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Periodical: Rosicrucian Forum

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Rosicrucian Forum.
A Private Publication for Members of AMORC, The Rosicrucian Order.
1930 Bimonthly until 1991, then quarterly
San Jose, CA. Publisher: Supreme Council of AMORC / Grand Lodge of the English Language Jurisdiction, A.M.O.R.C.. Editor: H. Spencer Lewis; Ralph M. Lewis.
1/1, August 1930-current. $1.75 a year, 32-24 pp.

Unlike the Rosicrucian Digest, this journal has always been reserved for the students of the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis. It promised the student that "you will find those discussions, explanations, comments, and annotations to our work and teachings, which, heretofore, have been given in personal conversations and private class instruction by the Imperator," and a reminder graced later issues that the journal was "a private publication for members only. To allow it to circulate otherwise defeats its purpose and is a violation of one's obligation." Despite this warning, the journal had little worthy of the restriction. Until the death of Harvey Spencer Lewis (1883-1939), the journal featured his weekly lectures to students and answers to their questions and the questions of correspondents across the country on reincarnation, astrology, auras, Lemuria, Cosmic cycles, Cosmic Consciousness, reincarnation and similar occult subjects. To this he added his ruminations on topics of general interest, pointed discussions of competitors like William Dudley Pelley, R.S. Clymer, and Psychiana, and more thoughtful expositions on members' struggles to contact The Cathedral of the Soul on the Cosmic plane, the charges of plagiarism regularly leveled at him, labored efforts to distinguish the Great Masters of the Great White Brotherhood from those of, for example, the Theosophical Society, and his own regular communications from the Masters. Lewis also felt compelled to address students' concerns about current teachings by others on "Sex Teachings" and "soul mates and affinities and such nonsense" ("It is impossible to make contact with the Cosmic and lift one's psychic body or aura up to the highest attunement with the God consciousness and the Christ principles if one is earth-bound by sex desires and sex considerations"), etc. On Lewis, see the note under American Rosae Crucis. The bibliography of Lewis's early publications, including his journals, has been set out by David T. Rocks, "H. Spencer Lewis: A Bibliographical Survey," Theosophical History 6/6 (April 1997): 219-227. LOC; Princeton University; Lexington Theological Seminary.

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