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Periodical: Star Bulletin

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Star Bulletin, The.
Talks by Krishnamurti at the Ommen Camp / Talks, Writings, Poems by Krishnamurti.
1931--1933? Monthly, then quarterly
Ommen, Holland; Hollywood, CA. Publisher: Star Publishing Trust.
Succeeds: Herald of the Star; International Star Bulletin
No. 1, January 1931. Nos. 9-12, September-December 1931. 35-75 pp., $1.25 a year.

Before Krishnamurti's renunciation of the status conferred on him by C.W. Leadbeater and Annie Besant, the journal's predecessor was designated as the "Official Organ of the Order of the Star." The journal also contained the plaintive questions of those attending the Ommen camps, along with Krishnamurti's incomprehensible answers. "Oh Krishnaji! You led us all to believe in 1926 that we were seeking happiness, in 1927 liberation, in 1928 truth, and in 1929 uniqueness; in 1930 you shattered our beliefs in reincarnation, masters, saviours, and now you speak of the removal of the ‘I,' of the ego, of a state without birth and death, of Life which seems to have a meaning to you, but not to us. And yet you speak of an attainment, of a realization, of a culmination. Has your realization, then, a progressive character -- progressive in the sense that you have much to say yet and so your message is now passing through a state of incompleteness to completeness?" Krishnamurti: "I realized in 1926 something that is ultimate, fundamental, that has no direction. Please understand, this is not progressive, but something that is absolute though not a finality; it is a constant renewal, being Life itself; it is a timeless becoming and cannot be measured with words." National Library of Australia; University of Pennsylvania; Yale University; UCLA, etc.

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