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Periodical: Survie | Survie Nord

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Survie, La.
La terre, l'au-dela: organe de l'Union Spirite Française.
1936--1968 Monthly, bimonthly (after WWII)
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Editor: Georges Gonzales. Succeeds: Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Française; La Vie (Douai)(absorbed)
Succeeded by: Survie de l'Ame (1968-1976)-->Survie-->Renaitre 2000
Corporate author: Organe de l'Union Spirite Française
16/148, January 1936-January-March, 1968 (not published 1940-1946). 4-8 pp.

The journal was the organ of the Union Spirite Française and continues the volume numbering of the Bulletin de l'Union Spirite Française. The journal reflects an unannounced movement away from Kardecism pure and simple toward the increasing incorporation of the mysterious, psychic and occult, alchemy, mysticism, apports, Metapsychique, thought transference, counting dogs, etc. Its successor, Survie de l'Ame/Survie was renamed Renaitre 2000 and took over La Revue Spirite for a period beginning in 1977. BNF.

Issues:Survie V17 1937
Survie V18 N179 Nov 1938
Survie V26 1946
Survie V27 1947
Survie V28 1948
Survie V29 1949
Survie V30 1950
Survie V31 1951
Survie V32 1952
Survie V33 1953
Survie V34 1954
Survie V35 1955
Survie V36 1956
Survie V37 1957
Survie V38 1958
Survie V39 1959
Survie V40 1960
Survie V41 1961

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