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Periodical: The Seer

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Monthly journal edited by Francis Rolt-Wheeler. The sister publication of Rolt-Wheeler's L'Astrosophie (1929-1960), and possibly an English translation of that periodical. Of L'Astrosophie, 1/1, March 21, 1929-1960. 35 francs a year, 40 beyond France. 48 pp. Suspended after 23/5, May-June 1940-1949. Called Nos Pouvoirs-Astrosophie from September 1949-July 1950. The Insitut Astrologique de Carthage offered a "cours par correspondance" on astrology at 1,000 francs for the series, on "cabalisme esotérique" for 875 francs, and one on "Le Tarot Ésoterique," at 1,000 francs. It claimed to be affiliated with Alan Leo's Astrological Institute of London, and carried articles by Bessie Leo. The Seer (q.v.) was the shorter-lived English-language companion to this journal. The journal carried articles by or excerpts from Wheeler, his wife, Ethel (on her past incarnations), F. Jollivet Castellot, S.H. Probst-Biraben, F. Homer Curtiss, "Enel," Ernesto Bozzano (1862-1943), Alexandra David-Neel, Dion Fortune, Harry Price, Princess Karadja, Hereward Carrington, James Morgan Pryse, Owen Lattimore (!), Marc Semenoff ("Mysticisme Russe et Mysticisme Européen"), Alexandre Volguine, Robert Amadou, Franz Hartmann, Raymond Abiello, and others. Semenoff was a Russian historian and mystic who translated H.P. Blavatsky's Au Pays des Montagnes Bleues and had earlier been involved in Max Théon's Mouvement Cosmique (in March 1931 he published in the journal the "Pensées de Max Théon") and also wrote for The Occult Review. Volguine later edited Les Cahiers Astrologiques.

IssuesThe Seer V2 N2 August 1930
The Seer V2 N3 September 1930
The Seer V2 N4 October 1930
The Seer V3 N2 February 1931
The Seer V3 N3 March 1931
The Seer V3 N4 April 1931
The Seer V3 N5 May 1931
The Seer V4 N1 September 1931
The Seer V4 N2 October 1931
The Seer V4 N3 November 1931
The Seer V4 N4 December 1931

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