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Periodical: Rosa-Cruz

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revista de Ciencia Rosa-Cruz y Estudios Afines / Luz del Mundo.
Ciencia, Filosofia, Espiritualismo / Pro Integral Mejoramiento Humano
Other titles: Fraternidad Rosa-Cruz / Rosa-Cruz / Revista Rosa-Cruz / Rosa-Cruz de Oro / Fraternidad Rosa-Cruz Antigua
1934 Monthly (irregular), semiannual, then quarterly
Bogata, Colombia. Language: Spanish. Editor: Israel Rojas Romero.
Corporate author: Organo del Centro Rosa-Cruz de Bogata
1/1, February 1934-current. 16 pp. With 5/7, April 1940, the journal added “de Oro” to its title.

This was the organ of the Rosa-Cruz de Oro/Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antigua, part of the labyrinthine genealogy of Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. The group was founded by Arnoldo Krumm-Heller ("Huiracocha") in Colombia in 1928 and directed by Israel Rojas ("Raghozini," "Joselin," 1901-1985) for more than 50 years, through massive transformations, internecine battles, and the appearance of various competing messianic figures like Om Cherenzi Lind and Samael Aun Weor. The journal combined Krumm-Heller's Rosicrucianism with Gnosticism, spiritualism, health food, kabbalah, Theosophy, yoga, the works of Swami Vivekananda, Prentice Mulford, Franz Hartmann, Eliphas Levi, Rudolf Steiner, W.W. Atkinson (thought by Krumm-Heller to have been St. Paul in a previous incarnation), and Max Heindel, and other streams of occultism, all of which were subsumed under Krumm-Heller’s key notion of the sublimation of the "psychogenetic" energy—i.e., sexual energy—in accordance with cosmic vibrations. For a time Rojas abandoned Krumm-Heller for the wiles of Cherenzi Lind, whose articles and advertisements graced the journal. See the note under Ariel. Krumm-Heller responded by calling Cherenzi Lind "a black tantric magician," and Cherenzi Lind returned the compliment by saying that Krumm-Heller was part of a Nazi propaganda bureau in Spain. Both parties had some truth in their allegations. Rojas also started and edited Union Espiritualista America, 1946, perhaps as a replacement for this journal during one of its numerous gaps in publication. An almost complete run of the journal is at

Issues:Rosa-Cruz V1 N1 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N2 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N3 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N4 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N5 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N6 No Date
Rosa-Cruz V1 N7 Aug 1935
Rosa-Cruz V1 N8 Nov 1935
Rosa-Cruz V2 N9 Feb 1936
Rosa-Cruz V2 N12 Aug 1936
Rosa-Cruz V2 N13 Nov 1936
Rosa-Cruz V2 N14 Jan 1937
Rosa-Cruz V2 N15 Feb 1937
Rosa-Cruz V2 N17 Apr 1937
Rosa-Cruz V2 N18 May 1937
Rosa-Cruz V2 N21 Aug 1937
Rosa-Cruz V2 N22 Sep 1937
Rosa-Cruz V3 N16 Mar 1937
Rosa-Cruz V3 N19 Jun 1937
Rosa-Cruz V3 N20 Jul 1937
Rosa-Cruz V3 N23 Nov 1937
Rosa-Cruz V3 N24 Dec 1937
Rosa-Cruz V4 N25 Jan 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N26 Feb 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N27 Mar 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N28 Apr 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N29 May 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N30 Jun 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N31 Jul 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N32 Aug 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N33 Sep 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N34 Oct 1938
Rosa-Cruz V4 N36 Dec 1938
Rosa-Cruz V5 N1 Jun 1935
Rosa-Cruz V5 N37 [SIC] Jan 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N2 Jun 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N3 Jun 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N4 Jul 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N5 Aug 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N6 Aug 1939
Rosa-Cruz V5 N7 Apr 1940
Rosa-Cruz V5 N10 Feb 1941
Rosa-Cruz V5 N11 Apr 1941
Rosa-Cruz V5 N12 Jul 1941
Rosa-Cruz V5 N14 Dec 1941
Rosa-Cruz V5 N15 Feb 1942
Rosa-Cruz V5 N16 Apr 1942
Rosa-Cruz V6 N17 Jul 1942
Rosa-Cruz V6 N18 Nov 1942
Rosa-Cruz V6 N19 May 1943
Rosa-Cruz V6 N20 Dec 1944
Rosa-Cruz V6 N20 Sep 1943
Rosa-Cruz V6 N24 Apr 1945
Rosa-Cruz V8 N23 Aug 1945
Rosa-Cruz V9 N25 Jan 1947
Rosa-Cruz V9 N26 Aug 1947
Rosa-Cruz V9 N27 Apr 1948
Rosa-Cruz V10 N28 Jan 1949
Rosa-Cruz V10 N29 Aug 1949
Rosa-Cruz V10 N30 Oct 1949
Rosa-Cruz V10 N31 Mar 1950
Rosa-Cruz V10 N32 Sep 1950
Rosa-Cruz V10 N35 Jan 1952
Rosa-Cruz V11 N33 Mar 1951
Rosa-Cruz V11 N34 Sep 1951
Rosa-Cruz V12 N36 May 1952
Rosa-Cruz V12 N37 Nov 1952
Rosa-Cruz V13 N38 Jun 1953
Rosa-Cruz V13 N39 Dec 1953
Rosa-Cruz V14 N40 May 1954
Rosa-Cruz V14 N41 Sep 1954
Rosa-Cruz V14 N42 Feb 1955
Rosa-Cruz V14 N43 Jul 1955
Rosa-Cruz V14 N44 Dec 1955
Rosa-Cruz V14 N45 Mar 1956
Rosa-Cruz V14 N46 Nov 1956
Rosa-Cruz V15 N47 Sep 1957
Rosa-Cruz V15 N48 Dec 1957
Rosa-Cruz V15 N49 Jul 1958
Rosa-Cruz V15 N50 Nov 1958
Rosa-Cruz V16 N51 Apr 1959
Rosa-Cruz V16 N52 Sep 1959
Rosa-Cruz V16 N53 Feb 1960
Rosa-Cruz V16 N54 Jun 1960
Rosa-Cruz V16 N55 Sep 1960
Rosa-Cruz V17 N56 Mar 1961
Rosa-Cruz V17 N57 Sep 1961
Rosa-Cruz V18 N58 Apr 1962
Rosa-Cruz V19 N59 Apr 1963
Rosa-Cruz V19 N60 Oct 1963
Rosa-Cruz V20 N61 Mar 1964
Rosa-Cruz V20 N62 Aug 1964
Rosa-Cruz V20 N63 Dec 1964
Rosa-Cruz V21 N64 May 1965
Rosa-Cruz V21 N65 Sep 1965
Rosa-Cruz V21 N66 Dec 1965
Rosa-Cruz V21 N67 Jun 1965
Rosa-Cruz V21 N68 Nov 1966
Rosa-Cruz V21 N69 Mar 1967
Rosa-Cruz V21 N70 Aug 1967
Rosa-Cruz V21 N71 Nov 1967
Rosa-Cruz V21 N72 Apr 1968
Rosa-Cruz V21 N73 Jun 1968
Rosa-Cruz V22 N74 Sep 1968
Rosa-Cruz V22 N75 Dec 1968
Rosa-Cruz V22 N76 Mar 1969
Rosa-Cruz V23 N77 Jun 1969
Rosa-Cruz V23 N78 Oct 1969
Rosa-Cruz V23 N79 Dec 1969
Rosa-Cruz V24 N80 Feb 1970
Rosa-Cruz V24 N82 Aug 1970
Rosa-Cruz V24 N83 Dec 1970
Rosa-Cruz V24 N84 Mar 1971
Rosa-Cruz V24 N85 Jun 1971
Rosa-Cruz V24 N86 Aug 1971
Rosa-Cruz V24 N87 Nov 1971
Rosa-Cruz V25 N88 Mar 1972
Rosa-Cruz V25 N89 Jun 1972
Rosa-Cruz V25 N90 Sep 1972
Rosa-Cruz V25 N91 Dec 1972
Rosa-Cruz V25 N92 Mar 1973
Rosa-Cruz V25 N93 Jun 1973
Rosa-Cruz V25 N94 Sep 1973
Rosa-Cruz V25 N95 Dec 1973
Rosa-Cruz V26 N96 Feb 1974
Rosa-Cruz V26 N97 Jun 1974
Rosa-Cruz V26 N98 Sep 1974
Rosa-Cruz V27 N99 Nov 1974
Rosa-Cruz V27 N100 Feb 1975
Rosa-Cruz V27 N101 May 1975
Rosa-Cruz V27 N102 Aug 1975
Rosa-Cruz V27 N103 Oct 1975
Rosa-Cruz V28 N104 Feb 1976
Rosa-Cruz V28 N105 Apr 1976
Rosa-Cruz V28 N106 Jun 1976
Rosa-Cruz V28 N107 Aug 1976
Rosa-Cruz V28 N108 Nov 1976
Rosa-Cruz V29 N109 Feb 1971
Rosa-Cruz V29 N110 May 1971
Rosa-Cruz V29 N111 Aug 1971
Rosa-Cruz V29 N112 Oct 1971
Rosa-Cruz V30 N113 Feb 1978
Rosa-Cruz V30 N114 Apr 1978
Rosa-Cruz V30 N115 Jun 1978
Rosa-Cruz V30 N116 Sep 1978
Rosa-Cruz V30 N117 Dec 1978
Rosa-Cruz V31 N118 Mar 1979
Rosa-Cruz V31 N119 Jun 1979
Rosa-Cruz V31 N120 Aug 1979
Rosa-Cruz V31 N121 Nov 1979
Rosa-Cruz V32 N122 Mar 1980
Rosa-Cruz V33 N123 Jul 1980
Rosa-Cruz V33 N124 Sep 1980
Rosa-Cruz V33 N125 Dec 1980
Rosa-Cruz V33 N126 Mar 1981
Rosa-Cruz V33 N127 Jun 1981
Rosa-Cruz V33 N128 Oct 1981
Rosa-Cruz V33 N129 Dec 1981
Rosa-Cruz V34 N130 Feb 1982
Rosa-Cruz V34 N131 Jun 1982
Rosa-Cruz V34 N132 Nov 1982
Rosa-Cruz V35 N133 Feb 1983
Rosa-Cruz V35 N134 Jun 1983
Rosa-Cruz V35 N135 Dec 1983
Rosa-Cruz V36 N136 May 1984
Rosa-Cruz V36 N137 Sep 1984
Rosa-Cruz V37 N138 Apr 1985
Rosa-Cruz V37 N139 Nov 1985

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