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Periodical: The Spiritual Republic

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Spiritual Republic, The.
Devoted to Radical Reform / A Journal of Spiritual Philosophy. It Comprehends the Soul and Body of American Ideas.
The Practical, the Practical!
1867-1867 Weekly
Chicago, IL. Publisher: Religio-Philosophical Publishing Association, and then Central Publishing House. Editor: F.L. Wadsworth and James Osgood Barrett; corresponding editors: Mary F. Davis, S.J. Finney, J.S. Loveland, Hudson Tuttle, Emma Tuttle; Mrs. Hannah F.M. Brown, W.F. Jamieson.

Succeeds and succeeded by: Religio-Philosophical Journal

1/1, January 5, 1867-September 3, 1867. $3.00 a year. 14 pp., 10 1/2 x 14. Barrett (1823-1898) was another Universalist minister, excommunicated for teaching "angel ministry." On Brown, see the notes under the Agitator, Little Bouquet, and Lyceum Banner. The journal was the result of a revolution among the more radical shareholders of the Religio-Philosophical Association that led to the ouster of the association's initial president, S.S. Jones. See the note under the Religio-Philosophical Journal, and also H.C. Childs, H.H. Marsh, F.L. Wadsworth, C.K.W. Howard, To the Stockholders of the Central Publishing House, and the Subscribers of the Spiritual Republic (Chicago: Central Publishing House, 1867). The faction that replaced Jones elected H.C. Child as its president and changed the name of the association to Central Publishing House. It stopped the Religio-Philosophical Journal at the end of 1866, and started the Spiritual Republic in its stead at the beginning of 1867. Though it still prominently featured spiritualism, the journal was more devoted to reform and was led by the more radical of spiritualist reformers, many tainted with the label of "free love." "Having a heart in every reform, it is the medium of inspired truth in the reconstructive work of the 19th century." Notable among its contributors and those noted in its pages were Loveland, the Davises, J.M. Peebles, Mrs. H.F.M. Brown, H.T. Child, W.F. Jamieson, Lizzie Doten, S.J. Finney, Lyman C. Howe, Moses Hull, Warren Chase, Laura Cuppy, Lois Waisbrooker, Leo Miller, La Roy Sunderland, Austin Kent, G.B. Stebbins, Emma Hardinge, C.B. Peckham, Albert Brisbane, Kersey Graves, Mary A. Whittaker, and others. Originally the new journal intended to publish the more notable of speeches and lectures on spiritualism, but its real purpose was to "correct all the evil of the world and set things in general to rights." See F.W. Scott and E.J. Jones, Newspapers and Periodicals of Illinois, 1814-1879 (1910). To attract a wider audience, the journal published serially Mrs. C.F. Corbin's novel "A Woman's Secret." Jones's faction re-seized control of the publisher in August 1867 and terminated the Spiritual Republic in September, at the same time announcing the re-appearance of the Religio-Philosophical Journal for January 1868. NSAC, Lily Dale; LOC; University of Rochester; University of Manchester.

Issues:Spiritual Republic V1 N1 Jan 5 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N2 Jan 12 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N3 Jan 19 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N4 Jan 26 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N5 Feb 2 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N6 Feb 6 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N7 Feb 16 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N7 Feb 16 1867 B
Spiritual Republic V1 N8 Feb 23 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N9 Mar 2 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N10 Mar 9 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N11 Mar 16 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N12 Mar 23 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N12 Mar 23 1867 B
Spiritual Republic V1 N13 Mar 30 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N14 Apr 6 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N15 Apr 13 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N15 Apr 13 1867 B
Spiritual Republic V1 N16 Apr 20 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N17 Apr 27 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N18 May 4 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N19 May 11 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N20 May 18 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N21 May 25 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N22 Jun 1 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N23 Jun 8 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N24 Jun 15 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N25 Jun 22 1867
Spiritual Republic V1 N26 Jun 29 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N1 Jul 12 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N2 Jul 20 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N3 Jul 27 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N5 Aug 10 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N6 Aug 17 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N6 Aug 24 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N7 Aug 24 1867 B
Spiritual Republic V2 N8 Aug 31 1867
Spiritual Republic V2 N9 Sep 6 1867

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