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Periodical: Ster in het Oosten

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Ster in het Oosten, De.
Driemaandelijksch Tijdschrift / Officieel orgaan van de Orde van de Ster in het Oosten in Nederland.
Other titles: De Ster, Officieel orgaan van de Orde van de Ster in het Oosten in Nederland (1914-1927)
1912--1927 Quarterly
Language: Dutch.
Editor: H.J. van Ginkel, secretary.
Succeeded by: Ster (1928)-->Ster Bulletin (October 1929) 1/1, 1912. 36 pp., 3 cents a copy.

In 1914 the journal De Ster, Officieel orgaan van de Orde van de Ster in het Oosten in Nederland, to announce its affiliation with Krishnamurti's Order of the Star. This was yet another local version of the innumerable journals founded around the world (Bulletin de l'Ordre de l'Etoile d'Orient, Herald of the Star, International Star Bulletin, La Estrella, Der Stern, Service, The Server, Stjernen, The Star, Bulletin Internationale de l'Etoile, Revista de la Estrella. etc) to promote Annie Besant's and C.W. Leadbeater's Order of the Star and its coming world leader, Krishnamurti. The only name associated with the journal is that of H.J. van Ginkel, on whose Rosicrucian activities see the note under Licht en Waarheid. This journal and most of the others reprinted material from Emily Lutyens' Herald of the Star in London, and the Theosophist in Adyar. The journal became simply Ster at the beginning of 1928, with a plea to subscribe to the new journal "if you are still interested in J. Krishnamurti and his work." When Krishnamurti renounced his role planned for him by Besant at Ommen Star Camp in August 1929 and dissolved the Star organization, the journal became Ster Bulletin in October 1929, which lasted until 1933.

Issues:Ster In Het Oosten V1 N1 Apr 1912
Ster In Het Oosten V1 N3 Oct 1912
Ster Feb 1914
Ster Dec 1927
Ster N1 Jan-feb 1928
Ster Bulletin V4 N10-11 Aug-sep 1933

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