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Periodical: World Theosophy

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

World Theosophy.
A Journal Devoted to the Art of Living.
1931--1933 Monthly
Hollywood, CA. Publisher: Henry Hotchener. Editor: Marie R. Hotchener.
Succeeds: Theosophist (published by Hotchener from Hollywood, 1930)
1/1, January 1931-1933. 86 pp., $3.50 a year. From January through December 1930

Hotchener took over publication of the Theosophist from Annie Besant in Adyar, publishing it from Hollywood "on [Besant's] behalf." During the same period, Besant published what was called the Adyar Theosophist from India, and then in January 1931 resumed control and published the journal under the original title from Adyar, while Hotchener renamed her journal World Theosophy. The journal played a prominent role in the "fraternization movement" initiated by Gottfried De Purucker (Point Loma) to unite "real Theosophists" of whatever background. On Hotchener generally, see the note under the Channel. Contributions by the usual Adyar Theosophists, including Bishop C.W. Leadbeater, George Arundale, C. Jinarajadasa, et al. Indexed by the Campbell Theosophical Research Library, Sydney, Australia, online at

Issues:World Theosophy V1 N2 Feb 1931
World Theosophy V1 N4 Apr 1931
World Theosophy V1 N5 May 1931
World Theosophy V1 N6 Jun 1931
World Theosophy V1 N7 Jul 1931
World Theosophy V1 N12 Dec 1931
World Theosophy V2 N2 Feb 1932
World Theosophy V2 N6 Jun 1932 Partial
World Theosophy V2 N7 Jul 1932
World Theosophy V2 N8 Aug 1932
World Theosophy V2 N9 Sep 1932
World Theosophy V2 N11 Nov 1932
World Theosophy V3 N3 Mar 1933
World Theosophy V3 N12 Dec 1933

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