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Periodical: The Kankakee Telepsychist

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database:

Kankakee Telepsychist, The.
Nothing to Sell but Experience
Kankakee, IL. Editor: H.S. Le Valley.
1/1, 1909 (?)
$1.00 a year.

The general approach of Hiram S. Levalley/Le Valley (1868-1930) to reality can be discerned from his letter to the editor in the August-September 1909 Stellar Ray: "In the telepsychic and telepathic, we see the crux of the sixth race development." "From the writer's thirty years' work along telepathic lines, he has demonstrated and proven that animals transmit information a la telepathy, and that the souls of sleeping persons commune with each other, in fact express desires that are acted upon." The advertisement for the journal in the same issue of Stellar Ray implored readers to "become one with the circuit of the 'Kanakee Telepsychist.' A wireless journalistic medium of new thought. It blasts barnacles from the Rock of Ages, puts 'new teeth in old saws' and prunes parasites from progressive principles. . . . Advice on all branches of Psychomancy personal problems. 25 years of Telepathy backed by State, Church and Science." Another advertisement in the same journal proclaimed that it "'Snatches the Bun for Breezy Brains' . . . Catch the Currant," and offered "occult advice" for 50 cents and also "Le Valley's Peerless Puffs: 'Nu Thot' Confection-Saccharated Sunbeams of Rice and Wheat, No Corn to cause Pellagra." The Occidental Mystic and Occult, July 1910, carried a poem from him that noted that it had been "Fourth Dimensionally" projected, not printed." This unique method of publication is confirmed by a note in Bible Review in 1914, whose editor had written for a copy only to be informed that "it is not printed. It seems the magazine is in the astral, or in [LeValley's] mind, and nowhere else. . . . I presume that if you send money for Mr. LeValley's magazine. Mr. LeValley informs us that he is exchanging the Telepsychist with some of the best magazines. Our former manager put LeValley's name on our exchange list. But on finding that his magazine is all in the invisible, and as our magazine is a very material thing and costs real money, we have removed Mr. LeValley's name from out exchange list." The journal was still being "published" in 1916 when it is mentioned in the Spiritualist (NY). The exemplar of the journal presented here is, so far as can be told, that of August 1909. Le Valley, who appears in the censuses in a variety of laboring jobs, died in a mental asylum in 1930.

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