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Periodical: Survival

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Survival Magazine.
Incorporating Immortality and Survival.
1929--1936 Monthly

Erlestoke Park, Wiltshire, England.
Editor: Clifford W. Potter. Succeeds: The Christian Spiritualist (1925-1936); Immortality and Survival (incorporated 1932)
Succeeded by: The Spiritualist News (1936-1939)
Corporate author: Official Organ of the Survival League
1/1, December 1929-1934(?) 5 s/- a year.

This was another product of the Potter family, J.W. and his son Clifford, at Erlestoke Park, Wilts., on whom see the note under Christian Spiritualist. It was initially the monthly companion of the weekly Christian Spiritualist and was succeeded by Clifford Potter's Spiritualist News. In addition to the usual spiritualist notices and book reviews, the journal serialized Arthur Conan Doyle's "Wanderings of A Spiritualist" and offered short fiction by Arthur Lamsley and others. The journal in 1933 featured a half-page advertisement for "Startling Predictions in yur Horoscope," from Prof Roxroy, Noted Astrologer, with an address in The Hague. The Survival League, of which this was the organ beginning in 1932, was organized in London by Mrs. C.A. Dawson Scott to instill cooperation among believers and searchers. See the note under Hartmann's Who's Who. University of Texas, Austin; BL; Oxford University.

Issues:Survival N5 N46 Nov 1933

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