The Spiritualist Register for 1859; Facts, Philosophy, Statistics of Spiritualism. U[riah] Clark, Editor and Proprietor.  Auburn, New York: U. Clark, Spiritual Clarion Office.

Individuals Responsible; General Register—Public Speakers; Mediums—Test, Healing, etc.; Spiritualists’ Homes; Spiritual Schools; Journals, Wholly or in Part Spiritualist.


Individuals Responsible.

Spiritualism teaches nothing contrary to reason.  It is responsible only for the fact of spirit intercourse.  It has no more to do with radicalism of any kind, than one man has with the thoughts or opinions of another—Why not make every ism, as well as Spiritualism, responsible, for every thought and practice of each professed member?  But the objector alleges, “They say spirits teach them thus and so.”  Yet when we come to inquire into the history of those called “free lovers,” those who believe in free lust, we shall find they were the same before they assumed their profession of Spiritualism.—Such persons attract spirits in sympathy with them, and the spirits draw out only what was in the individuals.  We are all free lovers in one sense; we cannot help loving the lovely.  But there is a class who wear the cloak of love only to conceal their sensualism.  We all attract spirits like ourselves, and they will teach only our own thoughts, if we desire; but if we seek higher and purer influences, we shall receive.  And in regard to whatever we receive, we need to use our own judgment.  As we are able to decide as to the food needful to sustain our physical system, so likewise in regard to that spiritual food we need to sustain the soul unto eternal life.


General Register.

The names of Speakers, Mediums, Journals and Books are given without criticism or endorsement.  The public must judge, and individuals be held responsible.  Spiritualism has no sectarian organization; all persons stand individually accountable.  This Register does not claim to be complete, though all possible efforts have been made by its Editor after an itinerancy through most of the Northern States, and a correspondence embracing the whole Union.  Hundreds of speakers and thousands of private mediums are not reported.  NORMAL, applies to speakers in the natural state, most of whom, however, speak under inspiration.  TRANCE, those who are sensibly influenced or controlled by spirits.  HEALING, etc., includes healing and clairvoyant mediums.

Public Speakers.

I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.—JESUS.
NEW YORK. New York City.—Normal, W. Fishbough, T. L. Harris, T. C. Benning, R. T. Hallock, J. R. Orton, J. B. Dods, C. Partridge, J. F. Coles, J. W. Edmonds, J. Tiffany, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Davis, Mrs. Eliza W. Farnham, Emma Hardinge, Mrs. Beebe Wilbour, R. P. Wilson, Ira B. Davis, R. K. Browne, A. C. Robinson.

Trance, New York City.—Cora Scott, Mrs. E. J. French, Mrs. J. F. Coles.

Normal.—Ira Hitchcock, Oneida; Mr. and Mrs. U. Clark, Auburn; H. K. Park, Baldwinsville; G. Weeden, Morris; A. E. Holbrook, Watertown; B. H. Davis, Poughkeepsie; A. G. Abbott, Hopkinton; A. M. Potter, Elmira; I. V. Mapes, Webb’s Mills; H. M. Stewart, Penn Yan; H. Slade, Saratoga; G. W. Taylor, North Collins; C. Hammond, G. B. Stebbins, Rochester; Mr. Plumb, Holly; H. W. Fish, Cortland; John Page, Elba; D. Lester, Mexico; Mrs. Frances Bond, Lockport; O. Abbott, Buffalo; J. Francis, Stockholm; Miss Amelia J. Dods, Brooklyn; O. B. Scott, Woodville; C. H. Baldwin, Napoli; A. Hogeboom, Mr. Hazard, Erieville; M. Wright, Victor; John Ganswyk, Syracuse; M. Sheldon, Delphi.

Trance.—J. O. Ransom, Smyrna; Mrs. J. Crowley, Victory; Mrs. Palmer, Big Flats; J. W. Seaver, Mr. Walker, Byron Center; Mrs. Edgeworth, Rochester; S. Cooper, Mrs. L. L. Griffen, Warsaw; G. M. Jackson, H. A. Johnson, Prattsburg; L. R. Lombard, Phebe J. Howland, Mrs. Clark, West Walworth; Mrs. F. O. Hyzer, Mrs. C. A. Hazen, Waterford; H. Stoddard, Watertown; Mrs. L. A. Bulfinch, Mrs. H. Leiber, Spafford; A. Barbor, Scott; S. P. Hamlin, O. Curtis, Solsville; Mrs. Tuksbury, Mount Morris; Mary Jane King, Auburn; L. B. Hyatt, Mrs. H. Goodrich, Ithaca; Dwight Broadrick, Little Falls; Mrs. E. Woolsen, North Scriba; R. G. Livingston, Genoa; Miss E. Lowe, Leon; Mrs. H. M. Miller, Dunkirk; Mrs. P. Chappel, Phoenix; H. Northrop, Georgetown.

MASSACHUSETTS.—Normal.—A. E. Newton, L. B. Monroe, John Pierpont, John Hobart, H. F. Gardner, Boston; D. F. Godard, Chelsea; Allen Putnam, A. B. Child, Roxbury; R. Elmer, Springfield; T. W. Higginson, Worcester; J. J. Locke, South Reading; Geo. Stearns, West Acton; D. J. Mandell, Athol; H. Barber, Warwick; L. C. Welch, Stoughton, E. S. Wheeler, E. M. Wheelock, A. B. Newcomb, C. C. Williams, address unknown.

Trance.—T. G. Foster, Mr. Squires, Miss R. F. Amedy, Miss E. Smith, L. K. Coonley, L. Moody, Mrs. Sawyer, Miss Emma Houston, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Young, Miss M. Munson, Miss M. E. Brown, Miss Sarah A. Magoun, Boston; Miss L. A. Jewett, Springfield; C. H. Crowell, Cambridgeport; Mrs. J. W. Currier, Lowell; Miss Vesta J. Burrell, Randolph; H. P. Fairfield, William A. Hume, Wilbraham; N. S. Greenleaf, Haverhill; Mrs. J. Puffer, North Hanson; G. Goward, Stoughton; Almira Pease, South Wilbraham; Miss Whipple, Mrs. Nickenson, Worcester; George Atkins, Webster; C. H. Potter, South Adams; Miss S. M. Johnson, Medford; W. W. Perry, North Bridgwater; Mrs. F. B. Felton, Northampton; Mrs. L. Johnson, Mrs. Barber, Mrs. J. Baker, Dudley; George Hitchcock, George Upham, Brimfield; Mrs. C. F. Works, C. C. York, W. H. Porter, O. H. Williams, S. Upham, J. H. Harris, H. A. Tucker, George W. Williams, S. Upham, J. H. Harris, H. A. Tucker, George W. Keene, J. H. Currier, addresses not reported; E. V. Wilson, Miss Doten, Boston; H. A. Tucker, Foxboro.

VERMONT.—Normal.—T. Middleton, A. E. Simmons, Mrs. Hull, Woodstock; H. Elkins, unknown.

Trance.—Miss A. W. Sprague, Plymouth; Mrs. M. S. Townsend, H. N. Ballard, Burlington; Mrs. S. A. Horton, Sudbury; Miss Laird, Leicester; Mrs. A. B. Manchester, West Randolph; Mrs. M. F. Brown, Mrs. Cook, Rutland; Mrs. M. H. Brown, South Royalton; J. Rodgers, Pittsfield; Mrs. Electa B. Bemis, Dummerston; Miss S. Bradley, Dover; Mrs. E. Pratt, West Braintree; Mrs. Wilber, Williston; Helen Temple, Bennington Center; Mrs. A. P. Tompson, West Brookfield.

NEW HAMPSHIRE.—Normal.—Mr. Elliot, Franklin; J. P. Boody, Alton.

Trance.—W. Brown, Drewsville; Mrs. Danforth, Misses Hollis, White, Houstin, Mrs. J. B. Smith, Manchester; J. H. Randall, Winchester; J. L. D. Otis.

MAINE.—Normal.—Jabez C. Woodman, Portland; Gibson Smith, unknown.

Trance.—H. G. Cole, Portland; Miss E. E. Gibson, unknown; H. Cutler, Belfast; G. B. Hopkins, Elsworth; Mary Moran, Hallowell.

RHODE ISLAND.—Trance.—Mrs. Mary A. Macomber, Olneyville.

CONNECTICUT.—Normal.—H. B. Storer, New Haven.

Trance.—Mrs. A. M. Henderson, Newtown; G. M. Rice, Williamsville; S. Miller, Levi Kinney, Thompson; Mrs. H. Puffer, Hartford; Miss Howe, Windsor; Mrs. J. S. Miller, New Haven; J. Pettis, Putnam; Mrs. Wood, Daysville; Mrs. H. M. Tuttle, Willimantic.

NEW JERSEY.—Normal.—S. B. Brittan, G. C. Stewart, William Miller, Newark.

PENNSYLVANIA.—Normal.—Mr. Rhen, Dr. Harvey, and others not reported, Philadelphia; A. M. Townshend, New Brighton; B. Davis, Rockton; Harvey De Wolf, Northeast; Jerome Fuller, Cornelia Kinney, Spartansburg.

OHIO.—Normal.—O. L. Sutliff, Mansfield; William Hueston, Perrysburg; J. S. Finny, Amherst; Hudson Tuttle, Berlin Heights; F. Gale, Columbus; H. F. M. Brown, J. H. W. Toohey, Cleveland; L. E. Barnard, Mrs. Robertson, Dr. Morrison, Akron; Almon Gage, Hamilton; B. P. Barnum, Rochester; S. P. Leland, unknown; Mrs. Kellenberger and Matthias, Chillicothe.

Trance.—V. C. Hunt, Madison; Mrs. Warner, Milan; A. B. French, Farmington; O. P. Kellogg, Newton Falls; Mr. and Mrs. A. Parker, Selma; Mrs. Whipple, Starkie; Dr. J. Cooper, Bellefontaine; H. C. Clark, Auburn; Mrs. Carter, Pittsfield; G. Pond, Mrs. M. Sargent, Marion; L. Harris, M. Vincent, M. Scott, Berkshire; W. H. Crittenden, Grafton; G. E. Walcutt, B. W. Freeman, William Robertson, Columbus; Dr. Mason, Maumee City; Mrs. L. Baker, Painesville; J. B. Campbell, Mary Amphlet, Mary Thomas, Anna M. Carver, Cincinnati; Lovell Beebe, North Ridgeville; Miss Bartlett, Green Springs; M. Gray, Mrs. M. Smith, Harmony; Mary Hause, Mary Van Syckle, S. Van Syckle, Mrs. H. Williams, Marengo; J. B. Thomas, Miss Southwick, not known.

MICHIGAN.—Normal.—Warren Chase, S. C. Hewitt, G. W. Nichols, A. P. Averill, J. M. Peebles, Battle Creek; Elder Farley, Locke Station; H. Foster, Mendon; H. S. Dille, Three Rivers; Mrs. M. J. Kutz, Ionia; F. L. H. Willis, Coldwater.

Trance.—A. B. Whiting, Brooklyn; J. S. Brown, Mrs. Eastman, Albion; C. L. Colvin, Pontiac; Mary E. Avery, Bellevue; Maria C. Pease, Adrian; E. Woodworth, Lesley; William Orr, Monroe City; Mr. and Mrs. Bates, Coldwater; T. H. Graham, Mrs. Camp, Dover; George Shaffer, Cambridge; C. Wykoff, Sarah J. Hallenback, Ypsilanti; Mrs. D. Chadwick, Lindon.

ILLINOIS.—Normal.—R. O. Old, Mr. Trusdell, Elgin; J. C. Smith, Judge Boardman, Ira Porter, Waukegan; H. Snow, Rockford; J. D. Gage, unknown; O. J. Mullen, W. Hammond, Wayne Station; Samuel Clark, Beaverton; Libbie Higgins, H. H. Tator, Chicago.

Trance.—Mrs. Amanda M. Britt, J. P. Greenleaf, Lasalle; Mrs. H. E. Clafton, Dundee; S. Park, Poplar Grove; Isabella Scougall, Miss Hulett, Rockford; Mrs. Abbey Warner Smith, unknown; Mrs. A. L. Streeter, Momence.

WISCONSIN.—Normal.—N. P. Tallmadge, Fon du Lac; C. P. Stanfield, unknown; E. S. Wheelock, Rome.

Trance.—A. J. Clarke, Milwaukee, Miss Laura De Force, Lacrosse; N. F. White, Beloit.

INDIANA.—W. A. Peffer, J. Merrifield, Mishawaka; Elder Fish, Goshen; M. F. Shuey, Elkhart; E. B. Loudon, A. P. Bowman, Angola; S. Niles, Mrs. E. L. Tallmadge, Laporte; A. G. Parker, L. Anderson, unknown.

MARYLAND.—Normal.—W. N. Laning, Baltimore.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.—Normal.—Dr. Cragin, Georgetown.

TENNESSEE.—Normal.—J. B. Ferguson.

KANSAS.—Trance.—Mrs. E. C. Peck, Doniphan.

IOWA.—Dr. N. Adams, Miss Oliver.

MINNESOTA.—D. B. Thayer.

SOUTH CAROLINA.—Normal.—Joel M. Clayton, Walhalla.

GEORGIA.—L. F. W. Andrews, Macon.

TRAVELLING.—R. P. Ambler, L. J. Pardee, John Mayhew, J. S. Loveland, Mrs. Van Dusen, Mr. and Mrs. Morell, F. L. Farnsworth, J. M. Holland, J. B. Lewis, A. P. Pierce, Leo Miller, Mrs. Frankenstein, Mrs. A. E. Kingsbury, Mrs. C. M. Hawley, Mrs. Ostrander, Mrs. Frances E. Hyer, Mrs. D. C. French, P. B. Randolph.

Reports unavoidably incomplete from every part of the country.

Mediums—Test, Healing, Etc.

There are diversities of gifts and operations.—PAUL.
NEW YORK.—New York City.—Raps, etc.—Ada L. Coan, Ann L. Brown, Katy Fox, Miss Smith, Mrs. Banker, Mrs. Beck.

Test.—Mrs. Kellogg, G. A. and A. N. Redman, J. B. Conklin, Miss Cole, Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Morris, Munson’s Circle room, 5 Great James st.

Healing, etc.—Mrs. French, Mrs. Tower, Mrs. Gourlay, Mrs. Bradley, W. C. Hussey, Mrs. Norris, Mrs. Reed, John Scott, Mrs. Mitchell, Mary Towne, Julia Lounsbury, Mrs. Leon, Mrs. Lines, N. Wheeler, Mrs. Chapin, Mrs. Rodgers, R. P. Wilson, W. O. Page.

Healing, etc.—I. G. Atwood, Saratoga; N. W. Bruce, Lockport; A. G. Fellows, Albion; A. B. Smith, Rondout; Mrs. Gay, Canastota; Mrs. Goodrich; Ithaca; Dr. Swan, Richville; H. M. Dunbar, Penn Yan; Mrs. Susan Corwin, Dr. Price, Mrs. Barnes, Syracuse; I. D. Sealey, Milford; J. B. Hartwell, Smyrna; C. S. Johnson, Mrs. White, A. B. Graves, Nelson; Dr. Kenyon, Albany; J. Beagle, Niles; W. Livingston, A. Stoddard, Poughkeepsie; John Bently, Oriskany Falls; O. Sisson, Georgetown; A. M. Convis, Bridgewater; Mrs. Loomis, Willowvale; Mrs. Griffin, Elba; T. B. Edgerton, Jamesville; Dr. P. P. King, King’s Ferry; Mr. Long, Corfu; J. J. Denslow, H. Merrill, A. C. English, Batavia; Mrs. S. Chamberlain, Le Roy; Mrs. Tuttle, Byron; Mr. and Mrs. Swain, Buffalo.

Test tipping.—Mrs. J. R. Robertson, Syracuse.

Writing, etc.—Sarah E. Griswold, Batavia; Mrs. Phillips, Phoenix.

Physical Manifestations.—Sarah Brooks, the Davenports, Buffalo.

MASSACHUSETTS.—Boston.—Mrs. W. R. Hayden, Mrs. Bean, Mrs. Covert.

Test Trance.—Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Conant.

Healing.—Charles Main, W. F. Osburn, Mrs. C. L. Newton, W. E. Rice, H. C. Gordon, Mrs. Kemlo, J. W. Greenwood, Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. L. B. Smith, N. C. Lewis, A. B. Newcomb, Mrs. Phelps, Mr. York, H. B. Atwood, Mrs. Richards, Mrs. and Miss Waterman.  Answering sealed letters.—J. V. Mansfield.

Painting.—Mrs. Kendall, Mr. Wolcott.

Healing.—J. A. Bassett, William Holland, Salem; Mrs. Pratt, Malden; Mrs. Young, Charlestown; Mrs. Dexter, Ware; Mrs. Sidney, Fitchburg; Mrs. Nightengale, West Randolph; Mrs. G. W. Walker, Lowell; G. Atkins, D. R. Stockwell, Webster; S. W. Gleason, East Boston; Mrs. Amsden, Barre; Mrs. Barber, Dudley; J. Jamison, Oxford.

Test.—C. H. Foster, Salem.  Rapping.—Mrs. John and Healy, Dudley.

Physical.—S. Fish, Miss Ide, Webster.  Writing.—Miss S. Ide, Webster; Mrs. Barber, Dudley; Mrs. Prouty, Brimfield; Mrs. Hall, Warren.  Trance.—G. Upham, G. Hitchcock, Brimfield; Mrs. Cheeney, Athol.

CONNECTICUT.—Healing, etc.—Mrs. J. R. Mettler, D. Norton, John R. Reade, Mrs. S. F. Perkins, Hartford; Calvin Hall, Somers; A. C. Stiles, Bridgeport; Emeline R. Merritt, Windsor; Mrs. Wood, Daysville.  Trance.—L. Kinney, S. Miller, Mrs. Guile, Tompson.  Raps.—Miss F. Jordan, New Boston.  Writing.—Sarah Dearth, Tompson; Mrs. Pettis, Putnam.

MAINE.—Mrs. Slite, test and healing, Portland.

NEW HAMPSHIRE.—Healing, etc.—Dr. Burt, Walpole; C. Ramsdell, Nashua; Mr. Bond, Lebanon; Mrs. Danforth, H. C. Coburn, Manchester.

VERMONT.—Healing, etc.—Mrs. Hall, Woodstock; I. M. Hold, Bridgwater; Lucy Cook, Montpelier; Mrs. Whitmore, Reading; Mrs. Cady, West Windsor; Mrs. Cunningham, Gaysville; J. Eastbrook, Troy.

Arm-imprints.—Miss Coggswell, Middlebury.

Writing.—Miss M. Leavens, Berkshire.

Tongues.—Mr. Davis, Barnard.

NEW JERSEY.—Healing, etc.—Mrs. C. E. Dorman, Newark; Mrs. Tufts, Jersey City; Mrs. L. L. Platt, New Brunswick.

PENNSYLVANIA.—Healing, etc.—T. S. Chase, Mrs. J. S. Johnson, and others not reported, Philadelphia; Mrs. Ward, Carbondale; Mrs. Woodard, Fleet, Scott, near Carbondale.

OHIO.—Dr. J. Cooper, Bellefontaine; G. C. Eaton, Mrs. L. Tucker, Cleveland; J. E. Morrison, Akron; Mrs. M. Barrett, Geneva; Mary Phillips, Conneaut; J. Justice, Fremont; Mrs. M. Tuttle, Clyde; W. H. Brown, Gainsville; Mrs. Shakespeare, Newton Falls; J. S. King, Ravenna; E. M. Cook, Mansfield; Mrs. E. Garner, Cardington; Mrs. K. Smith, Marion; John Walters, J. W. Reed, Chillicothe.

Painting.—E. Rodgers, Cardington; G. E. Walcutt, Columbus; A. H. Lind, Elyria; J. Cooper, Bellefontaine.

Improvising.—Miss Burdick, Clyde.

Test.—B. Barker, Columbus; Mr. and Mrs. Williams, Bellvue.

Physical.—Mrs. Earle, Newton Falls; Smith’s Spirit Rooms, Cardington; Van Sickle’s Spirit Rooms, Berkshire.

MICHIGAN.—Healing.—Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Irish, Ann Arbor; N. Clark, Hudson; A. Chase, Cannonsburg; G. Bansell, Moscow; W. W. Curtis, R. G. Spaulding, J. C. Murch, Jonesville; Mrs. Fowler, Mr. Mosher, Mosherville; Mrs. P. M. Price, Battle Creek.

Trance.—Mr. and Miss J. S. Tuttle, Detroit; Mrs. Scott, Palmyra.

INDIANA.—Physical.—John Haslam, Mishawaka; Mr. Collins, South Bend.

Healing.—Mrs. F. M. Shuey, Elkhart.

Trance.—Mrs. W. W. Bement, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. E. Carr, Mishawaka; Mrs. Webster, South Bend; G. H. and A. B. Stockham, Lafayette; Cathcart’s Spirit Rooms, Laporte; A. F. Talmadge, healing, ditto.

ILLINOIS.—Healing.—J. H. Mendenhall, J. J. Richard, Peoria; Mrs. A. Swift, Aurora; Mrs. E. M. Marvin, Belvidere; Mrs. N. Ladd, Rockford; M. A. Severance, Mrs. E. Vesper, Dixon; Emma E. Pitcher, Chicago.

Painting.—W. Anderson, La Salle.

WISCONSIN.—Healing.—Mrs. Palmeter, Racine; Mrs. P. Bachelor, Oshkosh; Mrs. A. C. Giltner, Waupum; Mrs. Ferguson, Monroe.

Raps.—N. F. White, Beloit.

Trance.—Mrs. Walter Hyde, Pierceville.

MISSOURI.—Raps.—Sarah J. Irish, St. Louis.

IOWA.—Healing.—I. Tompson, Richmond.

MINNESOTA.—Dr. Woodworth, Lake City.

CANADA WEST.—Healing, etc.—C. B. Tompson, St. Catherines.

[Reports necessarily imperfect from all sections.]

Spiritualist Homes.

Boston—Fountain House, corner of Beach and Harrison streets.

New York City—Mr. and Mrs. Levy’s, 231 West Twenty-Fifth Street.

Syracuse, N. Y.—Mrs. N. Beers.

Detroit, Michigan—Stone’s Larnard House.

Spiritual Schools.

Dr. O. H. Wellington’s Jamestown Institute, Jamestown, Chautauqua Co., N. Y.

J. F. Walker’s School, Glens Falls, N. Y.

Harmonial School, Harmonia, Michigan.

Journals, Wholly or in Part Spiritualist.

WEEKLIES.—THE SPIRITUAL CLARION—Mr. and Mrs. U. Clark, Editors; Miss Mary Jane King, Assistant, Auburn, N. Y.  Eight pages quarto.  One dollar a volume of fifty-two numbers.  Published during the financial crisis only every other week.

SPIRITUAL TELEGRAPH—Charles Partridge, Editor and proprietor, 125 Maiden Lane, New York.  Two dollars.

SPIRITUAL AGE—A. E. Newton, S. B. Brittan, L. B. Monroe, Editors.  14 Bromfield St., Boston.  Two dollars.

BANNER OF LIGHT—Colby, Forster, & Co., 17 Washington Street, Boston.  Partly literary.  Two dollars.

THE SUNBEAM—C. D. Griswold, Editor.  Buffalo, N. Y.  One dollar.

THE VANGUARD—A. Cridge and Anne Denton Cridge, Cleveland, Ohio.  Reform.  One dollar.

SEMI-MONTHLY.—PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN—Adin Ballou, Hopedale, Mass. Partly spiritual.  One dollar.

CHRISTIAN SPRITUALIST—L. F. W. Andrews, Macon, Georgia.  One dollar and fifty cents.

THE AGITATOR—Mrs. H. F. M. Brown, Cleveland, O.  Radical.  One dollar.

MONTHLIES.—TIFFANY’S MONTHLY—Joel Tiffany, 6 Fourth Avenue, New York.  Two dollars.

THE PRINCIPLE—Devoted to Mental Freedom; J. B. Conklin & Co., 469 Broadway, N. Y.  Fifty cents.

HERALD OF LIGHT, of the Lord’s New Church—T. L. Harris, 447 Broome Street, New York.  One dollar and fifty cents.

THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER—M. Munson, Geneseo, Illinois.  Gratuitous.


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