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Periodical: To You

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

To You.
A Monthly Magazine of Inspiration and Enlightenment on Things Both Spiritual and Physical / A Magazine . . . for the Discriminating Individual . . . that Develops and Enhances the Art of Living Here and Hereafter.
Fools Deride; Philosophers Investigate
1934-1941? Monthly, then bimonthly
Hollywood, Los Gatos, CA. Editor: John E. Richardson ("T.K.").
Succeeds: Indo-American Magazine->Life and Action->The Great Work In America. Succeeded by: Life and Action
Corporate author: The Great School of Natural Science
1/1, March 1934-8/1, 1941(?) 42 pp, $2.50 a year, 25 cents a copy.

This succeeded The Great Work in America and Life and Action. At some point the journal was revived under the name Life and Action, with volume 29 being published in 2002. Northwestern University.

Issues:To You V2 N2 1935 Apr
To You V2 N3 1935 May
To You V2 N8 1935 Oct
To You V2 N11 1936 Jan
To You V2 N12 1936 Feb
To You V3 N8 1937 Oct
To You V4 N1 1937 Mar
To You V4 N2 1937 Apr
To You V4 N8 1937 Oct
To You V6 N4 1939 Sep-Oct
To You V6 N6 1940 Jan-Feb
To You V7 N1 1940 Mar-Apr
To You V7 N3 1940 Jul-Aug
To You V7 N4 1940 Sep-Oct
To You V7 N6 1941 Jan-Feb
To You V8 N1 1941 Mar-Apr

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