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Organization: The Process | The Church of the Final Judgement


Summary:  Materials from this group are hard to come by. They are held by private collectors, and are usually broadly available only as photocopies, which are often incomplete and disordered (due in part to the group's high-toned and often unpaginated production aesthetic). When titles of materials in our holdings are unknown, the first sentence of the text is used as a title.

We welcome any curatorial hints from subject matter experts.

MaterialsNeil Sennitt's introduction to his (unpublished?) The Process: Selected Excerpts provides an accessible introduction to the group and its teachings
A 1967 text "recorded by Father John" entitled Christ is Come
Robert de Grimston's 1970 text The Gods and Their People
Robert de Grimston's text The Gods on War
An undated pamphlet entitled perhaps As It Is
An undated pamphlet beginning Humanity is Doomed
A fund-raising pamphlet from the Boston church beginning Will You Help
A more or less complete copy of the fifth issue of Process magazine entitled Fear
A transcript of the 1974 UK libel action by the Church against Ed Sanders and his publisher

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