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Periodical: Revue Metapsychique

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Metapsychique, La.
Revue Bimestrielle d'Occultisme et de Parapsychologie Publiee par l'Institut Metapsychique International.
Other titles: Revue Metapsychique Parapsychologie
Bimonthly (varies)
Paris, France.
Language: French.
Editor: Rene Sudre; Eugene Osty.
Publisher: Felix Alcan; Presses Universitaires de France.
Succeeds: Bulletin de l'Institut Metapsychique Internationale; Annales des Sciences Psychiques
1/1, October 1920-1982.
40 francs, 60 pp.
Suspended 1940-1946.

The issues for 1920 to 1922 were subtitled Bulletin de L'Institut Metapsychique Internationale, and those for 1971 to 1974 Revue Metapsychique Parapsychologie. The journal carried regular plates of ectoplasm, plaster casts of spirit hands and feet, and portraits of leading parapsychologists. This was a standard psychical-research journal, with contributions from all the leading workers between the wars: Charles Richet, E. Bozzano, C. de Vesme, Harry Price, Schrenck-Notzig, et al., and also in later years from Robert Amadou and Serge Hutin. The journal initially was financed by Jean Meyer, the sometime editor of Revue Spirite and a devoted spiritualist, and suspicions were aroused later that Osty had been prevented from publishing an expose of fraud by Eva Carriere at Meyer's insistence. Crabtree 1283. NYPL; LOC; University of Texas, Austin; ZDB: Tübingen UB; Freiburg Inst Grenzgeb Psychol; Saarbrucken UuLB; Munchen BSB; Munchen UB; Wurzburg UB; Berlin SBB Haus Unter d.Linden; Berlin SBB Haus Potsdamer Str; Mainz UB; Trier Priesterseminar; Wien Univ.

Issues:Revue Metapsychique 1921 N5 May-jun
Revue Metapsychique 1921 N6 Jul-aug
Revue Metapsychique 1921 N7 Sep-oct
Revue Metapsychique 1921 N8 Nov-dec
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N1 Jan-feb
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N2 Mar-apr
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N3 May-jun
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N4 Jul-aug
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N5 Sep-oct
Revue Metapsychique 1922 N6 Nov-dec
Revue Metapsychique 1923 N1 Jan-feb-1924 N6 N6 Noc-dec
Revue Metapsychique 1925 N1 Jan-feb-1926 N6 Nov-dec
Revue Metapsychique 1927 N1 Jan-feb-1928 N6 Nov-dec
Revue Metapsychique Index Table Des Matieres 1920-1940

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