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Periodical: The Rising Tide

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Rising Tide, The.
Devoted to the Investigation and Unfoldment of the Facts and Philosophy of Modern Spiritiualism / A Thoughtful Spiritual Paper.
Inspiration Follows Aspiration
1860—1865 Weekly, then monthly
Independence, Buchanan Co., then Des Moines, IA. Editor: David P. Daniel and Mrs. M.M. Daniel.
1/1, 1860-1865. Seventy-five cents- $1.50 a year, 4 pp. The journal was primarily reformatory in its intentions and saw spiritualism as part of the progress of humanity towards a rational and secular society. "The energies of our paper shall be brought to bear in sweeping away all false Creeds, Theories, Dogmas, and whatever is not based upon based upon the immutable principles of Eternal Truth." Its prospectus proclaimed that it was "devoted to the Investigation and unfoldment of the Facts and Philosophy of 'Modern Spiritualism,' the News of the Day, and Moral-Reform Generally." The journal boasted that it was "the only Spiritual or thoroughly Reformatory journal published in the West . . . and has more readers than any other paper published in this region of the country." The journal carried reports on spiritualist and reform meetings (featuring Warren Chase and H.F.M. Brown), short articles by Cora Wilburn and others, and advertisements for a variety of commercial businesses and patent medicines but also for the likes of Mrs. Skidmore, "Clairvoyant Physician" in Chicago, and Mrs. H.F.M. Brown’s reformatory bookstore in Cleveland. A notice on the journal in the Herald of Progress, May 1864, announcing the journal's removal to Des Moines. The journal ceased along with many of its spiritualist contemporaries at the end of the Civil War. Wisconsin Historical Society microfilm.

Issues:Rising Tide V1 N21 Jul 25 1860
Rising Tide V1 N22 Aug 1 1860

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