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Periodical: Soundview

Summary  From Pat Deveney's database:

A Magazinelet Devoted to the Obstetrics of Thought and the Philosophy of Existence / Exponent of the Society of Evergreens.
1902-1910 Monthly
Olalla, Washington. Publisher: Soundview Company; The Evergreens. Editor: Lewis Ellsworth Rader ("Boss Evergreen") and Frank T. Reid.
Corporate author: Exponent of the Society of Evergreens
1/1, 1902-1910. $1.00 a year. 4 1/2 x 6. 30-32 pp. (supplemented by inserted pages of advertisements touting copper mining stock in which the editors had an interest, and offering discounts on the books of Lois Waisbrooker and New Thought offerings on “How to Command Money and “Letter to a Friend on Sexual Development," and inviting visitors to Reid's "Eatatorium"-a bunk in his barn and his "Table de Hoax" with self-grown vegetables.)

The journal was an eccentric and frequently humorous exponent of the anarchism and radical individualism blossoming in the Northwest at the period-tinctured with the reform side of New Thought. Rader (1864-1911) was a poet and state legislator in Washington who is said to have starved to death as a result of following the fasting regime of Linda Burfield Hazzard, who ran a sanitarium in Olalla. His contribution to the decades-long reform debate on sex and society was Woman and the Race: “a plea for sex-understanding, sex-freedom, sex-purity, sex-power, sex-permeation of all earthly activities." From January 1905 through 1907 the journal ran a notable “Sex Symposium" with contributions on the subject by Otoman Zar-Adusht Ha'nish (Otto Hanish or Hanisch, the founder of Mazdaznan), Nancy McKay Gordon (the author of The Majesty of Sex), Mary Eupha Crawford, Alice B. Stockham, Leroy Berrier, Lois Waisbroker (1826-1909, on whom see the note under Our Era), Harry Gaze (author of How to Live Forever and an advocate of Karezza), J. William Lloyd (another Karezza advocate), William L. Garver (the author of Brother of the Third Degree), James F. Morton, Jr., Theodore Schroeder, Elmer Ellsworth Carey, and others. The journal was listed among the exchanges of Otto Hanish's The Mazdaznan in 1904, and the advertisement in Self-Culture, January 1904, pleads: "If you love me, send me two bits for a six months taste of Soundview, that Bright Pacific Coast Breezelet; and if you don't love me send me a quarter and I'll teach you to love me. I am not a ‘healer,' neither am I very well 'heeled,' but I'll bet you'll like the stuff (and nonsense) I send out." Regular contributions by and advertisements for the works of many of the sex-as-the-engine of psychical and spiritual transformation: Nancy McKay Gordon, Alice B. Stockham, A.E. Newton, Edward Carpenter, Mazdaznan, Theodore Schroeder, Eleanor Kirk, A.J. McIvor-Tyndall, Rev. C.A. Hall, Julia Seton Sears, et al. The journal also advertised that it would sell reprints of some of its articles under the title An Evergreen Quarterly. LOC microfilm; NY State Library; University of Michigan; University of California, Santa Barbara; Brown University; University of Washington; National Library of Australia microfilm.

Issues:Soundview V6 N6 Dec 1906
Soundview V7 N2 Feb 1907
Soundview V7 N4 Apr 1907
Soundview V7 N6 Jun 1907
Soundview V8 N1 Jul 1907
Soundview V8 N3 Sep 1907
Soundview V8 N4 Oct 1907
Soundview V8 N5 Nov 1907
Soundview V8 N6 Dec 1907
Soundview V9 N1 Jan 1908

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