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Periodical: Server (Krishnamurti)

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Server, The.
News Magazine of the Order of the Star in the East / Official Magazine for the Order of the Star in the East in America.
1916--1927 Monthly
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA. Publisher: Order of the Star in the East in America; Ojai Publishing Company. Editor: Fritz Kunz, editor; Ernest Stone, manager; Marie Russak Hotchener.
1/1, June 1916-1927. 20 pp., $1.00-$3.00 a year for non-members of the Order of the Star in the East in America; subscription included in membership dues of $2.00.

This was yet another journal to promote Krishnamurti and the Order of the Star. It contained addresses by J. Krishnamurti and articles by Annie Besant, Emily Lutyens, Marie Russak Hotchener, A.P. Warrington, Marjorie Tuttle, J.J. van der Leeuw, et al., all coupled with news of the progress of the order, and regular progressive articles and notices on parenting, social structure, temperance, dietetics, protection of animals, prison reform, child welfare,education, anti-vivisectionism, and other progressive ideas of the period, many of which seem strangely consonant with the offerings of progressivism today: "Rodeo Means -- Broken Necks Broken Legs Broken Horns, Choking and Strangling Little Calves -- the Animal Victims of This Commercialized Cruelty," etc. National Library of Australia.

Issues:Server V2 N3 Mar 1917
Server V4 N3 Mar 1919
Server V5 N9 Sep 1921
Server V6 N4 Apr 1921
Server V6 N11 Nov 1921
Server V7 N1 Jan 1922
Server V7 N2 Feb 1922
Server V8 N6 Nov 1925
Server V8 N8 Jan 1926
Server V8 N9 Feb 1926
Server V8 N11 Apr 1926
Server V8 N12 May 1926
Server V9 N2 Jul 1926
Server V9 N3 Aug 1926
Server V9 N4 Sep 1926
Server V9 N5 Oct 1926
Server V9 N6 Nov 1926
Server V9 N7 Dec 1926
Server V9 N8 Jan 1927
Server V9 N9 Feb 1927
Server V9 N10 Mar 1927
Server V9 N11 Apr 1927
Server V9 N12 May 1927
Server V10 N1 Jun 1927
Server V10 N2 Jul 1927
Server V10 N3 Aug 1927
Server V10 N4 Sep 1927
Server V10 N5 Oct 1927
Server V10 N6 Nov 1927

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