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Periodical: The (American) Spiritual Magazine (Memphis)

Summary:  Spiritual Magazine, The.
Built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.--Eph. ii, 20
1875--1875 Monthly
Memphis, TN. Publisher: Boyle & Chapman, Printers and Stationers. Editor: Samuel Watson, editor and proprietor. Succeeded by: American Spiritual Magazine
1/1-12, January to December 1875. 32-48 pp.,$1.50 a year (initially free to the poor but after realizing that in some locations the free recipients were more than double the paying customers, it was offered at a reduced price).
Watson (1813-1895) was a Southerner and a Methodist Episcopal bishop when he became a spiritualist in the early days of the movement. See his The Clock Struck One, and Christian Spiritualist: Being a Synopsis of the Investigations of Spirit Intercourse by an Episcopal Bishop, Three Ministers, Five Doctors, and Others, at Memphis, Tenn., in 1855 (Louisville, KY, 1873 [1872]). He followed this up with The Clock Struck Two (1873) and The Clock Struck Three (1874), and other books, all devoted to exploring the harmony between Christianity and spiritualism, which Watson promoted under the name "Christian Spiritualism." He had some unusual notions on marriage with the spirits, for which see the note under The American Spiritual Magazine, and otherwise exhibited a fairly high level of gullibility in the journal, especially with regard to materializations, casts of spirit hands, and the like. The journal offered regular notes on local and regional mediums. The note on this journal in the Religio-Philosophical Journal for December 5, 1874, informs readers that they may safely subscribe to the journal because of Watson’s "large capital." Despite his assets, he later attempted to float a stock company to raise money for the venture and was forced to raise the price after the first year. Contributions by J.M. Peebles, Hudson Tuttle, George Sexton, G.B. Bloede, Mrs. Annie C. Torry Hawks, Thomas Shorter, Emily Kislingbury (an invidious comparison of James Burns of the Medium and Daybreak to W.H. Harrison of the Spiritualist), et al. For his biography see the obituary in The Progressive Thinker, April 6, 1895: "Dr. Samuel Watson, The End of an Eventful Life." Boston Public Library; Emory University; Indiana University; Harvard University; University of Texas at Austin.

American Spiritual Magazine.
Devoted to Spiritualism, its History, Phenomena, Philosophy and Teachings from a Christian Standpoint.
Other titles: Spiritual Magazine
1876--1877 Monthly
Memphis, TN. Publisher: Baptist publication society, printed by Boyle & Co.; . Editor: Rev. Samuel Watson (1813-1895).
Succeeds: Spiritual Magazine (Memphis) Succeeded by: Voice of Truth (consolidated with)

2/1, January 1875 [misprint for 1876]-3/12, December 1877. $2.00 a year, 32 pp. Volume numbering carries over that of the Watson’s Spiritual Magazine. "American" was added to the title to distinguish the journal from from the contemporary magazine being edited in London. Articles or notes on spirit photography, "spiritual clothing," extravagant spirit materializations, especially those at Terre Haute, Indiana, rebuttals of "so-called exposures" of mediums, Christian Spiritualism, optimistic reflections on "The Decline of Spiritualism," the difficulties of attempting to organize spiritualists, etc. The journal prints the important article by Emma Hardinge Britten on "The 'Double,' or Apparition of Embodied Spirits," but also gives space to such pieces such as "Marrying a Ghost" (the spirit of a dead woman mediated by Anna Stewart of Terre Haute, re-married to her husband by Rev. Watson). Watson later repeated the process by marrying a man to the materialized form of a dead woman in Memphis. "Another Spirit Bride," Spiritual Scientist 6/9 (May 3, 1877): 101. In the final months of the journal, Watson complained repeatedly about non-paying subscribers--a complaint echoed constantly by all spiritualist journals. "We have looked over our books, and find that not one-half of our subscribers have paid for this year. A considerable number owe for last year, and some have never paid anything. We have put a red X opposite their names on the mail book, and expect to put it on their Magazine or wrapper until it is erased by the payment of what they owe. This we hope they will do soon, which will enable us to pay what we have borrowed, and pay the additional cost of adding one-third more matter from the commencement of the new volume." About half of his subscribers were receiving the journal gratis, without even an expectation of payment, and of the supposed paying subscribers more than a thousand were a year in arrears, with some never paying anything at all. In December 1877, Watson thundered that he would expunge those delinquent for two years from the subscription list and send their accounts out "to collection," whatever that may have meant, but instead, following the guidance of the spirits, consolidated the journal with the Voice of Truth published in Memphis by Mary Shindler and Annie Hawks, which itself ceased to publish in July 1878. NSAC Lily Dale; Boston Public Library.

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Spiritual Magazine V3 N11 Nov 1877
Spiritual Magazine V3 N12 Dec 1877

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