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Periodical: The Two Worlds (Dixon)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Two Worlds, The.
Devoted to the Free Ventilation of All Matters Relating to the Well-Being of Man.
Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace, Good Will Toward Men
Other titles: The Two Worlds or Weekly Evangelist
1858--1859 Weekly
London, England.
Publisher: William Horsell.
Editor: Jacob Dixon. 1/1, October 1858-1/27, May 28, 1859.
One penny -- one half-penny per issue, 4 pp.

With the issue of May 28, 1859, the journal appeared as The Two Worlds or, Weekly Evangelist, with a stronger Christian evangelical tone, and that issue may have been the last published. Horsell (1807-1863) was a proselytizing vegetarian and was already the publisher of many early books on spiritualism, and also of Kenneth R.H. Mackenzie's Biological Review and the Spiritual Messenger, when he started this general-circulation journal. His imprint also appears on the first English edition of Whitman's Leaves of Grass (1855). Horsell welcomed spiritualism from the beginning and, as James Gregory has discovered, published several notable articles on it in this journal, including "a note on 'the Black Art in Somerset' (7 October 1858), an account of a seance (at the home of H. Whitaker, of 31, Newman Street), with Mrs Marshall and her niece (14 October 1858), Jacob Dixon on clairvoyant perception (14 October 1858), William Carpenter on mesmeric experiences (14 October 1858) and spiritualism (22 January 1859), a ghost story and note on the Hoxton Spiritualist Society (29 Jan 1859)." "The first Two Worlds," Psypioneer, online at It was devoted to homeopathy, hydropathy, spiritualism, abstinence and teetotalism, and included, as was customary in the period, a serialized "Romance of Real Life." Hudson Tuttle, "Biographical Sketch of Thomas Shorter," Religio-Philosophical Journal 30/26 (August 27, 1881): 1. The editor, Jacob Dixon (1806-1890) was am apothecary and homeopathist and figures prominently in British spiritualist doings from the mid-1850s until his death. The second British Two Worlds is that begun by Emma Hardinge Britten. BL.

Issues:Two Worlds V1 N1 Oct 2 1858
Two Worlds V1 N2 Oct 7 1858
Two Worlds V1 N3 Oct 14 1858
Two Worlds V1 N4 Oct 21 1858
Two Worlds V1 N5 Oct 28 1858
Two Worlds V1 N6 Nov 4 1858
Two Worlds V1 N7 Nov 11 1858
Two Worlds V1 N8 Nov 18 1858
Two Worlds V1 N9 Nov 25 1858
Two Worlds V1 N10 Dec 2 1858
Two Worlds V1 N11 Dec 11 1858
Two Worlds V1 N12 Dec 18 1858
Two Worlds V1 N13 Dec 28 1858
Two Worlds V1 N14 Jan 4 1859
Two Worlds V1 N15 Jan 8 1859
Two Worlds V1 N16 Jan 15 1859
Two Worlds V1 N17 Jan 22 1859
Two Worlds V1 N18 Jan 29 1859
Two Worlds V1 N19 Feb 5 1859
Two Worlds V1 N20 Feb 12 1859
Two Worlds V1 N21 Feb 19 1859
Two Worlds V1 N22 Feb 26 1859
Two Worlds V1 N23 Mar 15 1859
Two Worlds V1 N24 Apr 1 1859
Two Worlds V1 N25 Apr 15 1859
Two Worlds V1 N26 May 2 1859
Two Worlds V1 N27 May 28 1859

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