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Periodical: Revue Magnetique

Summary:  From Pat Deveney's database:

Revue Magnetique, La.
Revue Magnetique Internationale / Revue Magnetique, Physiologique et Psychologique.
Other titles: Revue Magnetique, Physiologique et Psychologique (final number)
1878--1879 Monthly
Paris, France. Language: French.
Editor: Hector Durville.
Succeeds: Journal du Magnetisme (Dupotet, 1845-1861)
Succeeded by: Journal du Magnetisme (1879-1934 under various names: Journal du Magnetisme et de la Psychologie; Journal du Magnetisme, du Massage et de la Psychologie; Journal du Magnetisme et du Psychisme Experimental); Almanach Spirite et Magnetique Illustre pour [1893] (1890-1893); Revue du Psychisme Experimental (Henri and Gaston Durville, 1910-1911, absorbed into Journal du Magnetisme, 1911); Psychic Magazine (1914-1928, absorbed 1928); La Vie Sage (1923-1930); Eudia (1928-1940); Les Forces Spirituelles; Le Naturisme (1930); Physiopolis: Bulletin interieur officiel de la Societe naturiste et du Syndicat des coproprietaires de Physiopolis (1947-1949)
1/1, April 16, 1878-April 1, 1879.
12-16 pp.

(Marie-Fran├žois) Hector Durville (1849-1923) and his family were the organizers and revivers of magnetism in France. In 1879, the title of the journal was changed to Journal du Magnetisme. Crabtree 1012. On the Durvilles generally and the journals they were involved with, see the note under Eudia. BNF.

Issues:Revue Magnetique V1 N1 Apr 1878

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