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Periodical: To-Morrow

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Magazine for Thinkers / A Rational Monthly Magazine / A Monthly Hand-Book of the Changing Order.
The Freest Periodical Ever / Rational, Practical, Unbiased
Other titles: To-Morrow Magazine
Chicago, IL. Publisher: To-Morrow Publishing Co.. Editor: Oscar Lovell Triggs; Parker H. Sercombe; Carl Sandburg, assistant editor.
1/1, January 1905-1909. $1.00 a year, 64 pp.

This succeeded the Bulletin of the Morris Society in the sense that it was sent to the Bulletin's subscription list. It was primarily a literary (Carl Sandburg was an assistant editor and Liam O'Flaherty a contributor) and progressive journal, ostentatiously filled with the humorless and ponderous shibboleths of progressivism and reform, but it displayed an interest in New Thought (explainable, perhaps, as the agglomeration of crank and peripheral ideas) and a disproportionate number of New Thought advertisements, perhaps a recognition on the part of advertisers that anyone ready to believe in the untempered progressivism being pushed by the journal would be a pushover for Cyrus Teed's Flaming Sword, the Voice of the Magi, Mazdaznan, R.S. Clymer's "Alchemic Secrets" and "Christic Power," McIvor-Tyndall's Swatika Magazine, and the like. The advertisement for the journal in Eugenics in 1908 proclaimed that it stood "for Rationalism in Dress, Diet, Education, Sex Matters, and in all the activities and relations of Life. It is bound to no creed or superstition. Is fearless in its expose of what Catholicism means. Stands for the Taxation of Church Property." The journal featured articles by or about the progressive darlings of the time, like Clarence Darrow, Eugene V. Debs, William Morris, Peter Kropotkin, John Ruskin, Leo Tolstoy, Thorstein Veblen, Mother Jones, Jacob A. Riis, George Tyrrell (the excommunicated Jesuit embroiled in the Modernist controversy), et hoc genus omne, but also featured articles by and comments on Paul Tyner, W.T. Stead, Frank C. Haddock, Eugene Del Mar, A.C. Halphide, Julia H. Severance, J. William Lloyd, Edward Carpenter, Jacob Beilhart, H.H. Brown and regular articles by Lois Waisbrooker. Advertised in Soundview, December 1906, in The Life, January 1907, in The Initiates, 1908, and in The Phalanx, 1908. University of Chicago.

Issues:To-Morrow V1 1905
To-Morrow V2 1906
To-Morrow V3 1907
To-Morrow V4 1908

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