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Periodical: Sphinx [Leipzig]

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Sphinx, Der.
Monatschrift fur die geschichtliche und experimentale Begrundung der ubersinnlichen Weltanschauung auf monistischer Grundlage.
1886-1896 Monthly
Leipzig, then Gera, and beginning in 1892, Braunschweig, Germany. Language: German. Publisher: T. Griebens Verlag; T. Hoffman; C.A. Schwetschke. Editor: Dr. Wilhelm Hubbe-Schleiden, Hugo Goring (1849- ). Succeeded by: Metaphysische Rundschau
Corporate author: Theosophische Vereinigung, Berlin / Deutsche theosophische Gesellschaft, Berlin
1/1, January 1886-22/124, June 1896. 84 pp.

Illustrated. Hubbe-Schleiden (1846-1916) was a world traveler and an advocate of German imperialist and colonialist ambitions. He became a Theosophist in 1884 when H.P. Blavatsky visited Germany and received a letter (mysteriously precipitated out of thin air) from a Mahatma. Though Hubbe-Schleiden was a Theosophist and Der Sphinx became in turn the organ of his Theosophische Vereinigung (1893) and of the Deutsche Theosophische Gesellschaft (1894), the scope of the journal was wider than Theosophy and Der Sphinx carried contributions from a wide selection of psychical researchers and others, including articles by Carl Kiesewetter (the famous series on the Rosicrucians), "Theodor Regens" (Theodor Reuss, on "Pranatherapie"), Carl du Prel (1839-1899), Gustav Meyrinck, M.F. Sebaldt, Eduard von Hartmann, Ernest Haeckel, Lazar von Hellenbach, and Max Dessoir (1867-1947), including his seminal "Die Parapsychologie." It also republished "Das Lebens-Elixir" by "Murad Ali Beg" originally published in H.P. Blavatsky's The Theosophist. The author, "Mirza Murad Ali Beg," is Godolphin Mitford, who played a fascinating role in Theosophy in the early 1880s in India.

Article Index: 

Sphinx V1 1886
Sphinx V2 1886
Sphinx V3 1887
Sphinx V4 1887
Sphinx V5 1888
Sphinx V6 1888
Sphinx V7 1889
Sphinx V8 1889
Sphinx V9 1890
Sphinx V10 1890
Sphinx V11 1891
Sphinx V12 1891
Sphinx V13 1892
Sphinx V14 1892
Sphinx V15 1892-1893
Sphinx V16 1893 and an alternative version
Sphinx V17 1893
Sphinx V18 1894
Sphinx V19 1895
Sphinx V20 1895
Sphinx V21 1895
Sphinx V22 1896

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