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Periodical: Theosophy in Action

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Theosophy in Action.
Quarterly Official Organ of The Theosophical Society in Europe -- Federation of National Societies.
1940--1973 Quarterly
London, England.
Editor: Adelaide Gardner; General Secretary of the European Section; Mrs. Madeleine Leslie-Smith; Mrs. Greta Eedle, assistant editor.
Succeeds: L'Action Theosophique (Belgium)
1/1, May 1940-December 1973.
50 p or $1.20 a year, 8 newspaper pp.

This was started in London at the beginning of World War II as a replacement for L'Action Theosophique, published in Belgium in French, German and English. The title phrase, a very common one in Theosophical history, denotes both the general activities of Theosophists and, more especially, those of a benevolent nature. The journal functioned as the a repository for articles on Theosophical doctrinal subjects, reports on activities in the various European sections, reports from Adyar, notes of important lectures given in local societies and summer schools, letters, book reviews, etc. Articles by John Coates, Geoffrey Hodson, et al. BL; Erasmus Library, Rotterdam; National Library of Australia; Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

This run of Theosophy in Action is part of a broad and deep donation of periodicals from the Portland, Oregon lodge of the Thoeosophical Society.

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