Spiritual Telegraph (New York), July 14 and August 11

Paid notices of mediums, spirit circles, and healers; agents for the Spiritual Telegraph newspaper


Mrs. Lorin L. Platt
Clairvoyant Physician,
762 Broadway, New York.

Examination $2.00
Examination and Prescription  $3.00
Examination and Prescription by Hair or Signature $5.00
168 Psychometric Readings $1.00

Spiritual Manifestations.

Miss A. Seabring, Tipping, Rapping, Writing, Seeing Personating and Speaking Medium, 571 Broadway, 1st floor, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, N. Y.  Miss S., assisted by another lady, will hold Test Circles daily at 10 A. M. to 12, 2 to 5, and 7 to 9 P.M., except on Monday afternoons, and Tuesday and Friday evenings, when the same parties will hold circles for the development of mediums.

Spiritual Mediumship.

C. Hughes, Medium for Test Personations, by which the actual presence of the departed can be realized.  Examinations and Prescriptions for Diseases, Relieving and Healing by Laying on of Hands, almost instantaneously.  Also Developing Mediums may be seen at his office, No. 236 Grand street, corner of Bowery, New York.
Circles for Development meet on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 7 ½ o’clock.

Mrs. E. Sparks.
Healing Medium,

By Manipulations, Nature’s Restorant.  No. 339 Fourth Avenue, near East 25th-st.  Hours from 10 to 4.

Dr. Charles Ramsdell,

Clairvoyant, Writing and Psychometric Medium, Nashua, New Hampshire, will give examinations of Disease and Prescriptions by having the name and location of the person sent to him.  Also readings of character, by having the name in the handwriting of the individual.  Price One Dollar Each.

Mrs. Jennie E. Kellogg,
Spirit Medium.

Rooms, No. 625 Broadway, New York.
Mrs. Kellogg will hold circles for Spiritual Intercourse daily, from 9 to 12 A. M., 2 to 5, and from 7 to 9 P.M.  No sittings on Sundays, nor after 12 on Wednesdays.

Uriah Clark,
Seer, Psychographer, and Lecturer.

Thorough Delineations of the Spiritual, Physical, etc., Nature, Conditions, and Wants, with advice, $5 to persons present; $10 in advance to persons sending by mail; refunded in case of failure.  Lectures, on terms as may be agreed on, according to place, etc.  Classes for Spiritual Development, $10.  Residence, 354 Fifth-street, next to the corner of North Seventh, Williamsburg, New York.

Behold! The Sick Are Healed.

Mrs. S. B. Johnson, of Bangor, Me., Psychical Physician and Medium, would respectfully offer her services—assisted by her husband—to the diseased, particularly those with Cancerous afflictions, and such diseases generally as have baffled the skill of the “faculty.”

Examinations of persons at a distance will be promptly attended to on the receipt of $5.00 and a lock of hair, or other relic, with name and the residence of the patient.  Rooms No. 5 Morgan-street, between Race and Vine.  Address, S. B. Johnson, Box 1703, Philadelphia, Pa.

J. G. Atwood

Would state that he continues to apply his wonderful Healing Powers as a Medium, for the benefit of the sick and afflicted, and that his healing powers increase every day.  Hundreds have experienced his healing influence in all manner of diseases, and nine out of ten will testify to a speedy relief or cure, and many of them have been pronounced incurable by those claiming to be scientific.  Being an impressible medium, he is, with the aid of Mrs. A (who is a superior clairvoyant and test medium), able to make very accurate examinations of diseased persons, giving the nature, cause and tendency of their disease, and direction for the same.  He uses no medicines, unless desired, and then a special clairvoyant prescription is made.  A candid investigation by the intelligent will convince the most skeptical.

Charges for his services are always reasonable, and those without means receive his kindest attention.  Examinations or proscriptions made on application, by letter or otherwise—age, name and residence being given.  Fee from $2 to $5.

Rumors that he extorted of a widow twenty dollars, and lost thereby his powers, are without foundation.  He never charged or received two dollars of any widow, or lost any healing power.

Suitable accommodations for patients from abroad on reasonable terms; and whenever convenient, he will visit patients at a distance.  Letters of inquiry containing Post-office stamps promptly answered.

Lockport, N. Y., July 28, 1855.

A Healing Medium,

And a highly developed Clairvoyant, desire to locate in some pleasant country town, where an interest has been already awakened in the Spiritual Manifestations.  Any person who may know of a desirable location, will confer a favor by addressing a few lines to T. Starr, 221 Arch-street, Philadelphia.

To the Afflicted.

The astonishing cures that have been performed by Mrs. Mettler’s Medicine, of Hartford, Ct., and those of Mrs. French, of Pittsburg, Pa., when all other remedies have failed, and the patients give up by their respective physicians as hopeless, are attested by thousands upon thousands, to whom relief has been afforded.  Both these ladies are Clairvoyants, and while in that state the Medicines are prepared.  The various ingredients of which their Medicines are composed, are all from the Vegetable Kingdom.  It is but faint praise to say that of all the numerous specifics that have been prepared for all the diseases that the human system is subject to, none have been so universally successful as the Medicines prepared by these two ladies.

Sold by Samuel Barry, sole agent, Periodical Book-store, No. 221 Arch-street, Philadelphia, where are sold all the Spiritual productions that are published, including Gov. Tallmadge and Linton’s book—“The Healing of the Nations.”

Our Foreign Agents.


London—H. Bailliere, 219 Regent-street
Low, Son & Co., 47 Ludgate Hill
John Chapman, Strand.


Paris—J. B. Bailliere, 19 Rue  Hautefeulle


Madrid—Ch. Bailly-Bailliere, 11 Calle del Principe.

General Agents for the United States.

The following are General Agents for the Sacred Circle and Spiritual Telegraph, and will supply all the books in our list at publishers’ princes:

Bela Marsh, No. 13 Franklin-street, Boston, Mass.
D. M. Dewey, Rochester, N. Y.
A. P. Chapman, 414 Broadway, Albany, N. Y.
S. F. Hoyt, No. 3 First-street, Troy, N. Y.
J. H. Allen, Auburn, N. Y.
F. Bey, Cincinnati, Ohio.
James M. Lyon, 46 College-street, Nashville, Tenn.
Samuel Barry, 221 Arch-street, above Sixth, Philadelphia
Federhern & Co., 9 and 13 Court-street, Boston
H. Taylor, Sun Iron Building, 111 Baltimore-street, Baltimore, Md.
E. V. Wilson, Toronto, C. W.
William M. Laning, Baltimore, Maryland
Traveling Agent, Isaac T. Pease, of Thompsonville, Conn.
Other Agents and book dealers will be supplied promptly.  The cash should accompany the order.


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