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Periodical: The Zetetic

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Zetetic, The.
A Monthly Journal of Cosmographical Science. He who resolves to be just and yet will hear only one side, will be unjust in spite of his resolution. — Locke
1872–1873 Monthly
Stafford, England. Editor: B. Charles Brough, Samuel Rowbotham co-editor and then editor.

1/1, July 1872-October-November 1873. One halfpenny an issue, 8 pp.

The title of the journal means a skeptic, or a person who proceeds by investigation and experiment -- in this case with regard to inquiries about the supposed curvature of the earth. This was a product of the wager in 1870 between Alfred Russel Wallace and a believer in the flat-earth hypothesis, John Hampden, over whether theodolites placed over a six-mile stretch of the Old Bedford Canal in Cambridgeshire would show the curvature of the earth. Both sides claimed victory, although the referee ruled that the experiment showed the convexity of the canal. Brough used the journal to rehash the debate and to try to convince Wallace to re-do the bet, double or nothing. Wallace agreed but nothing came of it.

Issues:Zetetic N1 July 1872

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