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Periodical: Revue Theurgique

Summary:   From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Theurgique, Scientifique, Psychologique et Philosophique.
Traitant specialement de l'hygiene et de la guerison par les fluides et des dangers des pratiques medicales, clericales, magnetiques, hypnotiques, etc.
1888--1893? Monthly
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Editor: Zouave Jacob (Auguste Henri Jacob). 1/1, May 1888-1893(?). 10 francs in France, 12 abroad, 48 pp.

Auguste Henri Jacob (1828-1913) ("Zouave Jacob") was a musician in the Zouave Guard (he played the trombone) who turned to healing with his magnetic fluid in 1866. He was one of a series of miraculous visionaries and healers (MaƮtre Philippe in France, for example, and Jakob Lorber in Germany) of the period, specializing in bringing the dead back to life. He attracted considerable attention in the press and in occult circles in France at the end of the century, and was the subject of a painting by Gauguin and a famous cartoon by Andre Gill. Jacob attributed his cures to "theurgy," which he broadly equated with Mesmer's animal magnetism, Puysegur's somnambulism, and Kardec's spiritism, teaching that the powers of his "white [magnetic] fluids" came from the "Superior Spirits." He was said to have refused money for his cures, although his father sold his picture to the crowds at a franc. The journal carried lengthy, rambling articles on subjects as varied as cocaine and "The Great and the Small Pontiffs of Spiritisme" (Kardec and Leymarie), the indictment of P.-G. Leymarie and Jacob's own condemnation for practicing medicine without a license, Magnetism, etc. Noted in exchanges of L'Initiation, April 1889. BNF; Simon Fraser University; Libris (Stockholm);

Issues:Revue Theurgique V1 N1-12 May 1888-apr 1889
Revue Theurgique V2 N1-6 May-dec 1889
Revue Theurgique V3 N1-12 May 1890-apr 1891
Revue Theurgique V5 N1-12 May-1892-apr 1893

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