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Periodical: Wynn's Astrology

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Wynn's Astrology Magazine.
Re-establishing the inherent dignity of Astrology, the philosophical-science that has too long been misused and misunderstood / Your Daily Horoscope.
Other titles: Wynn's Magazine (June-August 1932)
East Stroudsburg, PA, New York, NY, Mt. Morris, IL, Springfield, MA, Brooklyn, NY. Publisher: Wynn Publishing Co.
1/1, August 1931 - May 1946. $3.00 a year, 128-132 pp.

This began as a stapled mimeographed typescript. "Wynn" (Sydney Kimball Bennett, 1892-1958) was a newspaper astrologer (at one time he was the astrologer for the New York Daily News) who developed his own forecasting method based on what he called the "Solar Return" chart. Regular contributions by Manly Palmer Hall, Isidore Kozminsky, John F.X. Albertis, and others. Wynn also offered for $5.00 a complete astrological analysis ("You don't know yourself! If you did, you'd be completely successful"), complete with testimonials, and lessons in astrology by mail or, for New York City residents, in person at 50 cents an hour. The journal provided daily horoscopes for the month, "Minute Horoscopes" for famous people like Vivien Leigh and John Steinbeck, and a correspondence column. Carl Payne Tobey in his "Memories and Recollections" says that the journal was abandoned when Wynn's wife died and he set off, with a new, young wife for New Zealand. Wynn first appeared to public notice in 1918 in an indictment against a Chicago brokerage firm, in which he is described as a "character analyst" whose task it was to feel "the bumps of employees to determine if they were efficient." LOC; NYPL; University of California, Santa Barbara; University of Illinois, Urbana.

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