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Periodical: The Spirit World

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Spirit World, The.
A Journal Devoted to the Phenomena of Modern Spiritual Manifestations. If this Counsel or this Work be of Men, it will come to nought: but if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it -- Acts of the Apostles
London, England. Editor: W.R. Hayden.

1/1, May 7, 1853. 8 pp., threepence. "Statistics of Spiritual Periodicals,” Spiritual Telegraph, 1857, says: "But a few numbers were issued." Noted in the New Era, June 3, 1853. Frank Podmore, Modern Spiritualism (1902), 1:19 says that “the first (and last) number” appeared in May 1853. This was the first spiritualist journal outside the U.S., published by W.R. Hayden, the husband of the first American medium to visit England, Mrs. Maria Hayden (1826-1883). She arrived in England in October 1852, and The Spirit World was begun after Mrs. Hayden was attacked by Dr. Elliotson in the Zoist. The journal devoted a long article by “W.H.R.”-- “Slanders of 'The Zoist.'--The Rapping Phenomena” -- devoted to the errors of the Zoist and the wonders Mrs. Hayden. To this were added clippings from the British press on Mrs. Hayden and the growth of the spirit phenomenon in Britain and on the continent, and appreciative letters from the likes of John Ashburner and Henry Spicer. The journal also notes that Mrs. Hayden lost a child in June 1852 and turned to the Rev. J.M. Spear for comfort. W.R. Hayden was an electrobiologist but had some experience in the journalistic field since he had earlier published the Star Spangled Banner in Boston, in 1851. Mrs. Hayden was a test medium and is described as “the best of that lot.” “Ex-Clericus,” “Life with the Spirits,” Religio-Philosophical Journal 28/4 (March 27, 1880): 2. Her influence on both sides of the Atlantic in introducing the new movement can not be overestimated. Many accounts remain of her first trip to Britain and of the people she interested in spiritualism. See, e.g., Captain John James, "A Seance with Mrs. Hayden,” Spiritualist 13/22 (November 19, 1878): 264; John Malcolm, "When and Where was the First Séance held in England," Spiritualist 13/24 (December 13, 1878): 282; J.R. Buchanan, "An Early English Seance,” Spiritualist 12/26 (June 28, 1878): 308; “Ex-Clericus,” “Life with the Spirits,” Religio-Philosophical Journal 28/3 (March 20, 1880): 2 (conversion of Robert Owen). See also Dr. William R. Hayden, "Seven Years with the Spirits in the Old and New World; Being a Narrative of the Visit of Mrs. W.R. Hayden to England, France and Ireland; with a Brief Account of her Early Experience as a Medium for Spirit Manifestations in America,” Banner of Light, 1/7 to 2/10, May 21 to December 5, 1857. Mrs. Hayden returned to England for a second visit in 1855. See the note under The Zoist. BL.

Issues:The Spirit World V1 N1 May 1853

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