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Periodical: The World Liberator

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

World Liberator, The.
A journal of Reconciliation between God and Humanity, the Heaven and Earth, Law and Justice, Science and Religion, through the Kingdom of the Undefined. Also Interpretation of the Sacred Books of All Nations into Their One and Universal Meaning / A Monthly Journal of Reconciliation.
1927-1929 Monthly, Semi-monthly (irregular)
Long Beach, CA. Editor: George Chainey, Fredoon C. Birdi, assistant editor.
1/1, May 1927-1929. $1.00 a year, 10 cents a copy. 28 pp. (varies), 8 1/2 x 11 1/2.

Chainey (1851-1935) was one of the last of the universal reformers and spiritualists of the early days. For his long history in spiritualism and free thought, see the The Infidel Pulpit and The Gnostic. Eclectic articles, mainly by Chainey and Birdi, on the Mahabarata, Zoroaster, Gandhi, Dharmapala, Rabindrinath Tagore, Spinoza, etc. Included advertisements (notably for Hudson, Pierce Arrow, and Essex motor cars), and a certain boosterism for Long Beach. NYPL; LOC.

Issues:World Liberator V1 N1 May 1927
World Liberator V1 N2 Jun 1927
World Liberator V1 N3 Jul 1927
World Liberator V1 N4 Aug 1927
World Liberator V1 N5 Sep-Oct 1927
World Liberator V1 N6 Nov-Dec 1927
World Liberator V1 N7 Jan-Feb 1928
World Liberator V1 N8 Mar-Apr 1928
World Liberator V1 N9 May-Jun 1928
World Liberator V1 N10 Jul-Aug 1928
World Liberator V1 N11 Sep-Oct 1928
World Liberator V1 N12 Nov-dec 1928
World Liberator V2 N1 Jan-Feb 1929
World Liberator V2 N2 Mar-Apr 1929
World Liberator V2 N3 May-Jun 1929
World Liberator V2 N4 Jul-Aug 1929
World Liberator V2 N5 Sep-Oct 1929

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