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Periodical: Mind

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Yours Fraternally.
Official Quarterly Publication of the Spiritualist Federation.
1953 Quarterly, three issues a year
Harrow, Middlesex, and then London, England.
Language: English, French.
Corporate author: Official Newsletter of the International Spiritualist Federation / Federation Spirite Internationale
1/1, 1948(?)-current (online).

This is the organ of the International Spiritualist Federation / Federation Spirite Internationale, organized in Liege, Belgium in 1923, under the impetus of Jean Meyer, the editor of Revue Spirite, and revived after WWII. The initial statement of purposes of the federation proclaimed:

The delegates representing the countries named above, and accepting the present statutes, have established a Union taking the title of “The International Spiritualists' Federation.” (Federation Spirite Internationale). The office of this Federation will be established at Paris. The aim of the Federation is: (a) The creation and maintenance of fraternal bonds among Spiritualists the wide world over, without distinction of race, language or nationality, (b) The common study of Spiritualism with the sciences pertaining thereto, whether scientific, philosophic, moral or religious. (c) The promotion of these studies and the diffusion of the relative facts of psychic science, and the practice of that solidarity which is the moral base of Spiritualism.

Arthur Conan Doyle was the President d'Honneur, and the famous M. Le Clement de Saint Marcq was the General Secretary. The journal was devoted to the encouragement of international fraternalism and to reporting on the congresses held under the group's auspices. NYPL has no. 17 (spring 1954), NSAC, Lily Dale, has 1998, the NSAC has 1953-1998; BL.

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