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Periodical: The Rosicrucian

Summary: From Pat Deveney's journal database:

The Rosicrucian
A Quarterly Record of the Society's Transactions, with Occasional Notes on Freemasonry and other kindred subjects.
Other titles: The Rosicrucian and Red Cross 1868-1874 Quarterly London, England.
Editor: R.W. Little and W.R. Woodman. Succeeded by: The Rosicrucian and Red Cross->The Rosicrucian and Masonic Record (1875)->The Rosicrucian and Masonic Record (1876)
Corporate author: Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia 1/1, July 1868-November 1874. From February 1873 to November 1874 the journal, otherwise unchanged, was called The Rosicrucian and Red Cross. 12-18 pp. Organ of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (S.R.I.A.).
This is the first of three series of this journal. Contributions by K.R.H. Mackenzie (notably his visit to Eliphas Levi in 1861), Robert Wentworth Little, Dr. Woodman, William Carpenter, et al. Carpenter's contributions consist of a plea to take spiritualism and its phenomena seriously. Listed in F. Leigh Gardner, A Catalogue Raisonné of Works on the Occult Sciences, Vol. 1, Rosicrucian Books (London: Privately Printed, 1903).

Rosicrucian N1 July 1868
Rosicrucian N2 October 1868
Rosicrucian N3 January 1869
Rosicrucian N4 April 1869
Rosicrucian N5 July 1869
Rosicrucian N6 October 1869
Rosicrucian N7 January 1870
Rosicrucian N8 April 1870
Rosicrucian N9 July 1870
Rosicrucian N10 October 1870
Rosicrucian N11 January 1871
Rosicrucian N12 April 1871
Rosicrucian N13 July 1871
Rosicrucian N14 October 1871
Rosicrucian N15 January 1872
Rosicrucian N16 April 1872
Rosicrucian N17 July 1872
Rosicrucian N18 October 1872
Rosicrucian N19 January 1873
Rosicrucian N20 May 1873
Rosicrucian Ns V1 N1 Jan 15 1875
Rosicrucian Ns V1 N2 Feb 15 1875
Rosicrucian Ns V1 N3 Mar 15 1875
Rosicrucian Ns V1 N4 Oct 1875

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