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Periodical: >Wahrheit-Sucher

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Unpartheiische Monatsschrift vereinter Wahrheitsucher.
Other titles: Wahrheitssucher
1896-1897 Monthly
Bitterfeld, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: Lehrstatt-Verlag; F.E. Baumann. Editor: Leopold Engel. Succeeded by: Das Wort
1/1, July 1896-June 1897. 15 M., 16 pp.

This was one of the participants of the III Kongress Deutscher Okkultisten in 1896, and the journal advertised in the Stenographischer Bericht of the congress. 4 Marks a year. It was said to be "im engsten Verbande" with the Internationales Addres-Buch vereinter Wahrheits-Sucher, an occult and spiritualist almanac also edited by Engel. The plan was that this journal would provide monthly updates on the doings of occultists and spiritualists and that these would then be collected in an annual revision of the Addres-Buch. A discount was given for those subscribing to both. The idea didn't work out and the journal was little more than a review of Theosophical and occult doings in Germany, with various original articles on general occult subjects, and was merged into Engel's Das Wort after one year. Extensive advertisements for the works and journals of P. Braun, J.H. Dewey, ZDB: Halle/S UuLB.; Harvard University.

Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N1 1896 Jul
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N2 1896 Aug
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N3 1896 Sep
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N4 1896 Oct
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N5 1896 Nov
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N6 1896 Dec
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N7 1897 Jan
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N8 1897 Feb
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N9 1897 Mar
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N10 1897 Apr
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N11 1897 May
Wahrheit-Sucher V1 N12 1897 Jun

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