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Periodical: Vibrations [Trinity Science]

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

The Official Organ of Trinity Science / A Magazine devoted to the Universal Circle of Vibrations, Educating its members in Trinity Science, The Direct Transmissional Law, the Law of Health, Wealth and Happiness.
Los Angeles, CA.
Editor: Professor Walter Ellsworth Jewell.
Publisher: Trinity Science Church and Trinity Temple College.
1/1, July 1914. $1.00 a year, 16 pp.

The first (and probably only) issue of this journal was printed as a sample to entice readers and was filled with summaries of Jewell's 450-page tome, Trinity Science: The Direct Transmissional Law ($3.00). He had arrived at his celestial wisdom, he said, working for pennies a day "during which time God, through the Direct Transmissional Law, in visions revealed to him this, his then future work which is the most practical, inspiring and uplifting knowledge and wisdom that ever heretofore came to man." The content of the revelation was somewhat less than crystal clear. The journal's name was Vibrations

"because it shall convey the audible or written thought forms of all members to one another throughout the universe, that one another maya convey his or her idea of surrender, or passing from the darkened ways of the evil one to assist each other in the surrender of dominant and dominating thought forms, which in turn constitutes the evil one, hence lost dominion, until all within shall be at-one-ment, which is the soul's perfected equal conscious form, or dominion within, hence without when all soul's shall equally touch and co-mingle beyond the sense of things their Direct Transmissional Vibrations of lovelight, one unto another throughout the universe forever more." Etc.

Trinity Science assumed to take man's 20,736,000 "separate forms of consciousness" and "teaches their surrender unto the CREATIVE MOST HIGH ONE, one after another, and kind after kind. Thus they are the equal formulators of the sould form of consciousnes, when the CREATIVE one is equal unto all within mind and body; then without unto the souls of all things, which become equal unto IT, hence man." This was the "Equalized Soul," the goal of Jewell's Trinity Science. In 1935, Jewell was still active, living in Berkeley and lecturing on "The Science of Three Allied Forces." University of California, Santa Barbara.

Issues:Vibrations Jul 1914

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