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Periodical: Spiritual Record

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Spiritual Record, The.
A Monthly Magazine of Facts and Phenomena relating to Spiritualism.
1883--1884? Monthly, then weekly
Glasgow, Scotland, and London, England. Publisher: Hay Nisbet & Co. (Glasgow) and Edward W. Allen (London).
1/1, June 1883-2/14, June 1884 (?).

Mind and Matter, May 19, 1883, calls it "a sixpenny magazine of 64 pages octavo." Illustrated with direct spirit drawings. Nisbet was a printer and sometime president of the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists. He was connected with the development of the spirit artist David Duguid in 1865 (when his writing-medium daughter placed her hand on Duguid’s and he began to draw under spirit influence), and later was the amanuensis for Duguid’s Hafed, Prince of Persia and other books. Nisbet also published works by T.L. and Mary Gove Nichols. LOC; University of Texas, Austin; NSAC, Lily Dale; BL.

Issues:Spiritual Record V1 Index
Spiritual Record V1 N1 Jun 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N2 Jul 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N3 Aug 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N4 Sep 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N5 Oct 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N6 Nov 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N7 Dec 1883
Spiritual Record V1 N8 Jan 1884
Spiritual Record V1 N9 Feb 1884
Spiritual Record V1 N10 Mar 1884
Spiritual Record V1 N11 Apr 1884
Spiritual Record V1 N12 May 1884
Spiritual Record V2 N13 Jun 1884
Spiritual Record V2 N14 Jul 1884 (with wrappers)

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