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Periodical: Rhode-Island Banner

Summary: From Pat Deveney's database:

Rhode-Island Banner.
A Voice from the Land of Roger Williams.
1858 Weekly
Providence, RI. Editor: Horace A. Keach, editor and proprietor.
1/1, June 26, 1858. 50 cents a year, 4 pp.

This was an attempt, apparently short-lived, at a journal of general interest. "We shall reverence, but not blindly, the truths of a by-gone time. While we may contribute our humble influence to maintain the great conservative principles the Anglo-Saxon race have conquered, we shall quietly pen our views of modern movements in favor of the 'Good Time Coming.' We shall not make the opinion of the many the standard by which to try any question in Science, Philosophy, or Religion, but regard 'the collective dicta of the highest minds illuminated by the greatest knowledge' as the supreme law for our intellect, and the best rule of 'faith and practice.'" Among the editor's interests was spiritualism, and the journal carried articles on "How Shall We 'Try the Spirits" and reports on a "Spiritual Lecture" on clairvoyance as a spiritual development. The top half of one issue is at the American Antiquarian Society.

Issues:Rhode Island Banner V1 N1 June 1858 (Partial)

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