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Periodical: Tribune Psychique

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Tribune Psychique, La.
Organe Mensuel de la Societe Française d'etudes des Phenomenes Psychiques.
Other titles: Bulletin de la Federation Spirite universelle
1893—1913? Monthly, then quarterly
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Editor: Dr. Bourdon ?.
Succeeds: Bulletin de la Federation Spirite Universelle
1/1, 1893-1913(?) 5 francs a year, 8 pp.

Originally called Bulletin de la Federation Spirite Universelle, the journal assumed the name La Tribune Psychique in 1897. This was the organ of the Societe Française d'etude des phenomenes psychiques, created by the International Congress of 1900 as the "Propaganda Committtee to expand Kardecist and Scientific Spiritism and to prepare for the next Congress." It carried general articles on spiritism, lists of open spiritist meetings of the society around Paris, and tried to position itself (without notable success) as the clearing house for spiritist matters. Noted in Noted in Bulletin de la Societe d'Etudes Psychiques de Marseilles, 1913, and in Revue Spirite, January 1, 1904.. NYPL microfilm.

Issues:Tribune Psychique V9 N1 May 1901

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