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Periodical: The Star

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Star, The.
1928 Monthly
Los Angeles, CA. Editor: J. Krishnamurti, president of the International Editorial Board, and John A. Ingelman and Marie Russak Hotchner as editors of the American National Editorial Board.
1/1, January 1928. 64 pp.

This was the official organ of the Order of the Star. It was published centrally with news and activities of the order internationally, and then distributed to individual countries where it was translated into the local language and carried local news of the order. Filled with encomiums for Krishnamurti and snippets of his sayings and poetry. NSAC, Lily Dale (1 issue).

Issues:Star V1 N1 Jan 1928
Star V1 N2 Feb 1928
Star V1 N3 Mar 1928
Star V1 N4 Apr 1928
Star V1 N5 May 1928
Star V1 N6 Jun 1928
Star V1 N7 Jul 1928
Star V1 N8 Aug 1928
Star V1 N9 Sep 1928
Star V1 N10 Oct 1928
Star V1 N12 Dec 1928
Star V2 N1 Jan 1929
Star V2 N2 Feb 1929
Star V2 N4 Apr 1929
Star V2 N5 May 1929
Star V2 N7 Jul 1929
Star V2 N8 Aug 1929
Star V2 N9 Sep 1929
Star V2 N10 Oct 1929
Star V2 N11 Nov 1929
Star V2 N12 Dec 1929

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