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Periodical: Tomorrow (UK)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

International Digest of Psychical Research and Occult Studies / The Journal of Parapsychology, Cosmology and Traditional Studies / The Journal of Metaphysics, Cosmology and Traditional Studies.
1951--1966 Quarterly
Bedfont, England, then (1952-1962) New York, NY; London, England, and then Bedfont and London, again. Publisher: Garrett Publications and then Parapsychology Foundation (New York), then Tomorrow Publications. Editor: Eileen Jeanette Garrett; F. Clive-Ross.
Succeeds: Tomorrow (1941) Succeeded by: Studies in Comparative Religion (1967-1987) 1/1, 1951-1966. 1/1, Autumn 1952-vol. 14, 1966. 64 pp., 5/- or 75 cents a copy.

This supersedes an earlier journal of the same name also published by Eileen Jeanette Lyttle Garrett (1893-1970). She was the famous British medium who was instrumental in the Parapsychology Foundation in New York. The journal's continuing importance comes from the fact that in 1962 it became the vehicle for the ideas of Rene Guenon and his disciples and co-workers, most notably Frithjof Schuon, Marco Pallis, Whitall N. Perry, Martin Lings, and Titus Burkhardt. Guenon (1886-1951) reintroduced into western religion and metaphysics the fundamental notion of the perennial tradition, the original revelation of universal wisdom that now survives, in more or less garbled form, in all the religions and symbols of the world. Tradition was coupled with "initiation," the effective entrance onto a traditional path to true realization. For Guenon, and for many of his disciples, this path was Islam, although several sought initiation in Eastern Catholicism and Hinduism. The journal included articles by the likes of Thomas Merton, Kathleen Raine, Trevor Hall, and Eileen Garrett, sympathetic reviews of the books of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Idries Shah, and lengthy articles translated from the works of Guenon and Schuon. NYPL; Columbia University; Yale University; CUNY; Fordham University; Princeton University. LOC; NYPL; NSAC, Lily Dale.

Tomorrow V13 N1 1965 Winter
Tomorrow V13 N2 1965 Spring

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