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Periodical: Zeitschrift fur Spiritismus

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Zeitschrift fur Spiritismus und verwandte Gebiete.
Ohne Liebe kein Heil! Nutzen vom Spiritualismus hat nur der, von dem man sagen kann: Er ist heute ein besserer Mensch als gestern war
Other titles: Zeitschrift fur Spiritismus, Somnambulismus, Magnetismus, Spiritualismus und verwandte Gebiete
1897--1918 Weekly
Cologne, Leipzig, and then Berlin, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: Oswald Mutze. Editor: Fritz Feilgenhauer.
Succeeds: Neue spiritualistische Blätter (absorbed 1899); Graphologische Praxis fur d. Mitglieder d. Deutschen Graphologischen Gesellschaf (Munich) Succeeded by: Zeitschrift fur Seelenleben und verwandte Gebiete
Corporate author: Offizielles Organ des Deutschen Spiritisten Vereins / Zentralverbandes deutscher Spiritisten und Spiritualisten
1/1, January 2, 1897-19/21-22, May 29, 1915.

The journal was restarted after being suspended for a time during World War I and ceased with vol. 22 in 1918. 6 Marks a year, 8 pp, in two columns; half page of advertisements. Includes as a supplement Nachrichten fur die Mitglieder der Deutschen Graphologischen Gesellschaft. In 1899 the title was changed to include somnambulism and magnetism, and in June, 1915, changed again, this time to the simpler Zeitschrift fur Seelenleben, but the alteration availed little since that journal folded its doors on Christmas 1915. Feilgenhauer was the founder of the Gesellschaft fur wissenschaftliche Psychologie and of the Spiritistische Vereinigung "Psyche" in Cologne. The journal divided its contents into scientific papers; spiritualism, Theosophy, etc.; seances and experiments; mediums' communications; psychical research; clippings from the press; etc., and also published articles by many of the leading psychical researchers of the time. The issue for November 11, 1905, has a lengthy letter from the aged G. von Langsdorff telling of being lured to travel from Germany to the Grail-Order Colony being organized by Parsival Braun on the White River in northern Arkansas (the site of other fraudulent enterprises) and his disillusionment: “Dr. phil. P. Braun und seine Gral-Orden-kolonie als grosster Schindel entlarvt.” osterreichischer Bibliothekenverbund; Emory University; Harvard University; University of Minnesota; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek; ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psycho; Munchen BSB; Augsburg UB; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Wolfenbuttel HAugB; Detmold LB; Leipzig DNB; Leipzig UB.

Issues:Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V1 1897 Index
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V3 N4 1899 Jan 28
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V3 N22 1899 Jun 3
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V5 N18 1901 May 4
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V9 N19 1905 May 13
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V9 N23 1905 Jun 10
Zeitschrift Fur Spiritismus V9 N45 1905 Nov 11

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