. E. A., 1905 Pine St., Philadelphia
Kutz, Mrs. M. J., Laphamville, Mich.
Lowe, Miss Elizabeth, Leon, Catt. Co., N. Y.
Lyon, Dr. E. L., Geneva, O.
Macumber, Miss M. M. W., Killingly, Conn.
Marble, Rev. H. S., Iowa City, Iowa
Mayhew, Dr. John, Wyoming, Minn.
Middlebrook, Mrs. A. M., Bridgeport, Conn.
Miller, Leo, Hartford, Conn.
Miller, Mrs. H. M., Conneaut, O.
Pardee, L. Judd, New York
Peebles, J. M., Battle Creek, Mich.
Potter, William Bailey, Medina, N. Y.
Randall, J. H., Northfield, Mass.
Ripley, W. K., Snow’s Hill, Me.
Scougall, Miss Belle, Rockford, Ill.
Spence, Mrs. Amanda M., New York
Sprague, Miss A. W., Plymouth, Vt.
Stebbins, G. B., Rochester, N. Y.
Storer, H. B., New Haven, Conn.
Stowe, Mrs. C. M., Sturgis, Mich.
Todd, Benjamin, Minooka, Ill.
Toohey, J. H. W., Penn Yan, N. Y.
Townsend, Mrs. M. S., Taunton, Mass.
Wadsworth, F. L., Battle Creek, Mich.
Walker, Jason F., Glen’s Falls, N. Y.
Warner, Mrs. S. E., Berlin, Wis.
Whiting, A. B., Albion, Mich.
Wilcoxsen, Mrs. M. J., Stratford, Conn.
Wilson, E. V., Detroit, Mich.

Local Speakers

[This list is intended to include all persons not found under other heads of speakers on the general topics named.  It embraces those regularly employed by one or more congregations, and also persons engaged in other avocations, who hold themselves ready to respond to calls to lecture in the vicinity of their residences.  While those here enumerated are not understood to be constantly “in the field” as traveling lecturers, it is not to be inferred that many of them may not make engagements, and profitably fulfill them, to speak at remote points and for consecutive periods.]

Abbott, A. G., Hopkinton, N. Y.
Abbott, Orrin, Albany, N. Y.
Amphlet, Mary, Cincinnati, O.
Atkins, Miss E. T., Jamaica Plain, Mass.
Averill, A. P., Battle Creek, Mich.
Averill, E. B., Dover, Me.
Avery, Mary E., Bellevue, Mich.
Baker, G. F., Middle Granville, N. Y.
Baker, H., Warwick, Mass.
Baker, J., Cooksville, Wis.
Baker, Mrs. J., Dudley, Mass.
Banks, Mrs. J. A., Newtown, Conn.
Barbour, A., Scott, N. Y.
Barnard, L. E., Pultneyville, N. Y.
Barnum, B. P., Rochester, N. Y.
Bean, N. P., Searsmount, Me.
Beckwith, George, New Haven, Conn.
Beckwith, Miss M., New Haven, Conn.
Beebe, Lovell, North Ridgeville, O.
Bemis, Mrs. E. B., Dummenton, Vt.
Benning, T. C., New York
Bently, Miss A. P., Oriskany Falls, N. Y.
Benton, A. W., Fulton, Ill.
Bliss, Mrs. S. M. & E. A., Springfield, Mass.
Boardman, W. A., Waukegan, Ill.
Boody, J. P., Lacoura, N. H.
Bowers, N., Windsor, Conn.
Bowker, H. L., Natick, Mass.
Bowman, A. P., Angola, Ind.
Bradley, Miss S., Dover, Vt.
Brigham, Mrs. L., Mount Gilead, O.
Broadrick, Dwight, Little Falls, N. Y.
Brown, D. N. and W., Drewsville, N. H.
Brown, J. S., Albion, Mich.
Brown, Mrs. M. A., Sandusky, Vt.
Bruce, Dr. L., Boston
Bulfinch, Mrs. L. A., Spafford, N. Y.
Bullene, Emma Jay, Geneva, Wis.
Burch, H. Clay, Smith’s Mills, N. Y.
Burdick, Miss J. E., Clyde, O.
Burrill, Miss Vesta J., Randolph, Mass.
Byrnes, Mrs. Sarah A., E. Cambridge, Mass.
Campbell, J. B., Cincinnati
Carley, Miss L. M. A., Boston
Carpenter, A. E., Columbia, O.
Carver, Anna M., Cincinnati
Caswell, B. S., Orangeville, Mich.
Chadwick, Mrs. D., Linden, Mich.
Chapin, D., Huntington, Vt.
Chase, Frank, Sutton, N. H.
Chase, Mrs. B. B., West Harwick, Mass.
Child, Dr. A. B., 15 Tremont St., Boston
Clafton, Mrs. H. E., Dundee, Ill.
Clark, Mrs. E. C., Lawrence, Mass.
Clark, Mrs. J. J., West Killingly, Conn.
Clark, Mrs. Ruth, West Walworth, N. Y.
Clark, Samuel, Beaverton, Ill.
Cole, H. G., Portland, Me.
Colvin, C. L., Pontiac, Mich.
Cook, T. W., Indianapolis, Ind.
Cooper, Dr. James, Bellefontaine, Ind.
Copeland, W. Ellery, Roxbury, Mass.
Cragin, Dr., Georgetown, D. C.
Cram, Mrs. A. C., Bucksfield, Me.
Crittenden, W. H., Grafton, O.
Cronley, Mrs. J., Victory, N. Y.
Crowell, C. H., Watertown, Mass.
Cunningham, Miss E., Bradford, Me.
Currier, J. H., Cambridgeport, Mass.
Curtis, A. W., Marion, Minn.
Curtis, J. H., Bridgeport, Conn.
Curtis, Mrs. D. S., Sacramento, Cal.
Curtis, O., Solsville, N. Y.
Cushman, Mrs. E., Ripton, Vt.
Cutler, H., Belfast, Me.
Cutting, H. P., Castleton, Vt.
Dana, Dexter, East Boston, Mass.
Danforth, Benjamin, Boston
Daniels, Mrs. C. B. F., Westfield, O.
Davis, A. H., Natick, Mass.
Davis, B. H., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
Davis, B., Rockton, Pa.
De Wolfe, Harvey, North East, Pa.
Dellfield, C. H., Boston
Dille, H. S., Three Rivers, Mich.
Doan, Mrs. J. F., Lincoln, Me.
Dods, Miss A. J., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Donnelly, A. G., Bennetsburg, N. Y.
Eaton, E. R., South Hanson, Mass.
Eddy, Miss H. M., Huntington, Vt.
Edmonds, J. W., Hon., New York
Elkins, H., Williston, Vt.
Elliot, J., Franklin, N. H.
Elmer, Rufus, Springfield, Mass.
Ensign, E. D., Mount Gilead, O.
Farley, Elder, Burr Oak, Mich.
Farmouth, Mrs. J. B., Fitchburg, Mass.
Fellows, Rev. S., Fall River, Mass.
Felton, Mrs. F. B., Northampton, Mass.
Fish, J. G. Rev., Ganges, Mich.
Fish, W. H. Rev., Cortlandville, N. Y.
Fitch, Mrs. C. A., 231 S. 9th St., Philadelphia
Flagg, C. C., Charlestown, Mass.
Foster, H., Mendon, Mich.
Foster, S. G., Cincinnati
Fowler, Mrs. J., Adrian, Mich.
Frances, J., Stockholm, N. Y.
Freeman, B. W., Columbus, O.
French, A. B., Clyde, O.
Fuller, Jerome, Spartansburg, Pa.
Gage, Almon, Hamilton, O.
Gale, F., Columbus, O.
Gardner, Dr. H. F., 46 Essex St., Boston
Gibson, Miss E. E., Barre, Mass.
Godard, D. F., Chelsea, Mass.
Goodrich, Mrs. K., Ithaca, N. Y.
Goward, G., Stoughton, N. Y.
Graham, T. H., Dover, Mich.
Greenleaf, J. P., La Salle, Ill.
Greenleaf, N. S., Lowell, Mass.
Griffith, S., Centerville, O.
Griggs, L. P., Evansville, Wis.
Gurnsey, F. G., Duxbury, Mass.
Hagell, P., Liberty, Ill.
Hall, A. B., New Sharon, Me.
Hall, Alonzo R., East New Sharon, Me.
Halsted, Mrs. H., Ledyard, N. Y.
Hamilton, D. H., Lewiston, Me.
Hamlin, S. P., Solsville, N. Y.
Hammond, W., Wayne Station, Ill.
Harper, J. S., Independence, Iowa
Harris, R., Toronto, C. W.
Harris, Rev. T. L., New York
Hartman, Andrew, North San Juan, Cal.
Harvey, Dr., Philadelphia
Haskell, Mrs. J. S., Auburn, Me.
Hayden, C. A., Livermore Falls, Me.
Hitchcock, George, Brimfield, Mass.
Hitchcock, Ira S., Oneida, N. Y.
Hobart, John, Indianapolis, Ind.
Hodges, J. N., Monroe, Me.
Hogeboom, A., Erieville, N. Y.
Hollis, Mrs. L. M., Manchester, N. H.
Hollister, G. W., New Berlin, Wis.
Holt, C., Delphi, Ind.
Hopkins, G. B., Oldtown, Me.
Horton, Mrs. S. A., Sudbury, Vt.
Howe, Lyman C., Dunkirk, N. Y.
Howe, Miss Flavia, Windsor, Conn.
Howe, Mrs. T., Windsor, Conn.
Howland, Phebe J., West Walworth, N. Y.
Hudson, J. H., Terre Haute, Ind.
Hueston, W., Perrysburg, O.
Hunt, V. C., Madison, O.
Hutchinson, Mrs. C., Milford, N. H.
Hyatt, L. B., Ithaca, N. Y.
Irish, Charles T., Taunton, Mass.
Jameson, L., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Jamieson, W. F., Paw Paw, Mich.
Jenks, J. H., Jenksville, N. Y.
Jewett, Miss L. A., Springfield, Mass.
Johnson, Mrs. L., Dudley, Mass.
Johnson, P., Laphamville, Mich.
Johnson, W. L., Dexter, N. H.
Jones, S. S., St. Charles, Ill.
Jordan, J. E., Stockton, Me.
Kellogg, Dr., Arcadia, O.
Kinney, Cornelia, Spartansburg, Pa.
Kinney, Levi, Thompson, Conn.
Lamb, Mrs. Z., Montpelier, Vt.
Lane, F. T., Lawrence, Mass.
Laning, W. N., Baltimore, Md.
Lawyer, Rev. J. D., Coxsackie, N. Y.
Leiber, Mrs. H., Spafford, N. Y.
Lester, D., Mexico, N. Y.
Linda, C., Alton, Ill.
Livingston, R. G., Genoa, N. Y.
Locke, J. J., South Reading, Mass.
Locke, Z. J., Greenwood, Mass.
Lombard, L. R., West Walworth, N. Y.
Louden, E. B., Coldwater, Mich.
Loveland, J. S., Willimantic, Conn.
Lovell, J. L., Yarmouth, Me.
Lowe, Mrs. Abby H., Essex, Mass.
Manchester, Mrs. A. B., West Randolph, N. Y.
Mapels, Mrs. A., Milford, N. Y.
Mapes, I. V., Webb’s Mills, N. Y.
Marsh, George, Adrian, Mich.
Mason, Dr., Deerfield, Mich.
Matthews, Mrs. H., Lowell, Mass.
McCoy, Mrs., Daysville, Ill.
Merrifield, J., Mishawaka, Ind.
Middleton, T., Woodstock, Vt.
Miles, Stanford, Salem, Minn.
Miller, Caleb, Elkhart, Ind.
Miller, Mrs. J. S., New Haven, Conn.
Miller, S., Thompson, Conn.
Moffit, W. O., Pulaski, N. Y.
Monell, Mrs. Helen E., Hartford, Conn.
Monroe, Lewis B., Boston
Montague, Mrs. H. C., Boston
Moody, Loring, Boston
Moody, T. C., Salem, Mass.
Morrison, Mrs. J., Akron, O.
Munn, Mrs. J., Campton, Ill.
Nichols, G. W., Battle Creek, Mich.
Nickerson, Mrs. L. S., Worcester, Mass.
Northrop, H., Georgetown, N. Y.
O’Daniels, D. C., Richmond, N. H.
Old, R. O., Elgin, Ill.
Orr, William, Monroe City, Mich.
Osgood, H. P., Denver, Me.
Otis, J. L. D., Norwich, Conn.
Pace, Samuel D., Port Huron, Mich.
Page, John, Elba, N. Y.
Park, H. K., Baldwinville, N. Y.
Park, S., Poplar Grove, Ill.
Parker, A. G., Indianapolis, Ind.
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. A., Selma, O.
Parkhurst, J. E., Elkland, Pa.
Partridge, Charles, New York
Patterson, Mrs. A. F., Springfield, Ill.
Pease, Dr., Cincinnati
Peffer, W. A., Mishawaka, Ind.
Perry, W. W., N. Bridgewater, Mass.
Pettis, J., Putnam, Conn.
Pierre, A. P., Belfast, Me.
Pierson, Mrs. P., Knightstown, Ind.
Pollard, Mrs., Columbus, O.
Pond, A. A., New London, O.
Porter, Ira, Crimea, Mich.
Potter, J. L., Ware, Mass.
Pratt, Joel, Williamstown, N. Y.
Pratt, Mrs. G., West Braintree, Vt.
Puffer, Mrs. J., Hanson, Mass.
Putnam, Allen, Roxbury, Mass.
Rand, L. P., Bradley, Me.
Ransom, J. O., Smyrna, N. Y.
Rhen, Isaac, Philadelphia
Rice, G. M., Williamsville, Conn.
Rice, William E., Roxbury, Mass.
Richardson, R. F., Franklin, Vt.
Ricker, Charles P., Worcester, Mass.
Robertson, William, Columbus, O.
Robins, Mrs. C. A., Hammonton, N. J.
Robinson, A. C., Fall River, Mass.
Robinson, Frederick, Marblehead, Mass.
Rockwood, W., Rockford, Ill.
Rogers, J., Bethel, Vt.
Rouse, J. T., Brighton, Ind.
Rudd, Mrs. J. S., Taunton, Mass.
Ryder, Miss B. A., Plymouth, Mass.
Sanford, C. P., Hardin, Iowa
Sargent, Mrs. M., Marion, O.
Sawyer, Mrs. M. E. B., Baldwinsville, Mass.
Scott, M., Berkshire, O.
Scott, O. B., Woodville, N. Y.
Seaver, J. W., Byron Center, N. Y.
Sessions, G. D., Kalamazoo, Mich.
Shaffer, George, Cambridge, Mich.
Sheldon, M., Delphi, N. Y.
Shepherd, J. H., South Ackworth, N. H.
Shuey, M. F., Elkhart, Ind.
Simmons, A. E., Woodstock, Vt.
Simons, Mrs. E. D., Bristol, Conn.
Slade, Harvey, Saratoga, N. Y.
Sleight, Mrs. Susan, Portland, Me.
Smith, A. and N., Three Rivers, Mich.
Smith, Gibson, Camden, Me.
Smith, Mrs. J. B., Manchester, N. H.
Smith, Mrs. M., Harmony, O.
Smith, R. M., Hampden, Me.
Snell, Daniel W., Providence, R. I.
Snow, Rev. H., Rockford, Ill.
Stearns, George, West Acton, Mass.
Steward, G. C., Newark, N. J.
Stewart, H. M., Penn Yan, N. Y.
Stoddard, H., Watertown, N. Y.
Streeter, Mrs. J. R., Crown Point, Ind.
Styles, A. C., Hammonton, N. J.
Sutliff, O. L., Ravenna, O.
Swan, Mrs. A. H., Boston
Tallmadge, Mrs. E. L., La Porte, Ind.
Tallmadge, N. P., Fond du Lac, Wis.
Taylor, Rev. M., Stockton, Me.
Temple, Helen, Bennington Center, Vt.
Tewksbury, Mrs., Mt. Morris, N. Y.
Thayer, R., South Boston, Mass.
Thomas, Mrs. I., Bucksport, Me.
Thomas, Mrs. Mary, Richmond, Ind.
Thompson, Mrs. A. P., No. Haverhill, N. H.
Thompson, Mrs. S. M., Toledo, O.
Tiffany, Joel, Syracuse, N. Y.
Todd, Benjamin, Minooka, Ill.
Tucker, H. A., Foxboro, Mass.
Tyrrell, Rev. Silas, 40 South St., Boston
Upham, George, Brimfield, Mass.
Upham, S. S., Randolph, Mass.
Van Avery, M., Madison, O.
Van Sickle, S. and M., Marengo, O.
Walcutt, G. E., Columbus, O.
Walker, Joseph C., Byron Center, N. Y.
Wallace, Henry A., Flushing, Mich.
Ward, D. T., Mansfield, O.
Warren, W., Waukesha, Wis.
Washburn, Miss F. E., Windham, Pa.
Weeden, G., Morris, N. Y.
Welch, L. C., Stoughton, Mass.
Wheeler, E. S., Orange, N. J.
Wheelock, E. B., Waukesha, Wis.
Whipple, E., Chagrin Falls, O.
Whitman, W. F., Athol Depot, Mass.
Williams, J. H., Skoukegan, Me.
Williams, Mrs. H., Marengo, O.
Willis, F. L. H., Coldwater, Mich.
Wills, Ezra, Chelsea, Vt.
Wolfe, Dr. N. B., Cincinnati, O.
Wood, Mrs. H. M., West Killingly, Conn.
Woodman, J. C., Portland, Me.
Woodworth, Elijah, Leslie, Mich.
Woolsen, Mrs. W., N. Scriba, N. Y.
Works, Mrs. C. F., Bangor, Me.
Wright, B. V., Montpelier, Vt.
Wright, Dr. P. W., Broadhead, Wis.
Wright, M., Victor, N. Y.
York, Dr. C. C., Boston, Mass.
Young, E. R., Quincy, Mass.
Young, Mrs. F. T., 56 Myrtle St., Boston

Physiology, Psychology, and Spiritualism

Brittan, Prof. S. B., New York
Beck, Mrs. R. A., New York
Browne, R. K., New York
Bowker, Dr. H. L., 9 Hudson St., Boston
Clark, J. E. F., 84 W. 26th St., N. Y.
Crowell, Dr. C. H., 158 Washington St., Boston
Culbertson, T., 8 4th Ave., New York
Danforth, Mrs. A., 19 Pine St., Boston
Dorman, Mrs. C. E., Newark, N. J.
Drew, Mrs. M., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Delafolie, Mrs. A. W., 176 Varick St., N. Y.
Dods, Dr. J. B., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Farnsworth, Dr. L. L., 62 Hudson St., N. Y.
Fish, Mr. & Mrs. E. B., New York
Fishbough, William, Williamsburg, N. Y.
Forrest, Mrs. J. S., 12 Osborn Pl., Boston
French, Mrs. E. J., 8 4th Ave., N. Y.
Gay, Miss M. C., 624 Washington St., Boston
Gray, Dr. John F., 18 E. 20th St., N. Y.
Grover, Samuel, Somerville, Mass.
Hallock, Dr. R. T., 96 E. 12th St., N. Y.
Hayden, Mrs. W. R., 66 W. 14th St., N. Y.
Harlow, Mrs. E. M. T., 48 Wall St., Boston
Herrick, Mrs. M. W., 17 Bennett St., Boston
Johnson, Mrs., 335 Grand St., N. Y.
Latham, Mrs. A. C., 292 Washington St., Boston
Leewendahl, Dr. J., 163 Mott St., N. Y.
Main, Dr. Charles, Boston, Mass.
Mettler, Mrs. Semantha, Hartford, Conn.
Neal, James A., New York
Newman, Mrs. M., Providence, R. I.
Newton, J. R., New York
Owen, Hon. R. Dale, New Harmony, Ind.
Palmer, N., 60 Amity St., N. Y.
Reynoldson, Dr. W., 87 Bowery, N. Y.
Sawyer, Mrs., High St., Brooklyn
Scott, Mrs. M. C., 99 E. 28th St., N. Y.
Scott, Dr. John, New York
Seymour, Mrs. H. S., 21 W. 13th St., N. Y.
Smith, Mrs. E., Jersey City, N. J.
Spence, Prof. Payton, New York
Sunderland, LaRoy, Boston, Mass.
Tower, Mrs. P. A. Ferguson, New York
Towne, Mrs., Milton Village, N. Y.
Tuttle, Mrs. Lucina, Byron Center, N. Y.
Upham, Mrs. A., Petaluma, Cal.
Van Haughton, Mrs. M. L., 54 Great Jones, N. Y.
Wilcox, Mrs. S. E., 558 Broome St., N. Y.
Wilson, R. P., New York

Prominent Foreign Spiritualists


Ashburner, Dr. John, London
Bulwer, Sir E. Lytton, London
Chambers, Robert, Edinburg
Coleman, Benjamin, Esq., London
Cowper, Lady, London
Crowe, Mrs. Catharine, London
Dickson, Mrs.
Dougherty, Hugh, Dr., London
Gibson, Mrs. Milner, London
Hall, Mr. S. C. (F. S. A.)
Houston, Capt. (of the 11th Hussars)
Houston, Mrs.
Howitt, William
Howitt, Mary
Hutchinson, James, Esq., London
Jones, Mr. J.
Kirkup, Mrs. Seymour
Mackenzie, Kenneth, R. H. (F. S. A.)
Price, Captain
Wilkinson, Dr. J. G., London
Wilkinson, W. M., London
Scott, Mr. Thomas, Belfast

Interested in the Phenomena:

Lord Brougham
Lord Lyndhurst and family
Chief Baron Pollock
Lord Dudley


Berle, M. Emil, Wiesbaden
Boulle, M. de la, Paris
Brossac, Countess de, Paris
Delamarre, M., Ed. of La Patrie, Paris
Didier, M. Adolphe, Paris
D’Ourches, Count, Paris
Dupotet, Baron, Paris
Favre, M. and Madam, Paris
Gerard, M. Emil (of the Body Guard), Paris
Guldenstubbe, Baron, Paris
Guldenstubbe, Baroness, Paris
Grand Boulogne, M. and Madam, Paris
Hornung, D., Berlin
Kardec, M. Allan (Ed. Revue Spirite), Paris
Ledoyen, M., Publisher, Paris
Langsdorff, Dr. G. W., Mannheim, Baden
Napoleon Louis, Emperor, Paris
Pierart, M. Z. J., Ed. Revue Spiritualiste, Paris
Pitteurs, Charles de, Zepperen, Belgium
Revius, Major (in Dutch Army), Holland
Spanoghe, M., Hasselt, Belgium
Wittig, M. Gregor Constantine, Breslau

Interested in the Phenomena:

Metternich, Prince and Princess
Persigny, Mad. de
Reichenbach, Baron, of Vienna, Austria

Universal Freedom, Political and Moral Progress

Beman, Rev. A. G., New Haven, Conn.
Bovee, M. H., Eagle, Wis.
Brown, William Wells, Cambridgeport, Mass.
Burleigh, C. C., Plainfield, Conn.
Cary, Mary, A. S., Chatham, C. W.
Channing, Dr. W. F., Providence, R. I.
Chapman, Maria Weston, Boston
Cheever, Rev. George B., New York
Child, Lydia Maria, Wayland, Mass.
Clarke, Rev. James Freeman, Boston
Clay, Cassius M., Kentucky
Cleaveland, Prof. C. D., Philadelphia
Coates, Edwin H., Mullica Hill, N. J.
Crozier, Rev. H. P., Huntington, L. I.
Curtis, Thomas, Philadelphia
Delany, Martin R., Chatham, C. W.
Douglass, Frederick, Rochester, N. Y.
Douglass, Sarah M., Philadelphia
Downing, George T., New York
Dugdale, Joseph A., Mount Pleasant, Iowa
Freeman, M. H., Alleghany City, Pa.
Foss, Andrew T., Manchester, N. H.
Foster, Stephen S., Worcester, Mass.
Foster, Abby Kelley, Worcester, Mass.
Fremont, John Charles, Washington, D. C.
Gale, Samuel, Montreal, Canada
Garibaldi, Giuseppe, Isle of Caprea
Garrison, William Lloyd, Boston
Garrett, Thomas, Wilmington, Del.
Garnett, Rev. H. H., New York
Gay, Sidney Howard, New York
Gibbs, Rev. J. C., Philadelphia
Giddings, Hon. Joshua R., Ashtabula, O.
Green, Rev. Beriah, Whitesboro, N. Y.
Goodell, Rev. William, New York
Hamilton, Robert, New York
Harper, Frances Ellen W., Zanesville, O.
Harris, Edward, Woonsocket, R. I.
Hoisington, Rev. W. H., W. Williamsfield, O.
Holley, Rev. J. T., Port au Prince, Hayti
Hossack, J., Ottaway, Ill.
Hugo, Victor, Isle of Jersey
Johnson, Oliver, New York
Johnson, Rowland, Orange, N. J.
Joliffe, John, Cincinnati
Josselyn, Rev. S. S., New York
Julian, Hon. George W., Washington, D. C.
Kossuth, Louis, London
Langston, J. Mercer, Oberlin, O.
Leavitt, Rev. Joshua, New York
Loguen, J. W., Syracuse, N. Y.
Longfellow, Rev. Samuel, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Love, Alfred H., Philadelphia
Lovejoy, Hon. Owen, Alton, Ill.
Mattison, Prof. H., New York
May, Rev. Samuel J., Syracuse, N. Y.
May, Samuel J., Boston
Martineau, Harriet, Westmoreland, Eng.
Martin, Rev. J. Sella, Boston
Mazzini, Giuseppi, London
McFarland, Hon. Samuel, Washington, Pa.
Mills, Rev. C. D. B.,  Syracuse, N. Y.
Moore, P. D., Newark, N. J.
Nell, William C., Boston
Payne, Rev. Bishop, Xenia, O.
Pennington, Rev. J. W. C., New York
Phillips, Wendell, Boston
Pillsbury, Parker, Concord, N. H.
Post, Isaac and Amy, Rochester, N. Y.
Powell, Aaron M., Ghent, N. Y.
Prindle, Rev. Cyrus, Syracuse, N. Y.
Proudhon, J. B., Paris
Quincy, Edmund, Quincy, Mass.
Reason, Charles L., New York
Redpath, James, Boston
Remond, Charles Lennox, Salem, Mass.
Rock, John S., Boston
Schurz, Carl, Milwaukee, Wis.
Sloane, Rev. J. R. W., New York
Smith, Hon. Gerrit, Peterboro, N. Y.
Smith, James McCune, New York
Spear, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Boston
Stanley, Sara G., Cleveland, O.
Stewart, Charles, Thornbury, C. W.
Storrs, Richard S., Jr., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Sumner, Hon. Charles, Washington
Tappan, Lewis, New York
Tilton, Theodore, New York
Thompson, George, England
Thompson, Rev. J. P., New York
Truth, Sojourner, Battle Creek, Mich.
Vashon, George B., Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wade, Hon. Benjamin F., Jefferson, O.
Walker, Rev. William E., Trenton, N. J.
Watkins, William James, Rochester, N. Y.
Whipple Charles K., Boston
Whipper, William, Columbia, Pa.
Whittier, John G., Amesbury, Mass.
Wilson, W. J., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Williams, Rev. M. B., Williamsburg, N. Y.
Wright, Henry C., Boston

Social, Mental, and Governmental Movements

[Numerous pioneers in this branch of human improvement are not mentioned in the following list, simply because we have not obtained their full address.]

Andrews, Stephen Pearl, New York
Barry, Francis, Cleveland, O.
Brisbane, Albert, Buffalo, N. Y.
Brisbane, Lodoiska Manesca, New York
Cantagral, F., Brussels
Considerant, Victor, Paris
Davis, Ira B., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Edger, Henry, Thompson, L. I.
Lazarus, M. Edgeworth
Lewis, Mrs. Carrie S., Cleveland
Mandell, D. J., Athol Depot, Mass.
Newton, Sarah J., New York
Norris, Mary R., New York
Orvis, John, Boston
Sheldon, Thaddeus S., Randolph, N. Y.
Spear, John M., Patriot, Ind.
Sterling, John M., Cleveland, O.
Thompson, S. P., New York
Townsend, Milo A., New Brighton, Pa.
Underhill, Edward F., New York
Warren, Josiah, Thompson, L. I.

Temperance, Health, and Dietetic Reform

Africa, J. S., Huntington, Pa.
Barnum, P. T., New York
Brace, C. L., New York
Brooks, Edmund, Philadelphia
Case, Charles, Fulton, N. Y.
Clubb, H. S., Grand Haven, Mich.
Culver, E. D., New York
Delavan, Edward C., Albany, N. Y.
Dow, Hon. Neal, Portland, Me.
Evans, F. W., Mt. Lebanon, N. Y.
Gough, John B., Worcester, Mass.
Grimes, Dr. John, Boonton, N. J.
Hall, Dr. C. S., Burlington, N. J.
Hough, L. S., Lambertville, N. J.
Hunt, Seth, Northampton, Mass.
Jackson, Dr. James C., Dansville, N. Y.
Jennings, Dr. Isaac, Oberlin, O.
Jones, Stillman B., Rochester, Vt.
Jones, Dr. Frank R., New York
Landis, Dr. S. M., Philadelphia
Lawrence, B. M., Kansas
LeBaron, C. B., New York
Lewis, Dr. Dio, Boston
Metcalfe, Dr. William, Philadelphia
Muzzey, Dr. R. D., Boston
Nevins, Dr. M., Peoria, Ill.
Poer, R. Miles, New York
Poston, O. S., Harrodsburg, Ky.
Riley, Gen. S., Rochester, N. Y.
Snodgrass, Dr. J. E., New York
Taylor, William, Kensington, Pa.
Trask, George, Fitchburg, Mass.
Trall, Dr. R. T., New York
Wright, Jonathan, Philadelphia

Freedom and Equality of the Sexes

[We very earnestly request every friend of Woman to furnish us with the name and address of every true worker in the cause, so that our next report will be more complete.]

Anthony, Miss Susan B., Rochester, N. Y.
Blackwell, Rev. Antoinette B., Milburn, N. J.
Colman, Mrs. Lucy N., Rochester, N. Y.
Dall, Mrs. Caroline H., Boston
Davis, Mrs. Paulina W., Providence, R. I.
Farnham, Mrs. Eliza W., Stockton, Cal.
Gage, Mrs. Frances D., Columbus, O.
Grimke, Miss Sarah, Perth Amboy, N. J.
Greenwood, Grace, Philadelphia
Jenkins, Rev. Mrs. L. J., Waterloo, N. Y.
Jones, Mrs. J. Elizabeth, Salem, O.
Johnson, Mrs. Mary A., New York
Mott, Mrs. Lucretia, Philadelphia
Nichols, Mrs. C. I. H., Kansas
Severance, Mrs. Caroline M., Boston
Stanton, Mrs. E. Cady, Seneca Falls, N. Y.
Stone, Mrs. Lucy, Bloomfield, N. J.
Swisshelm, Mrs. Jane G., St. Cloud, Minn.
Wright, Mrs. Martha, Auburn, N. Y.
Weld, Mrs. Angelina, Perth Amboy, N. J.

Practicing Women Physicians

[The following list comprises all regularly graduated women physicians in this country, at present engaged in practice, whose location we have been able to ascertain.  Though incomplete, it affords most substantial evidence of Progress in the world.  The first medical degree conferred in the United States on a woman, was in 1849.  There are now over two hundred female M. D.’s in the country!

In our next ANNUAL we hope to correct all errors in this list, and also add the names of those omitted.  To this end we invite the correspondence of Women Physicians from all parts of the country.  Statistics of amount of practice, or any facts tending to afford additional evidence of woman’s capacity in this most inviting field of labor, will be gratefully received and appropriated.

The letters in parentheses refer to the system of practice—a, Allopathic; e, Eclectic; h, Hydropathic or Hygeopathic; ho, Homeopathic; r, Rational.]

Andrews, Miss Elizabeth (h), Meriden, Conn.
Arnold, H. A. (a), Wrentham, Mass.
Ashley, M. B. (e), Oswego, N. Y.
Austin, Harriet N. (h), Dansville, N. Y.
Avery, A. C. (a & h), Lebanon, N. Y.
Baker, Mary G. (a), Middleborough, Mass.
Barry, E. S. (ho), Cleveland, O.
Belden, E. N. (a), Lenox, Mass.
Birdsall, Miss Hannah (r), Philadelphia
Blackwell, E. and E. (a), 125 21st Av., New York
Breed, M. E. (a), Lynn, Mass.
Briggs, Mrs. S. E. L. S. (h), Union Grove, Ill.
Brooks, Miss Z. (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Brown, Caroline (e), Utica, N. Y.
Bryant, Mary (h), Sherburne, N. Y.
Burroughs, DeLavene (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Caldwell, Elizabeth (r), Philadelphia
Calvin, Miss Elizabeth (r), Philadelphia
Campbell, Mrs. L. S. (h), Le Claire, Iowa
Capen, S. R. (a), Sharon, Mass.
Chamberlin— (a), Portland, N. H.
Chappell, Mrs. Miriam (r), Camden, N. J.
Choate, E. L. (h), Auburn, N. Y.
Cleveland, Mrs. E. H. (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Cooke, Frances S. (a), Med. Col. Boston
Curtis, A. S. (a), Medford, Mass.
De La Vergne, Mrs. Eliza (h), Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dennett, Miss Maria J. (r), Philadelphia
Dimick, Ada, Cincinnati
Elson, Marianna (r), Philadelphia
Fairchild, M. Augusta (h), Dayton, O.
Field, Mrs. Hannah F. (h), Adrian, Mich.
Flanders, M. J. (ho), Concord, N. H.
Fletcher, Miss S. (a), 39 Elliott St., Boston
Fowler, Mrs. Lydia N. (e), New York
Fowler, Miss Almira B. (ho), Orange, N. J.
Fowler, Amanda B. (h), Oswego, N. Y.
Fussell, Mrs. R. L. (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Gatchell, Maria (ho), Cleveland, O.
Gleason, Mrs. R. B. (h), Elmira, N. Y.
Grannan, Miss M. A. (r), Philadelphia
Green, Miss Sarah (h), Clifton Springs, N. Y.
Grizzelle, Lizzie (a), Cleveland, O.
Gross, Mrs. M. M. (h), Yellow Springs, O.
Gross, Caroline (r), Philadelphia
Gully, Mrs. (h), Chicago, Ill.
Harmon, Ellen Beard (h), Aurora, Ill.
Harris, M. A. (a), No. Abingdon, Mass.
Harris, Miss Jane A. (h), Poweshiek, Iowa
Haskins, N. H. (a), 37 Pinckney St., Boston
Hasbrouck, Lycia S. (h), Middletown, N. Y.
Hawks, E. H. (a), Manchester, N. H.
Higgins, Miss Ellen (h), 15 Laight St., N. Y.
Homer, Mary A. B. (a), South Hadley, Mass.
Hunt, Harriot K. (a), Boston
Hurd, Mrs. E. M. (h), Sparta, N. J.
Hyde, Rhoda H. (h), Jersey City, N. J.
Inman, Anna (h), Clifton Springs, N. Y.
Jackson, Mercy B. (ho), 695 Washington St., Boston
Jenks, M. R. (a), Beach St., Boston
Johnson, E. A. (ho), Bridgewater, Conn.
Johnson, E. M. (h), Warsaw, N. Y.
Johnson, Mrs. Henrietta, Orange, N. J.
Kenyon, Sarah (h), Peoria, Ill.
Kerney, Sarah B. (h), Brookfield, O.
Kimball, Mrs. A. F. (h), Iowa City, Iowa
Koehler, Susannah C. (r), Philadelphia
Lines, Mrs. A W. (h), Williamsburg, N. Y.
Longshore, Mrs. H. E. (r), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Lord, Mrs. Laura A. (e), Gowanda, N. Y.
Marsden, Hannah (r), Philadelphia
McAndrews, Mrs. Helen (h), Ypsilanti, Mich.
McBride, Mrs. Annie (r), Philadelphia
Mellon, Ellen J. (r), Philadelphia
Morton, Helen (a & h), Plymouth, Mass.
Mowry, Martha B. (a), Delta, N. Y.
Myers, Miss Jane V. (r), Philadelphia
Nevins, Laura (h), Peoria, Ill.
Painter, Mrs. Esther, Camden, N. J.
Page, Mrs. Huldah (h), Augusta, Me.
Parker, L. F. (a), Walnut Place, Boston
Parsons, Sarah E. (a), Elmira, N. Y.
Pettengill, Mrs. Sarah B. (r), Philadelphia
Plews, Jane M., Bowmanville, Canada
Porter, Dolly A., Syracuse, N. Y.
Preston, Miss Anna (a), Med. Col. Philadelphia
Read, Mrs. Harris (e), St. Louis Army Hospital
Rose, Mrs. Mary (r), Philadelphia
Ruggles, Miss Annie M. (r), Philadelphia
Sala, Mrs. F. A. M. (h), Toolsborough, Iowa
Salisbury, S. W. (a), East Weymouth, Mass.
Sartain, Harriet Judd (ho), Med. Coll. Philadelphia
Scarlet, M. J., 912 Sergeant St., Philadelphia
Seeley, Mrs. D. (h), Cleveland, O.
Senter, Mahala, Columbus, O.
Sewall, Lucy E. (a), Melrose, Mass.
Sexton, Lucinda (h), Cleveland, O.
Shepherd, C. H. (h), 65 Col. St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Smith, Miss Susan A. (r), Philadelphia
Somerby, Elizabeth P. (a), Chelsea, Mass.
Speakman, R. T. (a), 126 2nd Ave., N. Y.
Stambach, Miss A. M. (r), Philadelphia
Stevens, Mrs. J. A. (h), Janesville, Wis.
Stone, Eliza L. (ho), Greenfield, Mass.
Stowell, Mrs. Mary, Buffalo, N. Y.
Sykes, Mary C. (h), Burton, O.
Taylor, E. (a), Pitcher, N. Y.
Thomas, Mary (e), Richmond, Ind.
Thurston, M. N. (a), San Francisco, Cal.
Tyrrell, Mrs. F. A. (e), La Porte, Ind.
Vaile, E. J. (a), West Kendall, N. Y.
Walbridge, Mrs. F. R. S. (h), Baraboo, Wis.
Walker, Mary E. (e), New York
Wallace, Lydia J. P. (h), Grove Farm, Ill.
Walcott, H. M. (a), Pleasant St., Boston
Warfield, S. E. (a), Holliston, Mass.
Warren, Mrs. L. W. (h), San Francisco, Cal.
Wetherby, Lamville (a), Morley, N. Y.
Williams, Rhoda Hyde (h), Aurora, Ill.
Willis Adeline M. (h), Marion, Ind.
Wilkinson, Caroline (h), W. Edmeston, N. Y.
Wood, Susan E. (h), New Market, Md.
Woodhull, Mary (h), Matamora, Mich.
Worthing, Helen B. (a), New Bedford, Mass.
Young, Mrs. S. H., San Francisco, Cal.
Zakrzewska, Marie E. (a), Med. Col. Boston

Practical Dress Reformers

[The following are known to have adopted and habitually worn the “American Costume,” or short-skirt Reform Dress.  There are other names which we shall be glad to add in future ANNUALS.]

Austin, Dr. Harriet N., Dansville, N. Y.
Borden, Miss Carrie E., Pompey, N. Y.
Bryant, Dr. Mary, Sherburne, N. Y.
Fowler, Susan P., Amesbury, Mass.
Fowler, Dr. Amelia B., Oswego, N. Y.
Harmon, Dr. Ellen Beard, Aurora, Ill.
Hasbrouck, Dr. Lydia S., Middletown, N. Y.
Jones, Mrs. M. M., 15 Laight St., New York
Read, Dr. Harris, St. Louis, Mo.
Sala, Mrs. F. A. M., Toolsboro, Iowa
Simmons, Mary Robbins, Dansville, N. Y.
Walker, Dr. M. E., 52 Morton St., New York
Williams, Mrs. Rhoda Hyde, Aurora, Ill.

More Women Physicians

The following names have been furnished us since the list on a preceding page was in type:

Borden, Miss C. E. (h), Pompey, N. Y.
Brown, M. B., 25 Channing St., Boston
Dolley, Mrs. Sarah R. (e), Rochester, N. Y.
Hoffman, Mrs. H. H. (h), Middleville, Mich.
Jones, Mrs. M. A. D. (h), Baltimore, Md.
McCarn, Sarah J., Spring Mills, N. Y.
Peterman, Mrs. A. L., Niles, Mich.
Porter, Mrs. (e), Dansville, Ill.
Rumsey, Miss Julia, Tiffin, O.
Young, Margaret (e), Williamsport, Pa.


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