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Periodical: The Temple of Health

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database:

Temple of Health and Psychic Review, The.
A Monthly Journal Devoted to Life, Health and How to Live a Century. The Only Journal devoted to the Finer Forces and their Application to the Restoration and Maintenance of Health / Devoted to Health, Hygiene, the Social Question, Spiritualism, and General Reform / A Monthly Magazine of the Life Worth Living.
To live rightly is to live long
Other titles: The Temple of Health
1893--1907? Monthly (irregular)
San Diego, CA, Chicago, IL, Battle Creek, MI.
Publisher: Temple of Health Publishing Co..
Editor: J.M. Peebles, editor and publisher. 1/1, September 1893(?)-1907(?) (Vol. 3, no. 4, is December 1895).
8 or 12 pages.
25 cents a year.

This was published during Peebles's peregrinations from Cincinnati, Ohio, through San Diego, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, to Battle Creek, Michigan. It claimed to be "the only Journal in the world devoted exclusively to hygiene, psychic healing, the demonstrations of the spirit, thereputic [sic] medicines, the finer forces, and the laws to be observed to live a century." According to the Banner of Light, December 2, 1899, the journal and Peebles's Better Life had a combined circulation of 40,000. It was in reality simply an advertisement for Peebles's books, services and health nostrums and for a time it was banned by the United States Post Office, which resulted in the journal's becoming a olla podrida of popular science, poetry, spiritualism, exhortations on "Diet and Mortality," "Think Yourself Cured and Well," and the evils of tobacco and stimulants, and other items of general interest – together with advertisements for Peebles: "not only a regular medical graduate, with many years experience, but that he has strong Psychic and Psychometric Powers, enabling him to diagnose diseases with the most perfect perfect precision when coming into psychic sympathy with the patient. He can diagnose a thousand miles distant as well as though the person were in the adjoining room, for soul reflects and responds to soul, near of far away." The advertisement for the journal in Human Faculty, February 1901, says that it was "devoted to Health, Hygiene, and the various branches of Occultism. It is a champion of Vegetarianism, anti-compulsory Vaccination, and other live reform movements." Noted in "List of Advance Thought Publications," The New Cycle, March 1900, 159-60, and in The Metaphysical Magazine, February 1901, 160. A journal named simply The Temple of Health was Advertised in Soundview, April 1907 as a "text-book on the art of living the natural life" and the "exponent of The Temple of Health philosophy." The publisher claimed to be "sending out some spiritualized vibrations and impulses from a murky-laden commercialized center, into God's beautiful country where men and women may breath and live, if they will." The journal carried regular advertisements for Peter Davidson's Morning Star and for The Mistletoe--and its Philosophy, and notices of A.J. Swarts' College of Science in Los Angeles. University of North Carolina (3 issues).

Issues:Temple of Health V3 N3 Oct 1895
Temple of Health V3 N4 Dec 1895

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