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Periodical: Wee Wisdom

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Wee Wisdom.
Young Folks Magazine Devoted to Practical Christianity.
Wisdom is Justified of her Children / Little Children Love One Another
Other titles: Wee Wisdom's Way
1893--1991 (current?) Monthly (bimonthly June-September)
Kansas City, and then Lees Summit, MO. Language: Also published in Braile from 1937. Publisher: Unity School of Christianity. Editor: Myrtle Filllmore; Imelda O. Shankin.
1/1, August 1893-December 1991. 8 pp. Suspended in 1896 and 1897.

The children's version of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore's Unity (q.v.), published for a while (August 1895-July 1898) as a department of Unity, and then spun off as a separate journal. Julius Dresser, The True History of Mental Science (New York, Alliance Publishing Co., c. 1899), say that this was the first mental-healing journal for children. Beginning in 1939 this was published in Braille in Cincinnati, Ohio. Charles S. Braden, Spirits in Rebellion (1963), 246, says the journal had a circulation of a quarter of a million in 1960.

Wee Wisdom V1 N1 Aug 1893
Wee Wisdom V1 N2 Sep 1893
Wee Wisdom V1 N3 Oct 1893
Wee Wisdom V1 N4 Nov 1893
Wee Wisdom V1 N5 Dec 1893-Jan 1894
Wee Wisdom V3 N8 Mar 1899
Wee Wisdom V14 N1 Aug 1908
Wee Wisdom V14 N2 Sep 1908
Wee Wisdom V14 N3 Oct 1908
Wee Wisdom V14 N4 Nov 1908
Wee Wisdom V14 N5 Dec 1908
Wee Wisdom V14 N6 Jan 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N7 Feb 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N8 Mar 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N9 Apr 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N10 May 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N11 Jun 1909
Wee Wisdom V14 N12 Jul 1909

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