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Periodical: The Zion Banner

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Zion Banner, The.
A Weekly Semi-Secular Paper devoted to the Extension of the Kingdom of God and the Elevation of Man / Official Organ of the City of Zion.
Thou Hast Given a Banner to Them that Fear Thee, That it may be displayed because of the Truth
1901--1906? Weekly, semi-weekly (Tuesday and Friday)
Zion City, IL. Publisher: Zion Printing and Publishing House ("Stirring Truths for Wide-Awake Christians"). Editor: Rev. John Alexander Dowie, editor and publisher, General Overseer of the Christian Catholic Church in Zion.
Succeeds: Jehovah Rophi (Melbourne); Leaves of Healing: A Monthly Australasian Magazine for the Promotion of Healing and Holiness through Faith in Jesus (Christchurch, N.Z.) Succeeded by: Published contemporaneously with Leaves of Healing (Chicago); Bl├Ątter der Heilung; A Voice from Zion; Leaves of Healing
1/1, May 22,1901. 8-32 pp., $1.50-$2.00 a year.

On Dowie, see the notes under Leaves of Healing. His introductory greetings in the first issue said that his "aim will be to help all men everywhere by leading them to see that the Solution of every Difficulty, and the Removal of every Misery, common to humanity, is to be found in God alone. I shall not seek to please men. . . . Keenly alive to the needs of our times--the Times of the Restoration of all Things-- The Zion Banner will seek to lead the people back to God, to truth, to purity, to happiness in Time and in Eternity." The journal, unlike the others being published at the same time by Dowie, concentrated its efforts on matters like "The Week in Congress," "News of Zion City," and "News of the Week" -- all mostly directed to the wonders of Zion's various enterprises -- with various progressivist articles on sanitation, the "Beef Trust Bill," and the like. The journal carried a great number of advertisements, and prominently featured "Some Reasons Why You Should Purchase Zion's Securities" (stock in Zion City Bank, Zion Lace Industries, Zion City General Stores, Zion City Lumber Association, Zion Sugar and Confection Association, Zion City Power, Plumbing, Lighting and Heating Association, Zion City Fresh Food Supply, etc., etc.) -- all of which enterprises later played a role in Dowie's ouster and legal problems.

Issues:Zion Banner V1 N18 Sep 18 1901
Zion Banner V1 N1 May 22 1901
Zion Banner V1 N31 Dec 18 1901
Zion Banner V1 N3 Jun 5 1901
Zion Banner V4 N12 Jun 26 1903
Zion Banner V4 N13 Jun 30 1903

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