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Periodical: The Uplifting Veil

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Uplifting Veil, The.
Devoted to studies in Rosicrucian, Occult and Psychological Subjects / Devoted to Rosicrucian Philosophy, Scientific Occultism, Psychology, the Academia Rosae Crucis and the Drama.
1935 Issued periodically
Liverpool, England.
Publisher: Bohemian Press.
Editor: G.A. (George Alexander) Sullivan, M.B., C.P., D.O., D.C. Succeeds: Rosicrucian Gazette
1/1, July 1935.
One shilling and twopence, 16 pp.

This was the organ of the Rosicrucian Order Crotona Fellowship (ROCF), which, with the accompanying Rite of the Egyptian Mysteries, had been founded by Sullivan (1890-1942), a.k.a., Alex Mathews and Frater Aureolis, in Liverpool about 1924. He was a journalist, poet and playwright who had started the predecessor of ROCF, the Order of Twelve, in 1911 and went on to found the Rosicrucian Theatre in the south of England in the 1930, to present his works. The group was notable because the participants in the company were said to include Gerald Gardner, who went on to become the initiator of the modern Wicca movement, and Mabel Besant-Scott, Annie Besant's daughter, and also because for a long period it held its gatherings in a pub. Sullivan seems also to have had some admixture of New Thought because in 1920 he had run the Liverpool School of Mental Science which the ROCF ran in the late 1920s as the Liverpool College of Psychotherapy & Natural Therapeutics. The journal succeeded Sullivan's Rosicrucian Gazette, which "economic conditions" had caused to fail, and claimed to be the product of an Academia Rosae Crucis consisting of seven departments: Masonic (Symbology), Ordo (Occult Science, Mental Science, etc.), Temple (Comparative Religion, Mysticism, Latin), B.O.H. (Therapeutics, Healing, Magic, College of Psychotherapy (Practical subjects for outside work), The Drama (Elocution, Plays, Oratory, The Arts), the School of Adepts (2nd degree, 2nd Point and onwards). It contained a reprint of a section of Michael Maier's works and articles by "Aureolis," C.E. [Catherine Emily] Chalk, Raj Bahai and others on "Kabalistic Keys to Aryan Myths," Mithraism, reincarnation and the like. The Bohemian Press published several plays by Sullivan and a series of pamphlets on Rosicrucian subjects. University of Southampton.

Issues:Uplifting Veil V1 N1 Jul 1935
Uplifting Veil V1 N2 Apr 1936
Uplifting Veil V2 N1 Mar 1939

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