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Periodical: Theosophical Forum (Purucker)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Theosophical Forum, The.
Official Magazine of the Theosophical Society.
Other titles: The Theosophical Forum and the Theosophical Path and Lucifer
1929--1951 Monthly
Point Loma, then Covina, CA.
Editor: G. de Purucker; J.H. Fussell and M.M. Tybert, associate sub-editors; W.E. Small; Arthur L. Conger.
Publisher: Theosophical University.
Succeeds: The Theosophical Path and Lucifer (both merged into this journal in 1935)
Succeeded by: Sunrise (Pasadena)
1/1, September 1929-29/3, March 1951.
8-40 pp., $1.00-$2.00 a year (free to members of the society).

The journal was moved to Covina, California, in 1942 when the society moved there. This was called a "new series" because it assumed the name of the journal of that name started by W.Q. Judge that had continued in New York until 1905, but it is not properly a successor of the earlier journal. It was begun by Hobard Lorenz Gottfried de Purucker (1874-1942) immediately after the death of Katherine Tingley and his selection as "Leader" by the Master K.H. in rather dubious circumstances that reflect those that surrounded Tingley's selection in 1896. The official organ of the Theosophical Society that followed W.Q. Judge in his split with Adyar and then embraced Katherine Tingley was the Theosophical Path (until 1935 when that journal was merged into this), and this journal functioned more as a forum for questions posed by subscribers with answers on the finer points of Purucker's teachings on reincarnation, the Esoteric Tradition, Mineral Monads, pralaya, Lunar Chains, etc. Purucker was known in the society as a scholar of religion, but his articles and answers to questions in the journal were taken (and intended) more as pronouncements flowing from his direct connection with the Masters. He was notable in the larger Theosophical context as the one who (on Tingley's secret instructions) removed "Universal Brotherhood" from the society's name and restored it to the original "Theosophical Society." He was also a persistent advocate of the "Fraternization Movement" that aimed at the reunification of the various societies that originated in the work of H.P. Blavatsky. The journal regularly carried news of the Lotus-Groups and of the doings at the International Headquarters, drafts of a revised constitution, reports on the "Fraternization Movement" to reunite all Theosophists, and News and Notes on the doings of the society around the world, extensive literature reviews. Most importantly, the journal from 1931 on carried "Leaves of Theosophical History" with documents and letters from the society's archives, including a letter from Judge to Theodor Reuss, Judge's extensive exchanges of letters with Damodar K. Mavalankar, Blavatsky letters to Abner Doubleday, Isaac Myer, et al., and a letter from Damodar to Josephine W. Cables, and much else. Contributions by Fussell, Iverson L. Harris, A. Trevor Barker, Judith Tyberg, C.J. Ryan, et al. Purucker also edited the Raja Yoga Messenger / Junior Theosophist from Point Loma as a journal for younger members of the society. Table of contents by the Campbell Theosophical Research Library, Sydney, Australia, online. LOC; ZDB: Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Halle/S UuLB; University of California, San Diego; LOC; Harvard University; University of Michigan; Center for Research Libraries (Illinois); International Institute of Social History; Oxford University; National Library of Australia, etc.

Issues:Theosophical Forum New Series V1 Sep 1929-aug 1930
Theosophical Forum New Series V2 Sep 1930-aug 1931
Theosophical Forum New Series V3 Sep 1931-aug 1932
Theosophical Forum New Series V4 Sep 1932-aug 1933
Theosophical Forum New Series V5 Sep 1933-aug 1934
Theosophical Forum New Series V1-5 1929-1934 Index
Theosophical Forum New Series V6 Sep 1934-aug 1935 Partial
Theosophical Forum New Series V9 Jul 1936-dec 1936
Theosophical Forum New Series V10 N6 Jun 1937
Theosophical Forum New Series V12 N2 Feb 1938
Theosophical Forum New Series V12 N3 Mar 1938
Theosophical Forum New Series V13 Jul 1938-dec 1938
Theosophical Forum New Series V18 Jan 1941-jun 1941
Theosophical Forum New Series V20 Jan-dec 1942

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