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Periodical: Spiritualist Monthly

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Spiritualist Monthly.
The Searchlight of Occultism: A magazine devoted to the promulgation of the Philosophy and the Laws of the Phenomena of Spiritualism, Psychic Research, and the Moral and Practical Application of Occult Laws, Ever Seeking to Discover the Truth and present it to Humanity that it might be freed from the Bondage of Superstition / Devoted to Universal Spiritualism.
Spreading the Truth to Make Others Free / Know Thyself
1929--1932? Monthly
Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Crossley Publishing Company / California State Spiritualist Association Auxiliaries / Spiritualist Publishing Company.
Editor: Felicie Oneta Crossley, Bernice H. Jacquelin, managing editor.
Succeeded by: The Forum of Psychic and Scientific Research
Corporate author: Official Organ of the California State Spiritualist Association Auxiliaries
1/1, January 1929. $2.00 a year, 36 pp.

Felicie Onetta Crossley (1899-1976), who edited this journal, was a convinced spiritualist (she proclaimed herself "greatest spiritualist in California, if not the entire world") but the spirits' messages had a decided New Thought tone, reflected in "Delta Samadhi's" The Master Key to Psychic Unfoldment: A Physiological, Psychical and Philosophical Analysis, edited by her in 1931. The journal contained "C.S.S.A. News" and notices of churches and societies, contributions by J.C.F. Grumbine, B.D., Delta Samadhi (on the "spiritualization of the physical"), A.T. Piercy, Patricka D'Este, Lida W. Amerige, Numerologist, Moses Hull (presumably his spirit, "through the courtesy of Mrs. J.R. Francis"), D.J. Bussell ("Thoughts for Daily Living"), et al., and the usual current advertisements for free horoscopes, "Name Analysis and Prophecy from the Birthdate," "V.P.O. for Radiant Health," "Psychic Unfoldment," etc. Noted in Astrosophie, May 1932, which emphasizes the "simplicity and practicality" of the journal's articles on the little known occult powers in man. University of Texas, Austin.

Issues:Spiritualist Monthly V1 N10 Oct 1929
Spiritualist Monthly V1 N11 Nov 1929
Spiritualist Monthly V2 N6 Jul 1930
Spiritualist Monthly V3 N1 Feb 1931
Spiritualist Monthly V3 N6 Jul 1931
Spiritualist Monthly V4 N2 Mar 1932
Spiritualist Monthly V4 N3 Apr 1932

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