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Periodical: Zadkiel's Magazine

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Zadkiel's Magazine.
Or, Record and Review of Astrology, Phrenology, Mesmerism, and other Sciences.
O magna vis veritatis!
London, England. Publisher: Hall & Co.
1/1-1/2, January and February 1849 (apparently all published). 32 pp., 6 d./copy.

Conducted by Capt. Richard James Morrison, as "Zadkiel." The journal in its first issue promised "the fair investigation of the Truths of Natural Philosophy, more especially with reference to the furtherance of the sciences named in our title," and to "shoot folly as it flies," but its real purpose was the upholding of the doctrines of astrology. Articles on the origins, history and bright prospects of astrology, on astro-meteorology and on mesmerism in India (from the Zoist), translations from Cardan, as well as spirited rejoinders to the wrong-headed editors of the current newspapers. The journal seems to have intended to include contributions by authors other than Morrison but carried only a single article by Clara Seyton on the drama and her translation of a story from Dumas. There must be a story there, but it is unrecoverable. Listed in F. Leigh Gardner, Bibliotheca Astroligica, 121. Bodleian Library; BL.

Issues:Zadkiel's Magazine V1 N1 January 1849
Zadkiel's Magazine V1 N2 February 1849

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