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Periodical: Today's Astrology

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

Today’s Astrology.
Success, Know Your Destiny, Happiness
1935--1945 Monthly, bi-monthly
Mount Morris, IL. Publisher: Magna Publications (A.L. Kirby). Editor: Irvin Ray, editor; Selby Maxwell, Christina Dahl, associate editors.
1/1, 1935-10/2, April-May 1945. $2.00 a year, 74 pp.

This was a run-of-the-mill attempt at a popular astrological journal. It had no didactic articles on astrology or its finer points but contented itself with the standard Daily Guides for the signs, which provided the bulk of the journal, together with columns for answers to letters, Aspect Charts, Market Advice, "Your Health Astrologically," etc., and general articles on the likes of "Your Love Life Can Be Happier" by James P. Basalek, Key Lloyd, Robert E. Dean, and other unknowns. Selby Maxwell had a weather column for the Chicago Tribune and a column on "What Makes a Beautiful Woman?" and Christina Dahl found her way into Rose Dawn’s Modern Astrology. The journal featured the inevitable advertisements for AMORC in San Jose and for Brotherhood of Light Lessons, and ran an intriguing notice for the "Hetquaz System of Numerology" by Rose Juanita Jones of Marion, Ohio, who also ran a correspondence school.

Issues:Todays Astrology V2 N5 Aug-sep 1936
Todays Astrology V6 N4 Jun-jul 1941
Todays Astrology V7 N4 Jun-jul 1942
Todays Astrology V8 N6 Oct-nov 1943
Todays Astrology V9 N1 Dec-jan 1943-4

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